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Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost membership is FREE! They reward participants with cash and other exciting rewards. Plus, receive an entry into the $10,000 quarterly prize draw by joining. Getting paid for your opinion at Opinion Outpost is simple and fun. Participants can cash out their earnings for as low as $10.00 for...
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MySurvey is one of the oldest and most reliable survey companies out there. They used to collect opinions using regular snail mail, then the telephone, and starting in 2001 they began offering surveys via their website. MySurvey is a good paying survey panel and usually sends at least 2-3 survey invites ...
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GlobalTestMarket is a survey panel that is essential to have part of your collection because they send out so many survey invites. Some of the emails can be very similar, but I feel like it's better to receive more emails than none at all. The rewards are fair based on the time and effort also. They also...
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SurveySavvy is one of my favorites because it sends a lot of survey invites via email. They typically say "Participate in a $2 survey", and the dollar amounts I've seen were as high as $10 and $15 before. Some are $1 but they're really quick. SurveySavvy is part of Luth Research and is a large market res...
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Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos is a huge survey-based market research company. I receive upwards of 3 survey offers per day, which is higher than the average panel. Most surveys pay 45 points, some are in the 90-150 range, and the time frame to take them isn't usually more than 20 minutes. Dollars per hour it's not great, but it...
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Toluna is one of the oldest online survey panels out there. I first started using them in 2006. It's not my top panel but there's some good surveys in there and it's worth taking them as they hit your email. Toluna is also a big community of survey takers so it's a good learning experience to interact wi...
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iPoll (formerly Surveyhead) is a part of the United Sample Network, a big part of the market research community.  They're also known as uSamp and have another panel called Opinion Place.  iPoll is very heavily mobile focused, so you can take surveys on your phone and get paid for them.  If you have so...
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MyView points can be redeemed for Visa gift cards which is nice. They send up to 5 survey invites per day but some days you can receive zero. I'm a fan of most survey companies - this one isn't my favorite but it's still worth joining. Just be selective about which surveys to take....
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SurveySpot is by the same company that does Opinion Outpost. They do have large giveaways and frequent surveys, so I typically keep an eye out for these invites. I like working with companies that are backed by larger groups so they don't disappear. Their website is also designed cleanly and is easy to n...
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VIP Voice

VIP Voice is backed by the NPD Group, which is a huge market research company that has offices in 15+ countries and millions of panelists. The format of VIP Voice is a bit different than most paid survey companies - you acquire points that you use to participate in auctions and sweepstakes for cash, priz...
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Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a unique one because they specialize in pharmaceutical surveys and some really interesting random consumer products.  If you've ever been involved in the healthcare industry, this is a great panel to join.  Some of their surveys pay upwards of $30 - just make sure you respond very qu...
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Cada Cabeza

Cada Cabeza is specifically geared toward Hispanic users.  They've grown quite a bit as the population in the USA is becoming more Hispanic.  Our users report that they pay quickly and there are lots of survey opportunities.  Plus we hear it's a great place for US Hispanic residents to meet each other...
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ClearVoice Surveys

Clear Voice Surveys is an easy way to earn cash and rewards just by voicing your opinions. Companies need your help to improve their products and services, and in return you get paid for answering their surveys. Clear Voice Surveys is a product of Clear Voice Research, a CASRO certified market research f...
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Consumer Village

Consumer Village is a good one because it's not just surveys.  They have focus groups, discussions, and a wide variety of survey topics.  They also reward you when you participate in topics or surveys that moderators control, which is a unique system that most other panels don't have....
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Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a long time member of the market research industry.  The survey topics are usually pretty interesting and also appeal to some of our younger demographics.  The payout time frames can be limited but they do always pay.  Valued Opinions is worth checking out....
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E-Poll is a fun one especially if you're younger.  It's one of the few survey companies that accepts 13+.  There's also monthly rewards of $250 that you can win also.  The topics are usually pretty interesting, including movies, Hollywood, TV shows, and other entertainment related topics. Cool!...
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HCD Research

HCDSurveys offers surveys that cover healthcare, politics, entertainment, food, and financial topics.  These are more interesting than most surveys, so it's worth including HCDSurveys just to get a break from the other more boring topics.  The cash out value is OK - I like other panels better, but I'd...
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Hotspex is a fun and easy site to navigate.  I love panels like this because the surveys are interesting, short, and sometimes they donate money to charities.  That always makes the experience better since there are certainly some people need the money more than I do!  Sometimes it takes a while to re...
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MindField Online

Mindfield Online is okay - I've seen some survey invites from them, but it's not a lot.  I would stick to our Top 10 list for better, higher-paying survey companies....
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MyOpinionNow.com is funny one because the site originally looked like it was designed before the internet even existed.  Since then (2014), they've updated their look and feel and have a much more social appearance.  It's an A+ BBB accredited company but I don't have a ton of experience with it.  I'll...
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Opinion Place

Opinion Place is another product of the uSamp network, which is a huge Los Angeles-based market research company.  It's a bit newer than the other survey panels, but the surveys pay a lot more than most, so it's worth checking out.  It's fun taking a survey and getting paid five bucks for just 20 minut...
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Opinion World

Opinion World sends a lot of survey invites and you can cash out up to once per week.  It's fun to accrue points then receive gift cards in the mail just for filling out surveys here and there.  This is run by the same company that does Survey Spot and Opinion Outpost, which is one of our top survey pa...
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PineCone Research

PineCone Research is considered by many survey takers to be the best survey company in the industry. They provide fewer surveys per month than other companies, but the higher quality makes up for that difference. PineCone Research sends out a few short "household surveys" each month, and uses the respons...
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Reward TV

RewardTV is by Nielsen, the huge global measurement and information company, who provides information about what regular people watch and buy. Back in the '90s, we had a "people meter" in our house, which tracked what we watched on TV - but now, in the 2010s, Neilsen has a lot more sophisticated (and fun...
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Springboard America

Springboard America is a well-respected survey company that actually has some interesting surveys to take.  They're short, to the point, and easy to answer.  It's a good balance having this in your survey portfolio because the topics are usually very different than most survey companies. Springboard is...
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