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Opinion World sends a lot of survey invites and you can cash out up to once per week. It's fun to accrue points then receive gift cards in the mail just for filling out surveys here and there. This is run by the same company that does Survey Spot and Opinion Outpost, which is one of our top survey panels.

Survey Invites: Moderate
Regions: North America, Asia, Oceania
Minimum Age: 14+ Teen
Rewards: Cash via PayPal or Gift Vouchers
Redemption Balance: $10 (1,000 Points)
Processing Time: EVouchers and PayPal payments are processed within two days, while physical gift vouchers are shipped with within 10 working days

Average 7/10
Quality 5/10
Frequency 6/10
Payment 9/10
Support 8/10
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Insider Tips for Success

Decent panel with a solid reputation
Fast rewards processing time
Option to receive rewards, enter a sweepstakes, or even donate to your favorite charity
Get started by registering with Opinion World
Complet the first survey to receive another email that contains a link to the members area, which contains additional profiles, your survey history, rewards info
If you only want to take point paying surveys (& not sweepstakes only surveys), pay attention to the incentive offered in the details of the emailed survey invitation
Get the best survey opportunities sent right to your email.

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User Reviews (14)

  • Opinion World
    Abin r.rating
    June 12, 2016

    bot receiving surveys from last 2 days

    I'm not getting any surveya from the last 2 days why?
  • Opinion World
    ishrat r.rating
    December 20, 2015

    opinion world

    yes,opinion world is the best survey must have to join it.
  • Opinion World
    Brad r.rating
    March 20, 2015

    Awesome way to take surveys for money

    Opinion World gives you lots of payment options for filling out surveys. You only need a $10 balance to receive the rewards. The surveys only take a short time to complete (10 to 15) minutes. It works well if you have limited time.
  • Opinion World
    Brock r.rating
    March 3, 2015

    whats up with that?

    Terminated for some apparent violation, huh? I was emailed that my account was terminated because I violated their supposed "terms and conditions", when I asked them to elaborate, they basically sent me some template of the T&C that didn't make any sense, and was not applicable to me. I wouldn't waste your time with this place considering how many good online survey options are out there.
  • Opinion World
    Virginia r.rating
    February 19, 2015


    5 star reviews are most definitely someone from the company itself trying to advertise and attract even more people to waste their precious time on the website. I've been there for 2 months now, very patiently doing the surveys. You are not only wasting time to do the surveys to find out if you are qualified for it or not, but also doing the survey you are qualified to. They like to write it will take 10-20 min to complete the survey which is never true. Most of them are soo long it takes an hour + just to get that worthless 50points. I got to 850 and was very happy to finally be almost there and never go back there again. Guess what... After few days I've noticed I have only 700 points on my account. YOU WILL NEVER GET TO THAT 1000 when you can cash out, cause they can do whatever they want. I read the reviews that their customer service is worthless as well. I wouldn't even waste my time to try to get in touch with them. I hope they will get what they deserve at the end.
  • Opinion World
    Rory r.rating
    January 28, 2015

    Was good for a while

    My time at this site started off pretty great, or so I thought. I was able to amass a small amount of gift cards. But at the same time, it was still difficult to even get to that point. Qualifying for surveys is difficult though because they are so particular with the demographic they want and as a result, I stopped using the site. There are better options out there.
  • Opinion World
    Maddie r.rating
    December 27, 2014

    No transparency

    There are so many issues with Opinion World. They are not transparent and accountable. It's been more than two months now and I am unable to redeem my rewards. The customer support is awful and they never respond to mails.
  • Opinion World
    Shannon r.rating
    May 29, 2013

    Guys, what's with the bad ratings? In my first few weeks, I earned 30 bucks. In my first 2 months, I earned 150 bucks. And this is just from 1 survey panel. Yes, I do get "you did not qualify for this survey" or "The quota of this survey has been met", but this is really a great, High paying survey company. Yes, they do not send you lots of survey invitations, but if you go to their website and click the button "take a survey" They have 3-10 surveys every day. This is truly one of my favourite survey panels. So what are you waiting for? Join!!
  • Opinion World
    TT r.rating
    January 11, 2012

    Survey Sampling International, the parent to SurveySpot, Opinion World, Opinion Outpost and others is one of the worst survey companies. If you are a member or decide to join, beware! There will be many, many occasions the surveys will error and you will not be paid -a lot of time invested for free, and then one day you’ll find yourself locked out, unable to redeem your rewards. The only explanation you will receive if even that, you have violated their terms of service. Hint: You never did. Don't be afraid to report them. Beware of these companies. *You can find this same info posted over the Internet by countless individuals, these are by far not my words alone.
  • Opinion World
    Laura H r.rating
    November 28, 2011

    Opinion World is run by the same company that runs Survey Spot (and now Opinion Outpost), so it's very similar in structure to these two larger panels. I've been a member for about five months, and have received 30 survey invites. Unfortunately, most of the correspondence from Opinion World seems to be fraught with errors, including invalid links to surveys as well as emails intended/written for some of SSI's other panels. I've only managed to complete one survey for $0.50 while being a member, by going through the "Take a Survey" link on Opinion World's website, so I've got a long way to go before cashing out.
  • Opinion World
    Eric r.rating
    October 10, 2011

    I have been a member of Opinion World for several months and have only been able to redeem once. The main reason is that most of their surveys do not offer a fair amount of points for the time that needs to be invested so I don't even bother taking those. Some of their surveys don't even offer any points. The few surveys that I have completed were fairly interesting. This site has the same owner as Survey Spot. The 2 sites are pretty similar although I have been more successful with Survey Spot. If you don't belong to too many survey sites I would recommend this site. If you are already pressed for time I would not recommend this site as there are several better options out there.
  • Opinion World
    Anonymous r.rating
    August 8, 2011

    You expect to be filling out surveys and making points to exchange for cash and prizes......well don't hold your breath. Every single survey you take is for charity, so no points for you =(. Although you do get entered into a sweepstakes...that isn't what we all are looking forward to...The only reason this site is getting as good of a rating as I'm giving it, is because it's set up really nice besides the fact that the webpages will have you going to page 1 and page 2 for 30 minutes trying to find out a little bit of information. You'll be spiraling in circles for a good time your first use. I think they're more focused on referring you to another page rather than just giving you the answer and info that you need. Overall this website is confusing and unrewarding for the public. I could be wrong though so give it a look and keep in mind that I could be one of the millions that have a bad experience.
  • Opinion World
    C r.rating
    June 19, 2011

    I'm surprised this survey company hasn't made it to the top ten list yet! I absolutely love this survey company, been a member for less than 4-5 months, and do surveys almost daily! They don't normally send emails to you, you should log in to your account and take a survey, because there is usually plenty available! I've tested around 3-4 products so far with this survey company, and I enjoy testing new products, and which also means extra points! I cash out probably once a week (1000 points = $10), but trying to save up for something big this time! They can pay you by paypal or send a voucher to you immediately to cash out for Gift Cards or E-Gift Cards (lots of choices!), you receive the E-Gift Cards right away! No weeks of waiting! Don't miss out on this one!
  • Opinion World
    nathan nganga ndungu r.rating
    May 13, 2020

    top score

    10 star