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HCDSurveys offers surveys that cover healthcare, politics, entertainment, food, and financial topics. These are more interesting than most surveys, so it's worth including HCDSurveys just to get a break from the other more boring topics. The cash out value is OK - I like other panels better, but I'd give this one a try.

Survey Invites: Moderate
Regions: North America
Minimum Age: 18+ Adult
Rewards: Cash via Check
Redemption Balance: $10 (1,000 Points)
Processing Time: 2-4 Weeks

Average 7/10
Quality 8/10
Frequency 8/10
Payment 5/10
Support 6/10
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Insider Tips for Success

Most members will usually receive at least one study per week
Our users report high quality, entertaining surveys that are generally interesting and fun topics including politics and entertainment
If you attempt but do not qualify for the survey study, you will be awarded a nominal point value (usually 10 points)
Complete the online registration process and the profile questions in the member's area
On average, you will earn between $1 (100 points) to $5 (500 points) for each survey study you qualify for and complete
You will automatically receive email invitations for survey studies that match your profile. Al
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User Reviews (21)

  • HCD Research
    Brad r.rating
    March 31, 2015

    excellent way to make extra money

    I used to make a lot of money on this site. I haven't spent as much time there recently but it was good to me when I needed it.
  • HCD Research
    Becky r.rating
    March 23, 2015

    Long cash out timelines...

    It seemed good when I first started, but the cash out took forever. I wish they would treat the members who have been here a long time and been loyal, with some more respect. Seems ridiculous to wait this long for a cash out.
  • HCD Research
    Marnie r.rating
    March 14, 2015

    Used to be good

    I don't know what happened to HCD Research. I used to take 4-5 surveys every month but now the surveys have completely dried up. I have spoken to customer support but they always say just keep looking for them. I wish there were more surveys.
  • HCD Research
    Mike r.rating
    December 29, 2014

    Is this site even still active?

    So I was having a great time with this site for a while... and then the surveys just dried up. I was getting 1-2 a month, which isn't a lot, but it wasn't bad either. I haven't had a survey in more than a year now, no real indication of why, either. Really disappointing.
  • HCD Research
    Cris r.rating
    December 24, 2014

    Pays promptly

    HCD Research is a decent survey panel. I joined them recently and have been happy with the overall experience. The surveys are pretty short and the videos are very interesting. I only wish the pay per survey is higher.
  • HCD Research
    Bob r.rating
    December 14, 2014

    Confused about surveys!!

    I'm getting close to cashing out, but where are the surveys? Where did they all go? They need to make more. How are we supposed to cash out without surveys? Add more surveys! Give us some incentive to keep coming back.
  • HCD Research
    Katie r.rating
    December 11, 2014

    Phone surveys are good

    HCD Research pays well for phone surveys. The regular surveys are not good enough. I do about 1 or 2 phone surveys every month. They are quick and they pay well. They are a legitimate company and they pay promptly. I wish there were more surveys every month.
  • HCD Research
    Anjana r.rating
    November 1, 2011

    Unlike other survey panels HCD research stands out in their uniqueness of survey topics. The surveys are entirely different and not limited to consumer product evaluations, but they ranges from current affairs, traditions , culture and politics. Their surveys are really interesting as no other panel has similar surveys. Also the reward system is very fair and most of the surveys ranges from $1 to $5. But the drawback is that they have very limited number of surveys.During special events like SuperBowl, it sends highly rewarding surveys that are easy to complete. Earning 1000 points will be qualified for a $10 reward. Not highly recommended if you want to earn money in a short time. But definitely worth trying it .
  • HCD Research
    Matt r.rating
    September 16, 2011

    I have been a member of HCD for about 2 years and because the topics of surveys usually deal with current affairs such as TV, news, and politics they are usually quite enjoyable. However, the frequency of surveys is rather low as I usually receive an invitation once every 2 weeks. You will see an increase during such events as elections and the start of the season for highly rated TV shows such as American Idol but you likely will not qualify if you do not follow this events. The points system is very reasonable and do send checks for payouts rather quickly. All in all, it is a very good site that separates itself from the others but do not expect to receive as much money from HCD compared to other survey sites.
  • HCD Research
    PAT B r.rating
    September 8, 2011

    HCD is slightly different from most surveys. They are intersted in your views on topics in areas of politics, current events and such instead of products. It is very intersting to complete the survey and you can learn information about the survey topic that is of inerest to you and were not aware of before. I like giving my opinions on this survey site., I find I learn more about important current issues in the news. It helps me form better opinions on these issues. The surveys are easy to take and usually not long. They only give cash for the points you receive, 100 points equals $1 and you need 1000 points to cash out. They give between 50 and 500 points depending on the length and 10 points if ou do not qualify for the survey. The frequency of surveys is not often but I enjoy the change from the usual survey that asks about products you use. I feel it is worth your time to give them a try and I thik you will enjoy them as long as you are not expecting to receive lots of surveys. They have a toll free number and also e mail if you need to contact them and their support team is very good at answering your questions.
  • HCD Research
    Mariah r.rating
    May 16, 2011

    dosent offer enough survery's!!!!
  • HCD Research
    BetsyH r.rating
    December 16, 2010

    When it's not superbowl buildup, a presidential election year, or American Idol season, I rarely hear from HCD. When it is one of those three time periods, panelists receive brief surveys that pay well, and the survey results are regularly quoted in the media.
  • HCD Research
    John r.rating
    December 15, 2010

    I joined the panel early this year and cashed out $10 once.Now I am waiting for the second $10 coming in the next few weeks.They don't send many surveys to me maybe cause of economic recession.Most surveys for me worth 50-200 points.They pay 10 points even if I don’t qualify which is a nice gesture.No PTs received yet and every few big incentive survery(Got one but disqualified).They also claim on some surveys reward by gift certificates.I haven't gotten any surveys paid by GC.Some of surveys are very interesting like American Idol and SuperBowl poll. I hope they provide more surveys for me and add more payment options next year.The company is legit and reliable.Although I don't earn much money from them,I still enjoy the experience with them.Have fun!
  • HCD Research
    jennifer r.rating
    September 10, 2010

    i start with them since 2010 they are really good site it has goosd opinion about topics you decide on y self you should go on this site
  • HCD Research
    Laura H r.rating
    July 7, 2010

    While not a frequent panel (I usually only receive one or two surveys a month, though I have heard of others receiving them a bit more), I almost always qualify, and the time is definitely well spent! HCD mainly focuses on pop culture, entertainment, and current politics; I find the survey topics to be much more interesting than most other companies. Even though the surveys are infrequent, they send enough (and I qualify for enough), that after six months I'm still fast approaching the $10 pay-out. This panel is definitely worth the wait. The few surveys sent out are always adequately rewarded, so you have nothing to lose with this small panel.
  • HCD Research
    Eric r.rating
    June 27, 2010

    HCD has pretty interesting surveys that pay a fair amount for the amount of time put in. However, they do not send out surveys too frequently (at most 1 or 2 per week) but I don't remember ever being told that I don't qualify for a survey. The only problem is that you need to take the survey pretty quickly as there are a limited amount of spots that get filled up. Overall I would definitely recommend this site.
  • HCD Research
    Cliff r.rating
    April 18, 2010

    For starters I have to say thank you to the staff here on Get Paid Surveys, as I have found this site to be very helpful in my ongoing search to find survey sites that are good. I joined HCD just a few weeks ago and they did send me a survey right away. What I find to be pleasing with HCD is that the surveys are fun and not like most other sites. I finished my first one and felt like perhaps I was a part of something more important than just what I buy and what car I drive. I would like to see more surveys come my way from them, but they are worth the wait, and worth the time. If you are gathering a list of survey sites to belong to, give this one a try.
  • HCD Research
    Jim Daniel r.rating
    January 19, 2010

    I have been a member of HCD Research Panel for two years having earned about $75. HCD is a little different from most survey panels in that they focus on current events and politics for the most part. Generally, you will be asked to view a video and offer your opinion. It can be a little repetitive in that you sometimes have to review the same video two and three times. Surveys pay from $1 to $5 (100 points equals $1) and you have to reach 1000 points before cashing out. I receive one survey a week, sometimes two or three, but you need to take the survey as soon as received because their quots fills quickly. Surveys take anywhere from a couple of minutes to as long as 20 minutes in my experience.
  • HCD Research
    Donna Senegal r.rating
    January 5, 2010

    I joined this company 7-8 months ago and was anxious to get started. All the survey subjects were of great interest to me. I would receive 2-3 invitations weekly, however, for some reason the quotas were already filled and the survey was closed. I would never get past the log-in page. I became so discouraged that I opted-out last month. I may try subscribing again in a few momths. The reviews I've recently read are great which will help me try again.
  • HCD Research
    Rosy r.rating
    January 3, 2010

    I became a member of HCD Survey Panel since July, 2008 and have so far earned 11000 Points(equivalent to $110). They send us surveys through email, each ranging from 50 to 700 Points or more (100 Point = $1). Even if we get disqualified they give us 10 Points for our particiaption. I receive at least 2-3 surveys from them a week, and I love taking their surveys and earning money. They send the payment through checks only. We can request for payment once we have accumulated 1000 Points ($10) in our account. Also, they have great Customer Service, and if we face any problem while watching their videos or taking their surveys, they solve the problem very soon to our satisfaction, and most of the time award us the total points for that survey. Most of their surveys are very easy to take, and consists of watching a video clip and answering few questions after that. Their surveys are mostly related to the Current Affairs of the Country and are very interesting to take. Anybody over 18 is eligible to join the HCD Survey Panel. I would definitely recommend any eligible persons to join this Survey Panel, since this is a legitimate survey Panel and we get to earn real cash for free.
  • HCD Research
    Lee New r.rating
    December 31, 2009

    11. HCD $113.45 ($10 minimum pay out) (1000 = $10) (Joined: 2008-02-27) ($97.65 rec'd) ($15.80 req'd) A very consistent earner with short surveys on political subjects and other current affairs, like the Presidential debates, Superbowl ads and American Idol surveys. Most surveys pay between 100 ($1) and 600 ($6) points and their points system is the easiest to remember because 1 point equals 1 cent. The minimum cash out is 1000 points or $10. You will only receive about one survey per week at most, but they do credit you with 10 points even if you are disqualified. You should be able to cash out about once per month. Checks arrive in 6-8 weeks and, currently, HCD does not have PayPal. Technical support and customer service is better than average and you can contact HCD through via email their website or by calling 1-888-404-9393