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RewardTV is by Nielsen, the huge global measurement and information company, who provides information about what regular people watch and buy. Back in the '90s, we had a "people meter" in our house, which tracked what we watched on TV - but now, in the 2010s, Neilsen has a lot more sophisticated (and fun) ways to see what kinds of things people are doing. RewardTV does have a surveys element but it's more than that. They let you play games, watch commercials, and participate in trivia. The information they gather helps companies figure out if their advertising is effective, so in some way it feels like you're supporting TV shows.

Survey Invites: Mostly trivia and TV based stuff
Regions: US, Canada, UK
Minimum Age: 13+
Rewards: Merchandise, movie vouchers, gift cards, sweepstakes prizes
Redemption Balance: Varies
Processing Time: Varies

Average 7/10
Quality 7/10
Frequency 7/10
Payment 6/10
Support 7/10
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Insider Tips for Success

Play a trivia game daily to get entered into the $10,000 sweepstakes
Save up your points and you can get bigger and better gift cards
One of the easier ways to win is the "Pay My Bills" feature, but the odds can be low
You have 6 months to use your points or you lose them
Be logged into the site when the Shopping Sprees begin, as quick action helps here
The faster your internet connection, the better luck you'll have at the Shopping Sprees
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User Reviews (17)

  • Reward TV
    Serpahina r.rating
    August 21, 2015


    I did not find that the trivia games were all that fun because about half of the questions were about the commercials shown during the show. I wouldn't mind so much if the points earned for each “game” were reasonable compared to the cost of redemption. Comparatively, however, the points you earn for each game or survey are pretty much worthless. I played 1 trivia game for each of 4 one hour shows I viewed. I earned a total of 27,000 points. It took 1/2 hour to play all 4 games. (Keep in mind; you can only up to 5 TV Trivia Games for any single evenings Primetime Shows that you watched on broadcast television and up to 20 TV Trivia Games in a period of seven consecutive days (2.75 per day) for those television programs that you viewed online.) To put it in real world terms: The lowest auction item is currently 271,000 points. There are only two items in the 200,000 range at this time. Forthe majority of the auction items offered, the current bid are over 700,000 points; many of the items are over 1 million points and some go as high as 4 million points. Putting the numbers into perspective: The 217,200 point item is The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set (books). It would take 20 hours of game play (5 games a day for 6.43 days) to win this item assuming that this is as high as the bidding goes. If you consider minimum wage as compensation ($7.25 for many states) the real cost of this boxed set of books is $145. You can buy it from for $18.99. Another example is a Kinobo - B8 Webcam. The current bid is 1,250,950 points. To put that item into perspective: it would take 92 hours of game play to win the web cam at the current price (bidding doesn't end for 10 more days). In minimum wage terms that would make your cost for the web cam $671.81. If we calculate compensation at $1 an hour.... the cost of the web cam then equates to $92. This web cam sells for less than $14. It has also become obsolete and is no longer being sold by any of the major retailers so it is essentially worthless. If the auction is not your thing, you can spend your points to enter sweepstakes drawings (500 to 2000 points each) to win things like a car payment, credit card payment, cell phone payment, etc. (value: $50 - $200) instead. However, the odds of winning anything are very small. You could play for years and win nothing. You would have higher odds with the lottery. Do not expect much in the way of returns on Reward TV. I can not recommend Reward TV unless you really enjoy answering trivia questions (about commercials as much as the TV show that they sponsor) for the joy of it and don’t expect anything in return for your time. Otherwise, you will find yourself doing a lot of work making Nielsen a tons of money and you won't get paid a thing for doing it.
  • Reward TV
    Adam r.rating
    March 17, 2015


    This site requires an extremely high amount of points for the rewards given, and even then good luck trying to collect them! Beware of inactivity also, if you are not on long enough they will try to terminate your account, but it's hard to stay on when the surveys are minimal and the points are extremely high to collect anything.
  • Reward TV
    Nate r.rating
    February 28, 2015

    Site is slow.

    This site is run by Nielsen, so I guess they know their TV. Signing up gets you the chance to do surveys and even television quizzes. The questions are pretty specific. However, even though I have a pretty fast computer, the site seems to lag on my computer. I tried doing a couple of the quizzes after signing up, and the site was just very slow. Because of that, I got more annoyed with the site than anything and am going to stick with sites that have cleaner and faster web interfaces.
  • Reward TV
    Margot r.rating
    February 12, 2015

    Not so rewarding

    Reward TV is probably one of the most difficult sites to earn money. I don't like their point system and auctions. I have spent too much time and I have not made any money from them. I wouldn't recommend them unless you are desperate. The only good thing is that the surveys are more fun then most.
  • Reward TV
    Bill r.rating
    December 18, 2014

    Time Waster

    It's not easy to make money from RewardTV but it is really easy to waste time. You have to get a lot of points and it takes forever to earn a real reward. There are better sites online to make money. This is not a legitimate program.
  • Reward TV
    Anita r.rating
    December 1, 2014

    I was fired!

    I am not happy with this site. I have been a loyal member for quite some time and I made some decent money. I recently received a mail that I only have limited access to the site and then I was terminated from the site. This is completely unfair.
  • Reward TV
    Celia r.rating
    November 28, 2014


    It's nearly impossible to get some rewards from this place. Gift cards are constantly sold out and there's a ridiculous contest. I would not recommend this place under any circumstances! Save yourself the trouble and find somewhere else to fill out surveys.
  • Reward TV
    kevin r.rating
    October 1, 2014

    show me the money

    the surveys are cool but I can't figure out how to cash out. it looks like you can only get THINGS. i want MONEY.
  • Reward TV
    jon r.rating
    September 29, 2014

    watch tv and make money

    you read that right. this company quizzes you on ads and tv shows and gives you points which you can redeem for cash and prizes.
  • Reward TV
    Bonnie r.rating
    September 25, 2014

    surveys for couch potatos

    If your a couch potato and watch a lot of prime time tv this is the survey company for you. They basically quiz you on the ads shown during prime time and check to make sure you actually watched the show by asking you questions about the episode. Seriously you can make money without ever getting off your ass.
  • Reward TV
    Adrian r.rating
    September 23, 2014

    easiest surveys ever

    OMG it's like getting paid for watching TV! I wish my homework was this easy.
  • Reward TV
    britt r.rating
    September 20, 2014

    fun surveys bad rewards

    in terms of surveys it doesn't get better or easier or more fun. but the rewards system seems really confusing, like you can only redeem at certain times, and i haven't even figured out if you can redeem for cash or if you have to buy stuff.
  • Reward TV
    karen r.rating
    September 16, 2014

    most fun surveys

    these are the most fun surveys to take but the points system is not as good as some of the other survey companies. i would rather earn cash.
  • Reward TV
    Rachael r.rating
    September 13, 2014

    Addicting and Fun!

    This is more game than survey and a lot of the surveys are about TV shows, which I know a lot about. LOL. The surveys are pretty short and there seem to be an endless number of surveys you can take (look on the left side of the home page). The points add up fast! The real test will come when I try to cash out and how easy or hard it is to do that.
  • Reward TV
    Marc r.rating
    August 14, 2018


    dont bother they dont send you your winning vochers i am waiting for over £50 in vouchers they dont answer emails or facebook messages total scam
  • Reward TV
    barry r.rating
    August 19, 2018

  • Reward TV
    Keletso r.rating
    February 5, 2021

    Very good , easy to use and absolutely enjoyable