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SurveySpot is by the same company that does Opinion Outpost. They do have large giveaways and frequent surveys, so I typically keep an eye out for these invites. I like working with companies that are backed by larger groups so they don't disappear. Their website is also designed cleanly and is easy to navigate.

Survey Invites: High
Regions: North America
Minimum Age: 18+ Adult
Rewards: Points redeemable for Cash via PayPal
Redemption Balance: $10 (1,000 Points)
Processing Time: EVouchers and PayPal payments are processed within two days, while physical gift vouchers are shipped with within 10 working days

Average 6/10
Quality 5/10
Frequency 7/10
Payment 5/10
Support 8/10
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Insider Tips for Success

Part of a larger company, lots of surveys
Fast rewards processing time
Offer both rewards and sweepstakes opportunities
Get started by completing the quick registration process
Complet the first survey to receive another email that contains a link to the members area, which contains additional profiles, your survey history, rewards info
If you only want to take point paying surveys (& not sweepstakes only surveys), pay attention to the incentive offered in the details of the emailed survey invitation
Get the best survey opportunities sent right to your email.

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User Reviews (78)

  • SurveySpot
    PamT r.rating
    May 5, 2016

    Was one of the best

    I've been a member for over 10 years and they used to be great. For the past 2 years they've gone downhill fast. They pay next to nothing for surveys now. 20 minute surveys might get you 25 cents. That's if you qualify, which takes a long time. 500 points for $5 will take a long time to reach now. They are no longer one of the best.
  • SurveySpot
    Daniel r.rating
    September 18, 2015


    How many [too many] hoops to jump through to clam your rewards
  • SurveySpot
    Katherine Smith r.rating
    July 24, 2015

    survey qualificatiion

    I am constantly told that I do not qualify or that there are enough responses this would not be so bad had I not already spent 30 -45 minutes taking the survey why can I not be told at the beginning rather than the end I answer all questions honestly
  • SurveySpot
    Kristin r.rating
    April 9, 2015

    Take a whole survey before you find out if you qualify for it!

    I just joined this site and am already disappointed. It's a HUGE time waster. It has made me complete several surveys, leading me to believe I would receive the points for them only to be told AFTER COMPLETING THE SURVEY that I DON'T QUALIFY. Frankly, that's a bunch of BS and whether or not I "qualified," I took the entire survey, therefore I should get the points for the time I took. This website cheated me out of hundreds of points today.
  • SurveySpot
    Julie r.rating
    March 16, 2015

    There's better out there

    Like the title suggests, there are much better options for survey sites online. Occasionally, I would get through a good chunk of the survey, sometimes spending half an hour or so, only to be screened out because they already filled their quota for my demographic. After countless scenarios like this, I have come to the conclusion that Survey Spot has been a huge waste of my time. I haven't even gained enough points to do one payout.
  • SurveySpot
    rose r.rating
    March 13, 2015

    for survey

    I was a member of this site and do survey
  • SurveySpot
    Rezze r.rating
    February 24, 2015

    survey site

    I have been doing survey from this site and it is good, but i have also join a online survey site which pay maximum points for every survey and i have also earn many points easily and win 2 Amazon gift card , which operates across the world and gives you access to millions of products!. and they are very friendly with panelists .you got 500 points free for joining.
  • SurveySpot
    Jamey r.rating
    February 15, 2015

    Too much spam

    SurveySpot needs to stop sending spam mails. I receive multiple mails everyday and all of them are junk. There are no survey invitations. They also screen you out in the middle of the survey. I am fed up and I am thinking about discontinuing the membership.
  • SurveySpot
    AJ r.rating
    January 27, 2015

    Not coming back

    I have used surveyspot in the past with mixed results. A few times I would answer a slew of questions only to get told that I didn't qualify, or something about they "already had enough responses". Very strange since they let me start the survey, you would think they would know this beforehand. Anyhow, they are not terrible, but not worth my time when there are better options out there.
  • SurveySpot
    Monica r.rating
    January 12, 2015

    Getting worse

    I don't know what happened to SurveySpot. They were good before but now there are lot of issues with the site. The number of surveys is too low and the qualification questions are too long. It took me more than six months to cash out $5.
  • SurveySpot
    Alex r.rating
    December 21, 2014

    Getting Worse

    I am really disappointed with SurveySpot. I had high expectations from them when I joined the site and they have let me down. The surveys are now boring and lengthy. The pay is too low for the time spent. The payout threshold is low but it takes time to cashout because of the low volume of surveys.
  • SurveySpot
    Ted r.rating
    December 16, 2014

    Got Kicked Out

    SurveySpot used to be good but now it's pathetic. I had a good relationship with them for quite some time and made decent money. Earlier this month they terminated my account without giving any proper reason. This is not fair and completely unacceptable.
  • SurveySpot
    Tena Osborne r.rating
    November 15, 2014


    I make a good return on the surveys when I get them. But my antivirus hates this site. I wonder why. does anyone else have this problem? Swagbucks and Ipsos are good to go. It says malware detected.
  • SurveySpot
    Joan r.rating
    November 3, 2014


    horrible. You have to get 500 points just to get $5 in amazon funds. they don't ask your demographic information until the end so you may spend 30 minutes on a survey and then not meet the necessary classification at the end.DON'T JOIN!!
  • SurveySpot
    Em r.rating
    October 11, 2014

    The Best

    I belong to multiple panels and this is the one where I make the most money. And customer service is really quick to respond if there's an issue.
  • SurveySpot
    Greg r.rating
    October 8, 2014

    opinion outpost twin

    This site is the same as opinion outpost, but the points are lower. I earn money with opinion outpost faster.
  • SurveySpot
    Tasha r.rating
    October 3, 2014

    slow then fast

    Surveyspot is not as generous with points as other companies but when you earn enough for a reward they pay out (PayPal) very quickly.
  • SurveySpot
    Martie r.rating
    October 2, 2014

    bad survey site

    I just took another survey on survey spot, which i swore i wouldn't do ever again. It said 20 points in 20 mins. They lied. Nearly 2 hrs later, i submitted it with a scathing review. as always, if you wright more than a few words you can't submit it. you get no points. almost 2 hour nothing!!! they lie and deceive! i could have done at least 5 other on other sites so they robbed me rather reward me this is the 6th time it's happened on this site the survey was interesting but you couldn't read the questions in 20 let alone decide and answer
  • SurveySpot
    Styme r.rating
    August 17, 2013

    survey spot would be better without John

    wait till you have an issue with a survey then you will find out what a jerk John can be for customer support
  • SurveySpot
    Howard House r.rating
    January 24, 2013

    This used to be my best paying survey panel, until a couple years ago. I almost quit this panel a few times the last 2 years because of their pay-out plan. I just don’t get many surveys that offer a cash pay-out and then they’ll want you to take a 30 minute survey for 50 cents. It gets discouraging, but you must keep plugging away with this panel. If you don’t keep completing these nonpaying surveys, you’ll be dropped from their panel. The downside is that you might be dropped from Opinion Outpost(their sister site), which is one of the best survey sites out there. I do get quite a few product tests, which are very nice. This last November, I got my pay-off for all the unpaid surveys when I was invited and completed 2 paid online studies for $50 and $150 in one week right before Thanksgiving. The extra money came in handy for Christmas and renewed my faith in the Spot. My advice is to try to complete 2 or 3 surveys every week because those high paying online studies will show up in your email. Another quirk with this survey panel is that sometimes a Survey Spot invitation will take you to Opinion Outpost for the survey and vice versa. I’m a member of both, so I can live with it. The customer service with this panel is actually pretty responsive and understanding because I’ve had my share of issues, which eventually are satisfactorily resolved.
  • SurveySpot
    A r.rating
    October 15, 2012

    I've always had some issue with Surveyspot. I was a panel member about 2004 or so and they paid way high incentives. At that time you could receive a check was was excellent. Then all the sudden I stopped getting survey invites from them. I'd go to their website to see if there was any survey's to take NADA! so, they changed their policies around and only paid you paypal. I didn't have a paypal account so I canceled my membership with them. I recently came back again as a member only to find out they do more reedemptions besides paypal. I was getting invites at first. Now I don't get any at all for the past 5 mons. When I do go to their website it's measlely 50 points aka .50 cents for 30mins. Just not worth it. Opinionoutpost I have alot more luck, and I prefer them.
  • SurveySpot
    Hannah r.rating
    September 10, 2012

    Most survey panels have in their terms how many people from the same household are permitted to have an account. For most panels, this is ONE. However, some panels have more than one. Always read the terms and conditions, and if a company shuts down your account for having two, you can contest it if they do allow two. Also, SurveySpot and OpinionOutpost are now owned by the same parent company- and give the same surveys. But Opinion Outpost pays twice as much for the same survey. You can only take the survey at one site, so it is best to take from Opinion Outpost instead of SurveySpot anyway.
  • SurveySpot
    E.M r.rating
    September 9, 2012

    Signed up with them and did 2 yrs worth of surveys...barely made any money because I Kept getting dumped off because either they already had enough people or I didn't give them the answers that they wanted. It took a long time to make 10 dollars and several times I was told to wait 72 hours and try again...and again..and again. Someone in the household was called on to do surveys under my account and they liked that I gave them the money so they decided to get their own account...Survey Spot shut down my account when they realized it and kept all of my money....and HER's. We never got the same surveys so I don't know what the heck .... oh well...Live and learn.. 2 yrs ago the surveys paid a little bit more but now they pay some of the surveys and don't think because you do "free" surveys for them, you are going to get more paid surveys from them. Since this stuff happened, I joined other panels and kept everyone in my household from copying me.. (they do their own panels, different from mine) I found that there are Much better panels that give more test products (I hardly ever got test products from Survey Spot) and I make more money because it's steady, I qualify for more surveys... It's rare to be asked to do surveys for no money... As you can see from the many posts here, there is good, bad and ugly so choose wisely, it's your time. =)
  • SurveySpot
    jenni r.rating
    February 22, 2012

    hi... I spend really two weeks to earn 2500 points and when i tried to redeem them as e-vouchers and they showed the message:- " We cannot process your claim at this time. Please logout and wait at least 72 hours before you try again. Please note that each attempt during the 72 hr wait time will trigger another 72 hr wait." Its really disgusting to receive such a reply from surveyspot . I don't have a paypal account, so i tried to redeem them as e-voucher and i was totally dissapointed to get such a response from them.
  • SurveySpot
    Karen Sims r.rating
    February 11, 2012

    I basically came to this site to see what everyone felt about this company. I have have experience a lot of the same problems. In order for survey spot to be successful, they are going to have to treat their members fair. I will be checking on this company to see if anything changes.
  • SurveySpot
    G.L. r.rating
    January 15, 2012

    Just recently signed up to Surveyspot and was hoping to completing a few surveys but to no avail. Every time I start a survey I would almost instantly get disqualified. The few times when I almost reach the end of a survey, I would still get the same result. Spent over 5 hours on trying to complete a survey just today and NOT ONE was completed, all led to disqualifications!
  • SurveySpot
    TT r.rating
    January 11, 2012

    Survey Sampling International, the parent to SurveySpot, Opinion World, Opinion Outpost and others is one of the worst survey companies. If you are a member or decide to join, beware! There will be many, many occasions the surveys will error and you will not be paid -a lot of time invested for free, and then one day you’ll find yourself locked out, unable to redeem your rewards. The only explanation you will receive if even that, you have violated their terms of service. Hint: You never did. Don't be afraid to report them. Beware of these companies. *You can find this same info posted over the Internet by countless individuals, these are by far not my words alone.
  • SurveySpot
    Ladybugg r.rating
    December 14, 2011

    I happen to like Survey Spot....I really do....It just seems to take a very long time reaching that 1000 point threshold for a 10.00 cashout. The site is fairly easy to navigate. The Member's Area tells you everything you need to know. All your points, surveys taken, and status of your surveys is right under your balance information. You can always (well most times) access available surveys here even if you didn't get an Email invite. I find that the surveys tend to run on the long side. A survey posted at 15 minutes to complete will take 25 to 30 minutes most times so be aware. Most surveys that I've taken award you with 50 points upon completion. On a few instances, I was invited into a 100 point survey, but they tend to fill up quickly and even if I am able to start the survey, I get disqualified midway because they've already filled their quota. I have cashed out several times through Paypal option. Never had a problem. No wait. The money was credited to my account instantly. A little patience and the right demographics will take you places on Survey Spot.
  • SurveySpot
    Hannah r.rating
    November 8, 2011

    I just started taking surveys with SurveySpot, and have completed several surveys for 50 points ($0.50) each, so am well on my way to the first cash out. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. You can attempt to take surveys whenever you want by clicking the "Take a Survey" button, and the site looks for surveys available for your demographic. There are multiple profiles you can fill out to maximize your chances of getting surveys of interest to you. Survey payments and time are clearly stated at the beginning of each survey, so you can choose whether or not to take the survey if the reward is not sufficient. You can cash out when you reach 1,000 points ($10) and there are multiple methods to do so. However, I am also a member of Opinion Outpost. Opinion Outpost was recently bought out or merged with SSI, the same company that runs SurveySpot. The websites look and work nearly identically, with a couple major differences. First major difference: 100 Opinion Outpost points = $10.00, while 1,000 Survey Spot points are needed for $10. Not a big deal, as all panels have differing point values, and actually Survey Spot's value seems to be the most standard. It only makes a difference when calculating what you are earning. (1 Opinion Outpost point = 10 SurveySpot points) Second major difference: The two panels pay differently for each survey. I was attempting to take surveys this evening, and the exact same survey was offered at both sites. (They use a specific survey number, so I was able to identify the survey as the exact same survey, just offered at both sites.) Survey Spot offered me 50 points ($0.50) to take this 15 minute survey, but Opinion Outpost offered me 10 of their points, ($1.00). Given that it was the exact same survey, I think the decision is clear- take the surveys at Opinion Outpost! Interestingly enough, the sites are interlinked enough that when certain profiles are updated, it updates the profile on the sister site. So, when I joined SurveySpot, I found that I had profiles that were already completed a month previously. Pros: SurveySpot does sometimes have surveys available when OpinionOutpost does not. Cons: You can take the surveys at Opinion Outpost when they are available and get paid twice the amount. Based on what I have seen, I think I will not take surveys at the SurveySpot site, unless something changes, so that I get the best payment for the time spent.
  • SurveySpot
    Sarah Mitchell r.rating
    November 1, 2011

    I have only three successful surveys, because I was have strolling problems on my pages. This will be the only job that have, so I am working to succeed. I do think SurveyStop will be my only company. I am 79 years old, and I thank you for giving me an opportunity to work. Sincerely, Sarah S. Mitchell
  • SurveySpot
    Anjana r.rating
    September 27, 2011

    A Survey spot member can rely on its frequency of surveys. Survey spot offers a number of surveys which can be found directly from the website. I am an active member of Surveyspot since 2010 August and i do know only their point system. As per my experience , the site offers plenty of surveys which ranges from 50 to 150 points normally and at times even 450 points or more. They also offers surveys for sweepstake entries which are clearly mentioned at the start of the survey. It is easy to earn from this site as it provides lot of surveys unlike most other sites . But the drawback is the length of the surveys which often takes more than 45 minutes to complete and is almost the same for 50 points (equivalent to 50 cents) or 100 points($1) survey. Also , it is difficult to get qualified for those surveys that offers high incentives .Their redumption process is easy and better than other sites as it allows the member to choose from its webvoucher and also through paypal. It is worth trying Surveyspot along with others.
  • SurveySpot
    Tina Guler r.rating
    July 14, 2011

    SurveySpot has been constantly making changes to it's site in the past few months, but these changes have been mostly in the website design and navigation. There haven't been many changes in frequency of surveys or point values. 100 points is still $1.00. I receive about 5 surveys invitations a day and alot of those are only for 50 points (50 cents) and even more are for only sweepstakes entries which I do not bother with. The length of most are 10-20 mins and at only 50 cents a pop, it can be hard to build up to the $10.00 cashout. However, one of SurveySpots best qualities is that when you request cashout VIA Paypal, it's sent to your Paypal account IMMEDIATELY. I noticed when I cashed out today (for $12.00) that my last cashout had been in April, meaning it had taken me about 3 months to earn $12. Of course, I'm not the most dedicated survey taker, so I'm sure someone with the time and attention span could reach that point quicker.
  • SurveySpot
    Sarah r.rating
    June 18, 2011

    I was a member a while ago for about a year. It is a legit survey site but the problem for me what that they surveys usually took about 45 minutes to complete and the payout wasn't that much (compared to some of the survey sites I am on now) Anyways .. I ended up finally cashing out my 40 dollars (which I received) and then when I tried to log back into the site they said they canceled my account. I wrote to them and asked why and they replied in about 1-2 weeks that there was another account that was linked to my household so they canceled my account! I had no idea who in my house had signed up or even knew about it. Like a month later I found out one day when my cousin was over she saw me on the site and decided to create her own profile from my laptop. She never went on it but they still canceled my account and refused to give it back since they thought I was cheating. I wasn't about to put up with all the pettiness so I left their site and haven't been back since.
  • SurveySpot
    Lee New r.rating
    May 21, 2011

    3. SurveySpot $647 (1000 points = $10 minimum pay out) (PayPal) (Invokes) (product tests) (Joined: 2008-01-30) ($629 received) [Last cash out: 1-31-11] I am truly shocked at the number and intensity of negative reviews for SurveySpot, long one of the top legitimate survey sites online. From my perspective of having been a member of SurveySpot and at least 50 other sites for the past three years, they are still near the top; although, it cannot be doubted that they have suffered a severe "hiccup" since December 2010. They have now revamped their entire website and I think most of the problems have been addressed, but I accept the possibility that I may be one of the fortunate few that has continued to do well with them. My last cash out was on January 31, 2011 for $50. Previously, I had cashed out for another $50 on October 6, 2010. That's about $50 every three months or so, which is really good for any survey site. Out of 81 surveys attempted since January 1, 2011 I completed 14 for 3000 points ($30), which have been credited. I currently have 3900 points ($39) waiting to be redeemed. I have four "Beer studies" valued at 300 points each (1200 = $12) that have not yet been credited as the study is still ongoing. That's $51 in less than five months (14 weeks), or, over $10 per month on average. The average survey site, out of my top 30 "keepers" earns me $8.63 per month; however, much of that comes from writing assignments and moderation fees from survey sites that pay me to help with their blogs, review websites (like here), etc. so any site that earns me at least $5 per month is a "keeper". SurveySpot qualifies as a "keeper", has always been near the top and I don't expect that to change any time soon.
  • SurveySpot
    Melissa r.rating
    May 21, 2011

    Initially I was really excited about this company. I was receiving a lot of surveys, they were fairly interesting, and I was getting regularly rewarded. I invested a lot of time in them and quickly reached the amount needed to payout, 10.00. I applied for the reward (in the form of a web voucher, only to have difficulty redeeming it). I tried to contact customer service with no response. I tried to log on, and it stated that there was no account under that email I contacted customer service again. I received a "cut and paste" response that my account had been terminated, in concordance with their terms and conditions. I responded, asking specifically what had been done. I had truly invested time, answered the questions honestly, etc., and couldn't understand what the problem was. I received the same "cut and paste" response 5 times from customer service with no explanation, and no specific response to anything I asked, only "your account has been terminated according to our policies, and we reserve the right to cancel it at any point." They wouldn't even sign as a specific person, just "member services." I never got any explanation, no response, nothing. Just the waste of time and effort, extremely frustrating as my time is precious to me right now with a 2 and 1 year old at home and 1 on the way. I would steer clear of this company, rather than risk the waste of time and effort with absolutely nothing to show for it.
  • SurveySpot
    jeanne clarke r.rating
    April 25, 2011

    When I first joined Survey Spot about a year and a half ago, I was getting surveys that I didn't qualify for quite often - then, suddenly, that changed, and I was getting several that I qualified for, along with one big one worth nine dollars. The points started adding up quickly, and before I knew it, I had enough to cash out, but I kept going until I could cash out about 22.00. Even after I cashed out - via paypal, I continued qualifying for surveys and was able to soon cash out about 27.00. This was right before the holidays last year. Now, the only surveys I get are ones with rewards for either 100 points (value of one dollar) or an "entry into whatever giveaway they have". Since the beginning of this year I haven't received a survey worth my time, except once, but I didn't qualify for it. Perhaps I cashed out too much too soon? I had no problems getting the money in my paypal account - within a couple days. I would think that perhaps it's a bad time of year for qualifying for surveys, except I've taken several since the beginning of the year with other places and am doing quite well in qualifying for them. They have contests going right now, but I believe my chances of winning them are very slim. If I don't start getting better qualifying surveys soon I plan to quit. The good aspects of Survey Spot are how you get paid - paypal - and how quickly the money goes into your paypal account. You don't have to wait weeks and weeks. It's there almost as soon as you cash out. Bad are the amount of surveys that are difficult to qualify for - sometimes after answering what seems like a surveyload of questions - and for some longer surveys, the small rewards. Support does get back to you within a few days - but sometimes I had to contact twice before getting an answer. Would I recommend SurveySpot? Yes, I would, but with caution.
  • SurveySpot
    JAMES RHODES JR r.rating
    April 4, 2011

    All surveys are good and rewarding.
  • SurveySpot
    Dawn Marie r.rating
    February 4, 2011

    I'm not sure yet that this was a good idea, but getting free money to just take surveys seems pretty cool. Some of the surveys are really worth thinking about and answering, some maybe not: where just like everything else in this life, just isn't worth our time. Hopefully I won't be disappointed like others that I have read reviews about. I still say it is worth an honest try on my part, I just joined late January 2011. Wish me luck!
  • SurveySpot
    shadrat r.rating
    January 18, 2011

    The surveys are often fun, with a wide variety of topics, and they arrive quite often, giving the participant the opportunity to win prizes or earn money frequently, yet in the year I've been with them, I've yet to earn enough to cash in, nor have I won anything. It's a fun way to spend a few minutes, but don't look for a big reward.
  • SurveySpot
    Vanessa Escalera r.rating
    December 8, 2010

    I joined this site about a year ago and it was awesome! I got enough surveys to make at least $10 a week. That came out to $40 a month which paid my cell phone plan. But then all of a sudden I start getting all these verify flags saying I do not give honest answers in a timely manner. Okay so I did use to speed through their surveys but not because I was being dishonest, I just happen to read really fast. So I slowed down and STILL I get through the whole survey which sometimes takes me an hour for a survey that is supposed to take 25 minutes and I don't get paid! I have become so frustrated with this site that I have decided to close my account as soon as I get $10 on my account. That should take forever since I have made 50 cents in one week. I go fast, I go slow, it doesn't matter, I still don't qualify. I'm sad because I used to get products to try for free from this site and a steady $10 (at least) a week. Well things always change :(
  • SurveySpot
    Alistair r.rating
    November 18, 2010

    seems like i cant get points no matter what i do, its starting to piss me off. like if you dont win the drawing, you are just screwed.
  • SurveySpot
    Lazlo r.rating
    October 28, 2010

    I joined a ton of survey sites when I started doing them initially, and most of them I have since unsubscribed from for various reasons. I didn't start up with surveyspot until a few months into trying to do the survey thing, and I really wish i had found it sooner. Although it is sometimes troublesome to be bombarded by the amount of surveys you get from surveyspot, they are usually very quick on disqualifying you rather than stringing you along if you dont meet the requirements, and the surveys are usually reasonable in length. Not to say I don't have success here; on the contrary, I have more success completing surveys at surveyspot than the majority of other survey sites. This is one of the few sites that has a pretty firm grasp on its survey rankings: 50 point surveys are usually pretty short, 150 longer, etc. This is nice when time is an issue, or if you dont feel like spending a ton of time in front of the computer, and especially nice since most sites seem really arbitrary when factoring time/reward for surveys. So far i've cashed out once for $15 on paypal, and that is money I wouldn't have otherwise. They give you entries into their $12k prize drawing if you don't qualify, and i'm telling you, the sites that give you SOMETHING, whether it be points or contest entries at the end of failing to qualify for a survey, are the ones with the best user focused attitude. Surveyspot is consistent and feels like you're getting what you asked for, no venomous intentions hiding behind this simple, quality survey site.
  • SurveySpot
    Kala Krugman Bailey r.rating
    October 9, 2010

    I just took over 50 surveys today on SurveySpot, which took up pretty much my entire day (I had a lot of free time, and 800 points when I started this morning). I now have 900 points. I received the dreaded flag page (the one that says "verify" at the top and prevents you from completing your survey or getting your points, even if you clicked the finish button to receive your reward) over 10 times. The rest of the time I spent over 20 minutes on surveys only to be told the survey was full when I answered a question about my age or ethnicity, or to be told I don't qualify. Why ask me 50 questions about a product only to tell me at the end I don't qualify!? I answered every question honestly and in a timely fashion, so I have no idea WHY I kept getting the flag page. Have emailed customer service twice about this problem and expect to receive the same generic response all of these other reviewers got. Until today, I had a high opinion of this site. Now it seems determined not to let me get that last 100 points and cash out, since I would've made more than enough to do so if I hadn't been hit with the flag page. Considering how much of my day I wasted trying to fill out surveys I actually qualified for and getting to the end only to be screwed, I am mildly enraged right now.
  • SurveySpot
    Stephanie L. r.rating
    October 4, 2010

    I’ve been with SurveySpot since mid-2008. So far I’ve made over $300 with them, including two online focus groups. I’ve had no issues with receiving payment, either through check or by PayPal. The minimum amount to cash out is 1,000 points ($10). They used to send out checks, but now everything is through PayPal, which I find nice because you don’t have to wait for a check to arrive. Payment through PayPal is instant and delivered right to your account the same day (in my experience). You have to be a verified PayPal member to receive payment that way (meaning you need to link one of your bank accounts up to PayPal and have it verified). They also offer WebShop vouchers now, but I don’t have any experience with that. I’ve done two online focus groups through them and several product tests. The products were mainly food (macaroni and cheese, soup, etc.) and some beauty products (lip balm, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.). SurveySpot has gone a bit downhill these days. Surveys are less frequent, and when there are surveys sent to my inbox, they’re usually only 50 points each. Sometimes I get surveys that are not worth any points at all (just sweepstakes entries). I rarely get 300-500 point surveys anymore and even when I do, they fill up very quickly or are very long and tedious to complete. Qualifying has also gotten much more difficult, even for the 50 point surveys. I very rarely get invites to focus groups. One of the problems with SurveySpot is the abundance of technical errors. I’ve encountered a lot of errors with them since I’ve been a member of their panel. It’s frustrating because you’ll spend a large amount of time (sometimes up to an hour) on one survey and get to the end only to reach the dreaded “flag page” (a page with different flags from various countries on it) saying that there was a technical error, you “don’t qualify,” or you’ve already taken the survey. It’s highly irritating and has been happening more and more in these recent months. I know many others have encountered the same issues and it’s very discouraging. I highly recommend doing their surveys in Internet Explorer and not letting the survey sit for a long time (like an hour) because you will almost always get the flag page at the end if too much time is taken to finish the survey and not get credit. At the other end of the spectrum, if you rush through a survey, you may also get the flag page. This has been my experience with them. Even if you take your time answering the questions, yet don’t take a huge amount of time and don’t leave it sitting, the flag page seems to occur more often than it should. Sometimes it seems to just be a random occurrence. I’ve contacted their customer support several times regarding those “flag pages” and technical errors. I have gotten a response a few times (usually several days or a week later), but it’s usually just a generic answer saying “they’re working on it.” If I have a specific question, they usually don’t address it. So, customer service isn’t the best. I really want to like SurveySpot more, but the increase in technical errors recently and the amount of surveys I don’t qualify for is a bit discouraging. I used to get a lot more surveys from them (and surveys for higher points), but not so much anymore. I don’t focus on them as much as I used to and have since put my efforts into other survey sites. I still attempt to qualify for surveys they email me and go on the website to click the “take a survey” button to see what’s available for me, but I always seem to end up disappointed. Hopefully they will improve in the future and send out more surveys to me that are worth more points. Maybe it’s just my demographic or just bad luck. I still recommend giving them a try, though. Maybe you will have better luck than I have with them.
  • SurveySpot
    Nell r.rating
    September 30, 2010

    I've been a member for a little over 6 weeks. I stared out really liking this company. I got a lot of surveys that I qualified for. That lasted about 2 weeks and then I started having problems accessing the surveys. I get about 2-3 surveys a day and I can access maybe one of the surveys (usually the ones that don't have any points attached to them). When I click on the "Start Survey" button a page comes up with flags from all over the world on it and a "verify" message. In my survey history it states "started, not completed" for the survey. I would complete it if I could! Very frustrating!!! I've written them about 10 times about the problem and if there is anything I can do. I got one generic reply about 3 weeks ago that didn't have anything to do with my problem. The problem is getting worse. Is anyone else having the same problem? Is there a solution? What do you suggest? Is there a phone number where I can call them and talk to a customer service person. I've looked and can't find a phone number.
  • SurveySpot
    Eric r.rating
    September 26, 2010

    I have been a member of SurveySpot for over a year and it is one of my favorite and most profitable survey sites. They send me at least 3 or 4 surveys per day. Some of them only award a sweepstakes entry and no incentive so I just delete these without attempting them. The great part is that SurveySpot tells you beforehand what the reward is going to be. Even though there are a lot that don't pay anything there are still many that pay a fair reward. Occasionally I get the opportunity to take an interactive session which is a 60 or 90 minute online session where you answer questions about different products with a moderator present. These can pay anywhere from $10 to $25 and are definitely worth the effort. The only problem I have with SurveySpot is their customer service is not that great. Several times I have had problems with surveys (ie technical difficulties or not getting awarded properly) and sometimes I don't get a decent response back. Although these problems are annoying the benefits from being a member far outweigh any negatives that I have experienced. I would definitely recommend joining this site.
  • SurveySpot
    jennifer r.rating
    September 10, 2010

    i love survey spot i have them since 2009 is fun have cool prizes and cool prizes so far i made almost 65 dollars nice
  • SurveySpot
    Melissa r.rating
    August 29, 2010

    Anyone else having issues making a claim? I have been trying for about a week now and keep getting error codes. I have gone through the claim checklist and everything is correct. I even contacted them and they are not responding to me. I have been a member for about 7 years now and have never had any problems. Just wondering if it was just me or the website.
  • SurveySpot
    samantha r.rating
    August 14, 2010

    I have been a member for less then a month and already earned thirty dollars and have tested three products. They pay you very quickely threw paypal. Defenitly jion!!
  • SurveySpot
    eric r.rating
    August 8, 2010

    I just spent 25 minutes filling out a survey and got the message that they have enough respondents. Well, they should say that at the beginning. I didn't qualify for some reason and wasted almost a half hour. They got their answers and I didn't get paid. This is the worst as far as being a MORAL company. There are many others that are decent. I am not going back and forget about contacting them. Ridiculous, they should be taken out of business. They play people for fools.
  • SurveySpot
    Dominic r.rating
    July 31, 2010

    I like sureyspot. They are decent. They send out frequent surveys and they do pay. Stephanie, I have had the same problem lately. Yesterday I was asked to do a pre-screen to qualify for a 1,000 point study on the 3rd of August and it quickly told me I don't qualify when I didn't even take the pre-screen test and this happened the day before but a much lesser incentive. Overall, Surveyspot is a decent survey company and does pay. I already made about 35 dollars in 3 weeks with them. Another thing I don't really like is incentives can be very low for a 15-20 minute survey. 50 points (50c) is not worth it.
  • SurveySpot
    Stephanie r.rating
    July 30, 2010

    The fact that they pay by paypal, and very quickly, is fantastic. They send tons of surveys, and although most of them are for pointless sweepstakes entries, I get a few paying ones a week. After being a member for close to ten years, I'm giving up on them as soon as I reach the next $10 payment. The reason is very simple: They don't know the difference between qualification and classification. I completed about five surveys recently that, during the "final classification questions" (their words, not mine) to group my answers with other respondents, I have gotten sudden pages claiming that I don't qualify. This is after finishing 15-30 minute surveys. When I brought this to the attention of customer service, I was simply told "We're sorry you did not qualify to complete the entire survey." Qualification questions come at the beginning of the survey, not when the survey has already been completed. So they're getting completed surveys they claim they don't have to pay for. If I don't qualify, fine, but they need to decide that before the survey has actually been taken. I'm done giving my time for free.
  • SurveySpot
    Cheryl r.rating
    July 23, 2010

    I started out last year really liking SurveySpot, but have had some problems recently with a couple of surveys..............request their help, never ever hear from them. Other survey sites I participate in will answer almost immediately and fix the problem if there is one. These guys don't seem to really have a member support dept.........
  • SurveySpot
    Ken r.rating
    June 16, 2010

    I've never won any sweepstakes or drawings, and of all the surveys I've taken, few paid any points.
  • SurveySpot
    Ashley P r.rating
    June 15, 2010

    I signed up for survey spot months ago but never actually participated in any surveys. I started yesterday and have already earned 1000 points which is $10 not much yet but I beleive that if i do a survey when bored a few times a day then i can make steady money. I like that they email you stating how many points the surveys are worth and the surveys come often. Only negative thing is some questions in a survey can be repetitive.
  • SurveySpot
    LC Hollie r.rating
    June 7, 2010

    I have been a member of SurveySpot for over 4 years. Every improvement they make to their site makes the best of the best when it comes to the way they do business. Achieving enough points for a payout is without question one of the easiest sites to participate in. I love their automatic payment system. Immediately, after you cash out, the money is placed in your paypal account. No waiting 3 to 8 weeks to receive your money as other survey sites do. You payment is placed immediately into your paypal account. I wonder, why other sites are not willing or able to do this. Great job SurveySpot!
  • SurveySpot
    beal r.rating
    May 29, 2010

    If you have the patience of a frigging saint, let Survey Spot test it. I have been a member for 5 years. Since the change, their rewards have declined dramatically. Now I can't get ANY of my earned money. I've been trying to claim it for months, but no answer to any of my inquiries. They are toast in my book. They should no longer be supported by respondents. Other formerly decent survey sites took this same dive. You know who they are if you're doing surveys constantly. Please, everyone, support the ones who pay fairly and consistently. Boycott those who don't. It's long past time to DUMP THIS DOG!
  • SurveySpot
    Jake r.rating
    May 26, 2010

    This was the very first survey website that i signed up with and I feel that they've been they best to me. I've made $82.50 since April 18th 2010. The surveys come very often, about 4 or 5 per day! I qualify for most of them and i don't have many technical issues. I use Google chrome and I feel like it's inferior when i'm filling out surveys. Google chrome is my favorite web browser and it's way faster and more efficient than any browser I've ever used but I've had about 3 or 4 surveys stop working at the very end when I'm supposed to get paid. Most surveys are worth between 50 points to 300 points which adds up quickly when their minimum cash-out threshold is only 1000 points ($10.00) If you're planning on using this website, or any survey website for that matter, I would recommend setting up a filter in your e-mail account to automatically send the surveys worth any points to a designated folder. I do this with all of my survey sites that i sign up for and it really makes it faster and easier to check my email for surveys worth any money.
  • SurveySpot
    kim the gr8 r.rating
    May 21, 2010

    many times i completed the 400 and 300 point media surveys which drag on way past the estimated time frame in the invites. I complete them and when the page comes to go back to survey spot for me to receive my points ,the site CONVENIENTLY finds an error and i get nothing ...i contacted survey spot with undeniable proof of this since i saved the invites and urls stating i finished the surveys AND THEY STILL spout bs....the typical "we're sorry, we see you have not completed this survey" WTF are you serious it was there in black and white . Now they arent all bad but i had been using them for years and these experiences ruined them for me . I get nothing on their end . the only surveys i actually do get points from ( without the site conveniently failing) are the 25 min 100 point surveys that are hardly worth the dollar anyway. /rant ......UGH!
  • SurveySpot
    Kristen r.rating
    May 10, 2010

    I have been doing surveys with Survey Spot for three weeks now and am a dollar away from cashing out for the 7th time. That means I have made almost 70 dollars in three weeks! The money is put into my paypal the second I push the button, which is nice, but I have come to realize that now that I have completed so many surveys, the amount of paying surveys I recieve seem to be few and far between. This is good to make a quick buck, but once you hit the 50 dollar mark you will only get 2-3 paying surveys per day IF YOUR LUCKY.
  • SurveySpot
    Robert Blakeslee r.rating
    May 7, 2010

    You will find Fun surveys here, most laid out well. The site will redirect you to other surveys too. But in the entire time I have been registered I have completed several surveys but only have entries in a sweepstakes to show for it. None of the promised rewards (points) for completed surveys have ever shown up in my account. Go ahead and sign up if you just like to take surveys. Try another site if you really want to get paid
  • SurveySpot
    Marty r.rating
    May 1, 2010

    SurveySpot is the best paid survey website I have been a member for 28 days and have $45.00 in my paypal account
  • SurveySpot
    Brian E r.rating
    April 16, 2010

    as someone else noted, can not log-in into my acct. in the past 7-10 days as of 4/16/10. email them to see if they were still there? response back was that my acct. has been terminated with no warring and no explanation on why? have an email in asking for better explanation and to have my acct. turned back on. like doing surveys with them. would cash out every 3 months for $100 or so. hope my request is granted?
  • SurveySpot
    ash r.rating
    March 24, 2010

    I have been a member of this survey panel for only a couple months now, I consistently recieve good survey offers worth a good ammount of points, but for the couple months I have been a member I havent been able to request a payment due to some "maintenance" going on in their site. I hope this is going to be resolved soon, but like I said Ive been waiting 2 months! Ive sent email after email with NO response. If something isnt done soon Im leaving this site.
  • SurveySpot
    sandra r.rating
    March 20, 2010

    I have been a member of Survey Spot for several years. I have been attempting to contact them for quite a while regarding the loss of points in their changeover. To date I have sent 4 emails and despite the promise on the website that they will respond in 72 hours, I have yet to hear from them at all. I have also been attempting to check my current balance and I keep getting a message saying that there is "maintenance" going on. Most of their surveys do not offer points, but the opportunity to play a "game". I have never won any prizes in this game. If I ever get enough points to cash out, I am unsubscribing from this one.
  • SurveySpot
    B Dubb r.rating
    March 14, 2010

    You won't reap any spending money from this joke of a website. They try to get you to fill out fairly long surveys for next to no points, or even to be allowed to play a cheesy slot machine or scratch off for sweepstakes entries. TRUST ME, do not waste a second of your life with Survey Spot.
  • SurveySpot
    andy r.rating
    March 12, 2010

    Surveyspot are a legit survey company and they really pay check/paypal to me.they send many surveys daily(most of them are reward sweepstakes).Many of the surveys fill up quickly,so you need to hurry complete them.Survey Spot send out interactive surveys and product testing opportunities as well,I like PTs very much.They pay anywhere from $10 to $50. Regular surveys generally range from $1 to $5.I had earned 400$ from them. My only complaint with them is that their site was not stable recently and I couldn't login in.I hope it solves quickly. Survey Spot offers 4 ways to win; check/paypal,sweepstakes and instant win.i had never win sweepstakes.Hope next time i will be the lucky guy:)
  • SurveySpot
    Cassy r.rating
    March 3, 2010

    So im sure anyone reading these knows the ins and outs of Surveyspot. I think it is great and just started it a couple months ago via BigSpot. I have already made close to $100 and just today i recieved a survey worth 3000 points, yes i said three thousand. It said it will hit my account in 4-6 weeks which i trust because i have done this before. 3000 points = $30. yes the survey was 2 hours long (had to watch 2, 1 hour full episodes) but it was worth my time. I am always paid and get at least a few surveys a day worth points and i make roughly $10 every other day. I love it!
  • SurveySpot
    Brenton r.rating
    February 12, 2010

    I had originally joined this site 1 1/2 years ago and quit because they weren't profitable. I rejoined them 6 months ago and have been happy with the results. Recently they switched to a point system where 100 points=$1.00 PROS: They send surveys directly to your email and the points per survey vary. I am satisfied with the amount of surveys i receive and my completion rate is about 65%. I also have received various products from them to try which I always find fun. In addition they use paypal as a payout option once your account reaches $10.00. Once you cash out the money is available immediately in your paypal account. I've had to use customer service once and while it did take 5-7 days to get a reply to my question it was nice that I did receive a reply as well as an answer to my question. Also when you attempt a survey whether you complete it or not you are able to win an entry into their sweepstakes. The number of entries you receive into the sweepstakes varies by the number of entries you win when you play the instant win game. This game you play is either a scratch card or a slot machine. During the month of January 2010 they offered a 50 cents incentive for completing surveys and I was able to complete many of them. I'm hoping that they offer this incentive again sometime soon. CONS: You can also log into there site to take additional surveys but most of the surveys here are for entries into their sweepstakes. I complete a number of them but have never won anything. I prefer the points surveys over the sweepstakes any day. OVERALL: I think this is one of the better sites and would definetly recommend it. You get a decent amount of surveys to complete and can make decent money completing them.
  • SurveySpot
    Laura H r.rating
    January 26, 2010

    When I first started taking surveys a few months ago, SurveySpot was receiving stellar reviews across the board on multiple rating sites. Once I signed up, I was thrilled with the amount of surveys I was receiving (usually several per day, plus more once I logged into the site). I was able to qualify for and complete about half of them even in the beginning, and I was content at the time to start with just being rewarded with sweepstakes entries - after all, I was new, and I had read that many sites wouldn't start offering real incentives until I had proved myself committed with a steady track record. However, after a few months, nothing has changed. I seldom receive any surveys offering anything more than sweepstakes entries. Of course, in January, the site has been offering 50 points for every completed survey, but I've found that's not entirely true - 50 points are only being rewarded to those listed up front with the incentive - if you're still taking the extra surveys you might find on the site, or the random email invites with no reward mentioned, you're out of luck. I found that to be downright misleading, especially when I realized I had completed several of those surveys with nothing to show for it. I have seen others complaining on not being rewarded after completion, but fortunately for me - eventually - the few 50 point surveys I did complete this month have been added to account (some listed as "Goodwill" points where the survey number was apparently lost?). I'm still attempting most of the 50 point offers for the remainder of January, but after that, I highly doubt I'll waste my time on anything more from them aside from the few-and-far-between surveys that actually offer points. I'll stay registered for a bit longer to give them a chance to work out these unfortunate kinks.
  • SurveySpot
    Jane r.rating
    January 12, 2010

    I have been with survey spot for several years. I made a decent amount of money until they switched over to this points system. I am going all the way through the survey, complete it, get the message that my account will be credited for the points. Then when I check the survey history, it says I didn't meet the criteria. Or the survey isn't even listed. I have been emailing them constantly about this, but they won't send an answer, or even acknowledge my email. I get several surveys from them everyday, but I am not wasting my time. I won't get credited if I complete it.
  • SurveySpot
    Phil Lundgren r.rating
    January 8, 2010

    I have been trying to login in to my surveyspot account. The password does not work so I used the link to request my password but get an error message. When I try to use the surveyspot website to contact them I do not get a response after 2 months. I have tried to contact them three times.
  • SurveySpot
    Peter r.rating
    January 4, 2010

    SurveySpot used to be one of my favorite companies, but my experience with them has gone down. This company sends a lot of surveys, most of them sweepstakes. The non-sweepstakes used to reward you with money, but now they are using a point system, in which 100 points equals $ 1.00. And this switch resulted in lower earning potential per survey. It used to be $ 2 - 3 per survey, but these days most of the surveys earn you 100 - 150 points, while the amount of time you spend on those stayed the same. Also qualifying for those points survey is somewhat more difficult than in the past. I still do all the points surveys and the occasional sweepstakes, but I am not enjoying this company as much as I used to.
  • SurveySpot
    Jim Daniel r.rating
    January 4, 2010

    SurveySpot had been my top rated survey site for the past three to four years. I guess I have earned a couple of thousand dollars during that time, which includes winning a couple of their sweepstakes. In the past I rated Member Support as one of the best. However, SurveySpot changed their site last fall and the changes, with the exception of adding PayPal, have not been for the better. Survey Spot has gone to a points system but the paying surveys have been few and far between. The one plus for Survey Spot is that you don't have to wait on receiving a survey invite by email but can log into the site and might get lucky to participate in several just have to wade through the non-paying ones. I have been absolutely disappointed and disgusted with member support. I had unclaimed money remaining in the old system and getting help from member support was pretty much in the form of no support. After at least a dozen emails I finally called corporate headquarters ( finding the number took a great deal of searching) and got the matter resolved. At the writing of this review I have about five surveys I have completed for money, but the amount has yet to be credited to my account. Some survey completions date back to October. Survey Spot is still worth the effort, at least for now, but be aware the new Survey Spot leaves a lot to be desired.
  • SurveySpot
    Donna Senegal r.rating
    January 3, 2010

    If you like doing surveys, this is the company to join. You will receive survey invitations everyday and I mean everyday. Most of them are for sweepstake emtries with no points, which is alright if you really lilke surveys. They tend to be too long and sometimes boring for the incentive they offer. .The quality and subjects vary which at times are interesting.. I always urge anyone interested in joining a survey panel that Survey Spot should be one of the first companies to join. Even though some of subjects are long, but the questions are easy to answer. I also think Survey Spot is a good company for beginners to learn some of the "ins and outs" on how surveys work.
  • SurveySpot
    Mhammednabih r.rating
    March 2, 2022


    Formidable site internet
  • SurveySpot
    Gideon r.rating
    February 2, 2023

  • SurveySpot
    hiwot r.rating
    February 25, 2023