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SurveySavvy is one of my favorites because it sends a lot of survey invites via email.  They typically say "Participate in a $2 survey", and the dollar amounts I've seen were as high as $10 and $15 before.  Some are $1 but they're really quick.  SurveySavvy is part of Luth Research and is a large market research company, so you know they're not going anywhere also!

Survey Invites: High
Regions: North America, Europe, Oceania
Minimum Age: 14+ Teen
Rewards: Cash via Check
Redemption Balance: $1
Processing Time: It usually takes 4-6 weeks for a request to be processed

Average 9/10
Quality 7/10
Frequency 9/10
Payment 10/10
Support 8/10
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Insider Tips for Success

SurveySavvy offers excellent compensation per survey
SurveySavvy offers excellent compensation per survey
They have a very low threshold for payment
Joining the Panel and complete your profile surveys (referred to as Portraits)
Respond to email invitations for surveys averaging between $1 $10 each
You will also qualify for sweepstakes and earn more money for referring friends
Get the best survey opportunities sent right to your email.

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User Reviews (131)

  • SurveySavvy
    Test Name r.rating
    June 9, 2017

    title name

    test review
  • SurveySavvy
    Tauseef r.rating
    December 7, 2016


    Amazing experience, will recommend many other too
  • SurveySavvy
    kosain r.rating
    December 2, 2016

    survey suvvy

    i think it is tha biggest web for earning for needy user
  • SurveySavvy
    lukmannul r.rating
    November 4, 2016

    introduction about personal information

    it's talk about our personal life daily, medical checkup, maritage,decision of buy, sallary etc
  • SurveySavvy
    Tina r.rating
    October 29, 2016

    love it

  • SurveySavvy
    Kaungu r.rating
    October 23, 2016


    It's easy to use
  • SurveySavvy
    Pammotl r.rating
    September 26, 2016

    Review for SurveySavvy

    Great site. So many choices to make money
  • SurveySavvy
    Ana r.rating
    September 22, 2016

    Easy to do.

    So far this as seems well organized. I have just downloaded.
  • SurveySavvy
    Sherry Rose r.rating
    September 13, 2016

    survey savvy

    Survey savvy, great opportunity offers for those mom looking extra income or distressed for money.
  • SurveySavvy
    Mark Strayer r.rating
    July 18, 2016

    Best of the bunch

    Been a member since 2008... Have been compensated very quickly and fairly...
  • SurveySavvy
    PJ59 r.rating
    July 4, 2016


    These surveys are fast to complete, payout goal is not high. I've had many checks issued to me. Definitely worth the time!
  • SurveySavvy
    Duy Anh r.rating
    June 18, 2016

    SurveySavvy Is The Best

    My first survey I've ever finished. no joke. no trash. very professional ! TKs
  • SurveySavvy
    chelsea r.rating
    May 25, 2016

    i lov savvy survey join me a reliable source of income
  • SurveySavvy
    aguejdad r.rating
    May 8, 2016


  • SurveySavvy
    Eleni r.rating
    May 4, 2016

    Received $200 Visa Gift Card in the mail

    :) The survey was about 3 days long. Each day had its section of questions to answer. It was easy as 1,2,3.
  • SurveySavvy
    Hoang r.rating
    April 4, 2016

    Nice survey

    It's quite good!
  • SurveySavvy
    sharon r.rating
    March 12, 2016

    anxious to get started !

    I just signed up and excited to start taking surveys and making some extra money
  • SurveySavvy
    Roela r.rating
    March 10, 2016


    SurveySavvy is great website. Earn money by taking online survey. Get paid by sharing your opinions. It is free to sign up, safe and easy.
  • SurveySavvy
    Carla r.rating
    March 3, 2016


  • SurveySavvy
    marlon r.rating
    February 17, 2016


    its hard to understand,but its great challenge for me
  • SurveySavvy
    Ashley r.rating
    January 14, 2016


    So far so good
  • SurveySavvy
    Mohayee r.rating
    January 5, 2016

    Great Site

    Great Site I Like This Site
  • SurveySavvy
    Ayoub r.rating
    January 5, 2016

    Fair for a non US resident

    I've registrated in most of the lists submitted in the list. Plenty of opportunities indeed, but not for a non US resident. But well, you're not losing anything after all it's all for you to win :D .
  • SurveySavvy
    Bujin r.rating
    December 8, 2015

    children and teen

    i need latest news about teens and child
  • SurveySavvy
    Evangeline r.rating
    November 28, 2015

    First time member

    Hope i can contribute hir ☺
  • SurveySavvy
    hassan r.rating
    November 4, 2015

    it sounds good

    new here but sounds good
  • SurveySavvy
    Marissa r.rating
    October 2, 2015

    Great Opportunities to earn more

    SurveySavvy offers financial opportunities to earn especially to those who are financially distressed.
  • SurveySavvy
    Marissa r.rating
    October 2, 2015

    Great Opportunities to earn more

    SurveySavvy offers financial opportunities to earn especially to those who are financially distressed.
  • SurveySavvy
    Nadella r.rating
    September 26, 2015

    My View on Surveys

    we get much paid for the surveys..............
  • SurveySavvy
    Hazel r.rating
    September 9, 2015


    Easy to install
  • SurveySavvy
    naresh r.rating
    September 6, 2015

    nice survey

  • SurveySavvy
    alireza r.rating
    August 2, 2015


    it is great
  • SurveySavvy
    Nurhan r.rating
    July 28, 2015


    survey savvy site is good it let you communicate,like survey savvy connect it also gives you good service when you enter it.
  • SurveySavvy
    Bilal r.rating
    July 26, 2015


    great and secure
  • SurveySavvy
    Pema r.rating
    July 20, 2015


  • SurveySavvy
    Cori r.rating
    July 20, 2015

    Survey Savvy

    Overall, this is a really good program, although they do ask you to answer some personal questions, such as household income. You can also earn more, up to $60 with Survey Connect!
  • SurveySavvy
    Logan r.rating
    July 4, 2015


  • SurveySavvy
    Connor r.rating
    May 17, 2015

    Super cool

    I rate it 4 stars since it is not super mobile friendly but it works great for me cause I'm a teen! Enjoying it
  • SurveySavvy
    Ehasun r.rating
    May 10, 2015


  • SurveySavvy
    Noelle Fides r.rating
    April 23, 2015
    Survey Savvy has provided an open and secure way to earn cash
  • SurveySavvy
    Julio Jr r.rating
    March 24, 2015


    very great and enjoy
  • SurveySavvy
    Finn r.rating
    March 15, 2015

    Technical problems/low pay

    This place has way too many technical issues for me - and there is not enough help from the company to fix the problems. Whether their surveys don't work or not is not my problem, they should be able to address these types of things asap. Also, there is a longer than usual payout. Sometimes it would take up to six weeks to receive payments.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jonjon r.rating
    March 15, 2015


    Just got started..
  • SurveySavvy
    Pedro r.rating
    March 3, 2015


    Good site
  • SurveySavvy
    Jacob r.rating
    February 27, 2015

    Apps not great

    So it is great that they have a cashout minimum of $1, but beyond that, I can't say there's much else that is good about this site. I've tried taking many surveys, but they are difficult to qualify for and after countless surveys, I've only made a few bucks and some change. After signing up, I found out about an opportunity they were offering which would involve me installing their app on my phone, iPad, and computers which would track some of my usage. If I installed it on multiple devices, I had the potential to make a bit more money. However, the app turned out to be a battery killer on my phone.
  • SurveySavvy
    Liza r.rating
    February 19, 2015

    Getting bad everyday

    I am extremely frustrated with Survey Savvy. Something is seriously wrong with this survey portal. I signed up for their Savvy Connect Program and I have not made money as promised. Customer support is not bothered about my complaints. Stay away.
  • SurveySavvy
    Steve r.rating
    February 3, 2015

    No surveys

    I am disappointed. I signed up, but there are no surveys to do. Complete waste of time.
  • SurveySavvy
    Michelle M r.rating
    January 17, 2015

    not happy

    Have been a member for a couple of months. I don't get many survey invitations, and the ones I have completed, I haven't gotten credit for... I have sent 3 emails to support with no response whatsoever. NOT happy.
  • SurveySavvy
    Kiw r.rating
    January 12, 2015


    I was amazed with this kind of money making
  • SurveySavvy
    Cyndi r.rating
    January 2, 2015

    They pay, but the quality is going down fast

    This site used to be really good. I was getting tons of surveys and making bank... then the frequency of surveys just took a nose dive. Suddenly I'm barely getting any kind of work at all, and the work I do get I occasionally get rejected from on top of it. I miss how good the site used to be, over the last few months it's really gone down hill.
  • SurveySavvy
    ram krishna r.rating
    December 26, 2014


  • SurveySavvy
    Fred r.rating
    December 18, 2014

    easy signup

    Great site.. Easy registration
  • SurveySavvy
    Hilary r.rating
    December 15, 2014

    Trustworthy site

    SurveySavvy is a good site to make money from surveys. I love the $1 redemption limit and I have received multiple cheques from them. This survey panel is credible and they payout promptly. The only negative is the long surveys. They have to make them shorter.
  • SurveySavvy
    Alisha r.rating
    December 13, 2014

    Quick Payouts

    My experience with SurveySavvy has been very pleasant. There are not many survey sites that offer a $1 redemption threshold. I made some good money with this site. The only negative is that the surveys are too long for the pay.
  • SurveySavvy
    iqbal ahmed r.rating
    December 5, 2014

    Cheque of $1 is of no use all the way from America

    Cheque of $1 is too low amount to be sent by post. I can not deposit it into bank as the collection charges are greater than the cheque amount itself. I my account with Survey Savvy I am allowed to withdraw amount of $1 only. No maximum limit for me. They have sent me two cheques of $1. What use of these cheques ?
  • SurveySavvy
    Alexander r.rating
    December 2, 2014


    Haven't gotten any surveys yet.
  • SurveySavvy
    Petroula r.rating
    December 1, 2014


    I am so happy with this!!! I just started!!
  • SurveySavvy
    chrystalage r.rating
    November 29, 2014

    Australian payments

    Apart from the lack of surveys, if you are in Australia, the cheque is in US$. This means that to deposit the cheque into your a/c you will need to pay a fee. My bank charges $15.00 (for an $8.00 cheque).
  • SurveySavvy
    Randy r.rating
    November 25, 2014


    Easy to work thru the registration. Did not get E-mail verification but sent e-mail as instructed and was on in no time . Worked very well so far .
  • SurveySavvy
    Karen r.rating
    October 31, 2014

    Do Not Install SavvyConnect App

    I never had a problem in the past with SurveySavvy, but lately it is hard to qualify for any surveys. I also participated in the Savvy Connect program and was highly disappointed. I had three devices connected and even though they all showed the program was connected, I constantly got emails saying my devices were disabled. I sent numerous emails and made several phone calls, but no emails were ever returned and calls always went to voice mail, with no calls ever returned. Furthermore, as part of the requirements, I was expected to complete three special surveys. I was only sent one. Once again, calls and emails went unanswered. I finally was able to talk with someone (not the person who was supposed to be my contact) and was told that the reason my devices were showing they were disabled was because there were updates that needed to be applied. By this time, the end date for the program had just passed. If someone had returned just one email or phone call, this info could have been relayed weeks ago and I would have updated the app. As to the missing surveys, I was told this was a problem that many people had reported to them. So bottom line, even though the person I spoke with said I was not necessarily not going to get paid, I will be shocked if I do since in their eyes I did not fulfill the requirements. I will not participate again. It was a horrible three months. The app drained my phone battery. If I went to bed with a fully charged phone not on the charger, I would wake up with a completely dead phone. It made my laptop and ipad very slow, often freezing up. Since no one would contact me, I could receive no tech support. I feel like this was a sneaky way to get the info they wanted without ever having to pay, since they can now claim I did not fulfill the requirements. I have heard this same complaint from others.
  • SurveySavvy
    Donna r.rating
    October 29, 2014

    Not interested in apps

    Survey Savvy used to be better but it seems like more of their surveys involve downloading their app, which makes me nervous. I wish they would go back to more straightforward paid online surveys.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jordan r.rating
    October 27, 2014

    Great Site

    I like how they tell you how much the survey pays out in the invitation emails - "Participate in a new $5 Survey" The surveys are generally easy. Sometimes I get rejected but most of the time it works out.
  • SurveySavvy
    Stella r.rating
    October 23, 2014

    Good Pay

    I like this Survey Savvy because they send survey invitations every week some pay pretty well - even $5 to $10 per survey. Survey Savvy is a good site.
  • SurveySavvy
    Tom r.rating
    October 19, 2014

    Be patient it's worth it.

    Be patient. It takes time but your awards add up and they do pay. And, the more surveys you qualify for the more survey invitations they will send you. It may take some time but soon you'll see that SurveySavvy is a really good company. Other than a kind of slow start I've never had a issue.
  • SurveySavvy
    Cass r.rating
    October 18, 2014


    Tells you exactly how much time you'll spend, and how much you'll earn from it. Pays in cash - no worrying about points and such.
  • SurveySavvy
    Stan r.rating
    October 13, 2014

    SurveySavvy is Legitimate

    SurveySavvy is a legitimate online research panel. I don't get as many survey opportunities as I do from some of the other paid survey companies but the rewards with SurveySavvy are straightforward (dollar amounts stated in advance, not points) and they eventually add up. One thing I don't like is that it can take a while from the time you take a survey to when you are credited for taking a survey.
  • SurveySavvy
    Mara r.rating
    October 10, 2014

    Still waiting to qualify

    I've been a member for about a month and have received half a dozen survey opportunities. However I never seem to qualify so my balance is still zero. Does you have any advice for how to qualify?
  • SurveySavvy
    Connie r.rating
    October 3, 2014


    I have been using survey savvy for over a year and I love it! I do get paid and it is timely. It is great extra money!!!
  • SurveySavvy
    Ken r.rating
    September 19, 2014

    Lately I've been receiving much higher paying surveys.

    They've really improved their payment timetable. I now get my check within 5 weeks. (It used to take 3 to 4 months to get your payment after you 'cash out'.) Yet they ask us to take their surveys in a timely manner . . . Years ago, they would send a dozen or so surveys every couple of weeks and with very good incentive amounts, ($10-$15). Now the average incentive is $1 or $2 for a 20 minute survey. But lately some surveys have been for $50 & even $100 using my smartphone!
  • SurveySavvy
    sandhya gandhari r.rating
    August 4, 2013


    i am doing this survey its nice.
  • SurveySavvy
    Cheryl Mclevain r.rating
    July 29, 2013

    I think it pays good because it doesn't take that much time to answer the surveys.
  • SurveySavvy
    Kathy r.rating
    January 19, 2013

    I personally like SurveySavvy. I agree it does take a long time to get credited though. I make about $20 per month with them and I receive very nice invitations that usually pay about $10. Many of them are related to my position at work. I am an assistant manager at small trucking company and I get many surveys about computer and hardware usage and purchases. I must confess I do promote myself to a manager when I respond to these surveys but I have full knowledge of decision process in our company. I don’t respond to all surveys but from time to time I don't mind to spend 10 minutes and make $10 or $20.
  • SurveySavvy
    Shin r.rating
    October 23, 2012

    I am a member of survey savvy for 2 mos now besides to the fact that i have only done 1 survey. The payment for that survey is not credited to my account. Actually it is just a trial if this site is really real or not. I regret reffering members to survey savvy. I didnt earn anything for the survey i have done. Hope you learn from my mistake. I dont recommend you to join this site.
  • SurveySavvy
    Sean r.rating
    August 15, 2012

    Hello Ceh, I am very sorry to hear about your experience with SurveySavvy and SavvyConnect. Please email me at [email protected] and I will personally look into your account. -Sean
  • SurveySavvy
    Ceh r.rating
    August 11, 2012

    I joined survey savvy at the beginning of May 2012. I did numerous surveys and installed savvy connect on my computer. After 2 months, my stats indicated that I did not do any surveys and I was not credited for the time they were collecting data from my computer through savvy connect. I contacted the company and was told to send a list of the surveys I had completed. I sent in the list and also again mentioned that I was not getting credit for savvy connect. A month later I still had not received a response from them. I still was not being credited for the surveys and still not credited for savvy connect. I DO NOT recommend participating with this company if you want to get paid for the surveys you do. They don't deliver and their customer support is non-existent!
  • SurveySavvy
    Pablo r.rating
    July 30, 2012

    65$ in one year??....isn't that such an a small price for be wasting energy for a year while been in the computer, i hope i get more. But my real interest is that i'm a noob at this, and it's been a day and i haven't receive any emails for survey offers, in fact i don't know how the web page works because its still says that i have not have an invitation.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jack r.rating
    February 7, 2012

    I have now been a member of SurveySavvy for about a year now. So far I have earned total $65 dollars from them and am very happy. I had to contact their support once as one of the survey links was down. They were very friendly and thanked me for telling them and sent me a new link.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jan r.rating
    February 2, 2012

    I've just joined surveysavvy a few weeks ago. I've been receiving lots of survey invitations in my email but whenever I attempt to join one, I get disqualified after the basic gender, employment status and birth date questions. Why is that? Can someone share any tips on how to qualify? I'm from Austin, TX btw if that's a problem with the demographic thing. Thanks, I appreciate your responses. reply: There are a lot of reasons why you might disqualify. I would highly recommend that you sign up for our free seven day course (there is a registration link on the main page here: Day 3's topic is specifically about survey disqualifications and understanding what could cause them. I think that will help you greatly.
  • SurveySavvy
    TT r.rating
    January 11, 2012

    SurveySavvy's surveys although infrequent were quality surveys to answer and compensation was good. Then, things started to change, poor, argumentative or non-existent support responses, payment received months late with erroneous excuses, even for a few dollars, and now not one single survey invitation for over a year. The owner of the company said in early 2011 they are only doing specialized targeted surveys for professionals now and may begin standard consumer surveys again. What I don't understand is I've been a member for at least 10-years, haven't received an invitation for a year, yet others are saying do on a regular basis. So which is it? Hannah at note: I personally have received 8 survey invitations from them in the past month, so they are still sending out invitations. Unfortunately, you may not meet the demographic criteria for the surveys they are currently sending. You may try contacting them again to be sure there is nothing wrong with your account.
  • SurveySavvy
    Matt r.rating
    January 4, 2012

    I have been a member of Survey Savvy for a few years and until recently all has gone smooth. There payments were always sent out in a timely manner, but this has changed. They have extended their payment time to twelve weeks from the time of request. All other survey sites are prompt to send out payment or at least have a tracking system to know what the status of your payment is. When measuring all the survey sites and the payment side one has to ask would you wait to receive payment on a product or service three months from the time service was rendered. I am waiting on one check and it is week ten, if you contact them they only tell you they have twelve weeks to respond. I have just requested another check that will clear out my account. If this check takes the same amount of time, I may have to leave based on improper treatment for services rendered.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jim r.rating
    December 2, 2011

    Barely ever get a survey, less than 1 a month and on average you get $2.50. On the upside you get paid good for your time, and you can cash out whenever you want. I wouldn't say the surveys are the most interesting, but they are definitely not the worst.
  • SurveySavvy
    faustina dominguez r.rating
    October 14, 2011

    i have been with survey savvy for about 5 years already and i love it. Sometimes they have long surveys and then they have short surveys, and the longer they are the more pay it is.
  • SurveySavvy
    patti serio r.rating
    September 29, 2011

    i miss getting more surveys,,ihave been a member for almost 3-years,there surveys are easy and always things that i care about,,not sure but in the last year i think there are more members than when i started,so guess what..we have got to share surveys,if you dont like sawy,stop .dont be a member,,then there more for me,,lol just kidding this site can only send out surveys that they get,they get busy in hang on,
  • SurveySavvy
    Eric r.rating
    July 21, 2011

    I joined Survey Savvy a few weeks ago, and I am very impressed. Just two days after I signed up, I already had three survey invitations. I usually receive between 1-2 a week. Most surveys are between 15 to 45 minutes long, and pay between $5 and $15. I spent 30 minutes on a survey, and i earned $10! Their customer service is great too, they reply very quickly, and they treat you very nicely. It is also great that they pay by check, and that you could request a payment at any time no matter how much money you're account has. The only problem I have had so far with Survey Savvy is that some of their surveys are a bit repetitive, but I don't think it's a problem because you get paid a lot anyway. I would definitely recommend this site.
  • SurveySavvy
    Charis Stinson r.rating
    June 9, 2011

    Today i recieved a survey and was very satisified with it. It was of good quality, and i was very interested in the topic of the survey. This is a outstanding site that can be trusted. It gives you surveys very quickly. I haven't been a memeber very long, but i know when there's a good site and this is one of them. Another good thing about this site is that you don't have to worry about a point system which i absolutely love, because whenever you want to cash out you can cash out. So, to anyone look ing for a good site this one i HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!!!!
  • SurveySavvy
    Matt r.rating
    June 9, 2011

    I have been a member of SurveySavvy for a little over the year and although it is not one of the top sites in my opinion, it is worth the time. The surveys are usually 10 or 20 minutes and will pay 1 to 2 dollars. From time to time, you will receive ones for $5 or $10. I usually receive between 3-5 surveys per week which in my experience is about average and the topics are pretty far ranging. The payment system is fairly simple as they only pay by check. The good news is that you do not need to reach a minimum amount to cash out, the bad news is the that the time it takes to receive a check is usually around six weeks. SurveySavvy won't generate as much money as some of the others but it is very consistent and dependable. If you don't mind waiting for your checks, I would recommend giving it a chance.
  • SurveySavvy
    Patricia r.rating
    May 11, 2011

    I joined Survey Savvy for 1 year off and on; completed few survey made $20.00. Today, receive a check for $11.00 took four weeks. I enjoy Survey Savvy but my only complaint not enough surveys.
  • SurveySavvy
    Mark Sims r.rating
    May 2, 2011

    I am one who does "countless" surveys a day. Doing Surveys from SurveySavvy are the ones I look MOST forward to do. I've done SurveySavvy surveys long enough to know that there will be a check in thet mail soon after I finish. Just today, I received a check in the mail for $22.00 - For ONE Survey!!! I whole-heartedly recommend SurveySavvy surveys to AnyBody getting started in surveys. I also recommend SurveySavvy to the veteran survey'ers to add to their list of suveys to do (join) whether you replace another servey site or just add it to your list.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jessica r.rating
    April 27, 2011

    A lot of people have posted many great reviews, I am not denying that any of them are true however I have been a member for almost two weeks now and I have not recieved any surveys yet. I have filled out all the information on my profile trying to make it as detailed as possible and answered/completed almost all of the available portraits, I have tried everything I can think of and still nothing... I understand that you may not always qualify for a survey but I haven't even been asked so I find that kind of frusterating. I would recommend SurveySavvy to my friends but not if they are looking for some quick and easy money because although there is the possibility that you may get lucky, the chances are low.
  • SurveySavvy
    Erika Kurner r.rating
    April 24, 2011

    I joined this website about a month ago and have only been sent one survey, for the longest time I didn't even know where on the website to look to see if I had any! In my opinion they need to update their website too, it says the survey company thingamajig (don't really know what to call it) was made in like 1999, it sure looks like it. Kinda hard to navigate, not really easy to tell if you have any surveys. I don't really like it.
  • SurveySavvy
    Leah r.rating
    April 23, 2011

    SurveySavvy is one of my better survey sites but it could definitely be better. One really good thing about this site is that they give you at least $1 per survey and that with that $1 you could cash out if you wanted to. The bad news... they send me a survey about once every 2 weeks. I have $2 in my account so far which seems less than impressive compared to my current favorite survey site. I wouldn't say that this site is a waste of time by any means, but I could really use some more opportunities.
  • SurveySavvy
    jeanne clarke r.rating
    April 19, 2011

    The one thing I like about SurveySavvy is that you can cash out with a dollar. The bad part? They send a check. And the check takes about five weeks to arrive after cashing out. By the time you finish a survey, and it finishes it's pending status, and you put in for a cashout, and finally get the check, over two months have gone by. Sometimes the surveys are slow in coming; other times, I find plenty each week in my email. When there are lots of surveys forthcoming, it's usually easy to qualify for some of them. Last year I cashed out a 54.00 check right before the holidays; this year I am up to 27.00 so far. I prefer waiting until I have a good amount before cashing out, so I will wait until it reaches 50 dollars before doing so. At least I find out fairly quickly if I qualify for a survey or not. There's no filling out ten minutes of survey style questions only to find out I don't qualify! That's a plus. I would recommend Surveysavvy to a friend, but with the caution that you won't get rich, and the money doesn't pour in quickly at times.
  • SurveySavvy
    Rosiem Hmar r.rating
    March 12, 2011

    I have been a panel member in surveysavvy for almost 2 years now. I have been impressed by the overall quality of the survey and the rewards/incentive on offered for completing a survey is fairly good comparing to other survey sites. The only downside, for me, being a non-US, is the frequency of survey invitation I receive, which means that less opportunity for earning. Otherwise, this is a very good site to earn extra bucks. I would love to have the opportunity to participate in a survey at least once a week. Overall, this is a very good paid survey site to join. So hurry..Come...join and start earning like I do.
  • SurveySavvy
    Sharanika Akter r.rating
    January 28, 2011

    While it IS hard to qualify for surveys.. when you do qualify you will ALWAYS get paid by check. So far I have earned $38 on surveysavvy alone. However, I was lucky enough to take a survey for Clean&Clear and qualified to be part of an online community where I was paid $10 a month to take surveys for their studies. I earned about $65 just from there! How lucky of me! So surveysavvy gives you those kind of great extra opportunities. I would recommend it to anyone. (I first heard of it from SEVENTEEN magazine.. thats how I knew it was legit!)
  • SurveySavvy
    Martha McLemore r.rating
    December 30, 2010

    I joined Survey Savvy a couple of months ago, and cashed out a $17 check immediately. The check came fast, and I loved it! Now, I have cashed out a $5.00 check. I just cashed out a few minutes ago, so I haven't received my check yet. I am sure that it will be here fast, as the last one. I like Survey Savvy because there is no minimum amount when you can cash out. I hate having to wait forever to get a check. This site is my favorite, and I do lots of surveys daily. I will stay with this company. So far, I am very happy with the surveys and getting paid fast.
  • SurveySavvy
    Lloyd D'Souza r.rating
    November 6, 2010

    I joined in 2007, and till date I have been paid $111 via check. I am an IT professional and I had received 2 to 3, $10-$20 surveys. I was totally startled when I completed them. Now they don't send too many surveys. Referral system is also good, but there is no scope for referral earnings. Anyways as mentioned above, this survey company is best suited for US citizens
  • SurveySavvy
    Lucrece r.rating
    November 5, 2010

    I recently joind and never get invited to surveys. The one time I did I didnt qualify now I sit around wondering why I dont get invited to surveys. Today Nov 5 2010 I tried to log in but the site dont alow you to. This site ended up being a waste of time compared to the other sites like lightspeed or Toluna I dont understand how this site rates 5 star they never give surveys to beable to rate. Im sure there are better sites than surveysavvy
  • SurveySavvy
    paul parsons r.rating
    October 19, 2010

    the system works well so long as people are not blocking the pages although no one would complain if there were more surveys would we
  • SurveySavvy
    qsmoking r.rating
    October 8, 2010

    It all depends how you complete your profile. More detailed profile will bring you more surveys. And I would say, a little technique let you successfully finish and get paid for most of the surveys you received. I believe this site pays fairly good. Search "qsmoke zhao" on facebook and you will see some proofing pictures.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jim A. r.rating
    October 6, 2010

    The date of this review is 10-6-10 and I have cashed out on 4 seperate occasions with Survey Saavy since 9-10-10 (just 26 days) and have earned a total of $43.00 in doing so. That in itself may not appear to be earth shattering but when you consider that it only took 6, YES JUST SIX, total surveys to earn this amount it is certainly noteworthy. That's an average payout of more than $7.00 per survey and I ask, how many times have you seen that kind of money offered anywhere else? I have taken surveys on this site paying anywhere from $2.00 to $15.00 EACH, and that's quite exciting and extremely rewarding since most surveys only take 15 to 20 minutes. And they sweeten the pot buy letting you cash out for as little as one dollar. How many other places can you find a cash out threshold that low? The quality of surveys is top notch and I receive an adequate number weekly. I have found qualification not to be difficult and estimate I qualify for approximately 65% of their offerings. I have had cause to communicate with their member support department and was favorably responded to the very same day. Quite simply folks, I couldn't ask for more. If you are new to survey taking I understand that reading reviews can be quite confusing as one person may dislike a firm while another loves the very same one. So here's my humble suggestion: Forget the negative and find out first hand by signing on. I promise you will be well satisfied with Survey Saavy, but please find out for yourself. If you're looking for those hard to find "Big Bucks" look no further, this is it!
  • SurveySavvy
    Eric r.rating
    September 19, 2010

    I joined SurveySavvy a couple of months ago and am fairly happy with it. They give interesting surveys that pay pretty well. I believe one survey actually paid over $5.00 which doesn't happen on most sites. The only downside to this site is that they send out emails for new surveys pretty infrequently. I have only been invited to about 5 or 6 surveys since I signed up and I only qualified for 2 or 3. It's possible that the site will eventually grow and offer more surveys so I would definitely recommend it.
  • SurveySavvy
    Diego r.rating
    September 13, 2010

    I joined this site a long time ago..not sure when, but I don't really have much time to take the surveys it seems like a good site to make some extra money..I do get at least one survey per day..And some times I get around 2 of them. The only down side is that I don't qualify for a lot fo them, but It's cuz I haven't really filled out much onf my info in their site..But overall I think that there is a good potential if you do this a overall I think I like it.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jay r.rating
    August 16, 2010

    Becasue you can not only make money from the surveys you take but you can earn more from the people you refer to the site. When your referrals and your referrals referrals complete surveys you make money. The more of your profile you fill out on the surveysavvy site, the more surveys you will get, and be disqualified from less. while some months have less surveys than others, an accurate pitcure of yourself will help you to get more. Lastly you will not spend much time on a survey before being disqualified. There are screener questions based on a company's need that you fill out before the survey begins. These a quick and easy demographic questions. Overall SurveySavvy is a great survey site to earn some extra cash in your free time.
  • SurveySavvy
    Leroy Osborne r.rating
    August 15, 2010

    Though Surveysavvy claim to be open to countries other than USA it is a waste of time, in 30 months I have earned 25 dollars which is paid to me in the form of a cheque which will be difficult to cash or deposit and will surely cost me in commission. Advice steer clear if you are not in America
  • SurveySavvy
    Dominic r.rating
    July 31, 2010

    Surveysavvy is good but it lacks survey opp. I hardly get any and I been with them for a month. I am still new but come on still have not received a survey. Well worth it though.
  • SurveySavvy
    Mary Krochmalni r.rating
    July 29, 2010

    I like taking surveys with SurveySavvy, I've been a member for a while now. The surveys from SurveySavvy are interesting and when you complete a survey, the payment gets credited into your account in 4-6 weeks. SurveySavvy also has a referral program where you can invite your friends to join. I would recommend SurveySavvy to everyone who enjoys taking surveys,
  • SurveySavvy
    Arthur r.rating
    July 28, 2010

    The surveys are about various topics, which I like. The more surveys you do, the frequency increases. I generally get a survey once a week. Maybe it's because I usually do surveys that pay at least $5 or more. Most surveys pay $1-$5. However, I do receive surveys that pay as much as $20 for 30 minutes of work. That's excellent pay! The payment process takes 4-6 weeks, which I don't like. But with so many members, I can understand the time it takes, so the wait is worth it. Also, the rewards you get for referrals are great, too! Half of my income from surveysavvy comes from referrals, and I also got $20 in misc. incentives, as they call it. Overall, good site.
  • SurveySavvy
    tara r.rating
    July 21, 2010

    seems like when i do get them, i do not qualify for most of them. the ones ido qualify for is minimal like 1 dollar with the most being 3 dollars. i have made $20 something dollars total. it would be nice if i could qualify for more with larger payouts.
  • SurveySavvy
    Barry King r.rating
    July 2, 2010

    Great to be a member with them, I have earned about $94.00 with the so far I get to so some surveys and sometimes not but I do love the site.
  • SurveySavvy
    Laura H r.rating
    June 23, 2010

    I can understand why many people would get frustrated with this panel - the amount of surveys sent out each month can swing dramatically from either just one or two all the way to twelve or more. Qualifying can be even worse - I've gone for months and never made any headway, only to suddenly pick up three invites right in a row with no problem. So I've added SurveySavvy to my "small but keep" list. For the surveys I disqualify for, I'm canceled out immediately; for the ones that I do qualify for, the time spent and the incentive offered is very fair. And since SurveySavvy offers pay-outs as soon as you reach $1 (very easy, since almost all of their surveys are for $1 or more), there's no feeling of useless waiting. I've made $5 now since joining six months ago...while not a lot in comparison to other panels, the time commitment on my side is very justified by the incentive offered, and I'm happy for the opportunity to make a few extra bucks with them!
  • SurveySavvy
    Christopher r.rating
    June 22, 2010

    I've been a member of surveysavvy for a little over 2 months now, hoping to make a little extra cash, but not the case. in 2 months I have been offered 6 surveys, non-of which I qualified for and have recieved nothing.
  • SurveySavvy
    Josh r.rating
    May 10, 2010

    Original 5/2/2010 Yesterday I found they’ve only paid me for half of the fully completed surveys I’ve fiinished in the last 16 months! I e-mailed them yesterday and am still expecting a reply. Keep track of every survey you completely finish! If I don’t get my money, I’m most definitely filing a complaint with the BBB! Update 5/10/2010 UPDATE: I was eventually paid for each survey I kept track of. Still, my advice remains the same. Keep your own records.
  • SurveySavvy
    yulia r.rating
    April 22, 2010

    I've already being a member of survey savvy for 2 months and until now I never get a survey inviitation. I've already fill in their questions and fill in my profile but....nothing ! Im very disappointed.....
  • SurveySavvy
    Cliff r.rating
    April 14, 2010

    I joined back in 2005.Honestly, I spent very little time doing surveys over the years because I dident have the free time. Now that I do have the time, I am glad to be a member of SurveySavvy. I like the idea that the company has been around since 1977.The fact that they pay in cash(via checks) only. I get about 3-10 surveys a week, though I do not qualify for more than half,(alot of IT surveys.) it seems to work out ok. What I do qualify for tend to be worth more money,$2 and up.(I did one a few weeks ago for $15) If you are tring to get rich by doing surveys,good luck. If you want some extra money from time to time,and belong to a few different sites,then you really should put this one on your list.
  • SurveySavvy
    Malcolm r.rating
    January 20, 2010

    I have been with Survey Savvy for about 3 years and I might have done one survey with them, I can't remember because it was soooo long ago that I did it. I'm not sure if it's because I live in Sydney Australia, but when I first joined Survey Savvy they said that was fine. People from Australia are more then welcome, I have filled all my profiles and everything is up-to-date. I really would not recommend Survey Savvy, the only good thing about this survey site is the fact that you can join. THAT'S IT!!!!
  • SurveySavvy
    Doug r.rating
    January 16, 2010

    what a scam.....Hey Doug take this survey for $3....yes a survey Iam rich.....15 min later after I do the whole survey on ice cream.....oh sorry Doug we have all the people we need or you dont qualify....WTF I just spent 15 min taking this Sh**. and your not going to pay me. This is a scam You take the survey and all they have to do is pop that screen up and there covered.
  • SurveySavvy
    Jim Daniel r.rating
    January 4, 2010

    I have been a member of Survey Savvy for about three years. I have been impressed with them on the quality of surveys and the amount offered per survey. Surveys pay from $1 to $10 but I just completed one for $20. One time I took a survey that led to a long time study that paid me a couple hunderd dollars. The only downside is the frequency of surveys. I receive about one survey a week. Member support has been very good. I certainly recommend them as a site to join!
  • SurveySavvy
    Peter r.rating
    January 4, 2010

    SurveySavvy is a decent survey company. The quality of the survey is in general good, but I don't get that many (1 - 2 per week). Qualifying for those is not easy: I qualify usually for 1 out of every 8 - 10 surveys, so for me it took a long time to build up a decent pay out. Also it takes more than a month for the check to arrive, which is rather long for survey companies.
  • SurveySavvy
    Rosy r.rating
    January 3, 2010

    I have been a member of this Survey Panel from June, 2008 i.e. almost an year and a half and have so far earned $720 from them, which is definitely an amount to be envied for by other survey takers. It was my great luck that in 2008 I got involed with a Monthly IT Project through this Panel, and took surveys for that Project each month for almost 9 months, which let me earn around $450 for the Project itself. SurveySavvy send me surveys almost 1-2 times a week which may range from $1 to $40 or more. I also qualify for most of their surveys. It is a Survey panel which lets me earn consistently each month. Also their surveys are very interesting to take. We can request for Payment at any time we have money in our account, which may be as little as $1. They pay us by check which reach us within 4-6 weeks. I definitely recommend this Survey Panel to all eligible people to join this Legitimate Survey Panel and take the opportunity of earning cash for free.
  • SurveySavvy
    Lee New r.rating
    December 31, 2009

    10. SurveySavvy $117 (2008-03-01) ($114 rec'd) I joined SurveySavvy in March 2008 and I have qualfied for and taken 18 surveys for $117. This is enough to place them 10th on my list of my 25 best survey sites. You can expect to earn between $1 and $10 for each survey that you qualify for. They pay by check, not PayPal and the checks usually arrive in 4-6 weeks. They have an excellent referral system, but I have never felt comfortable with referring friends to survey sites. The surveys are interesting when I qualify for them and their customer service always resolves any disputed survey payments, which have popped up on occaision. Everyone needs to be a member of SurveySavvy, but they won’t be making hundreds of dollars a year unless they are in the IT field or really get active promoting and referring their friends to the site.
  • SurveySavvy
    laetitia swartz r.rating
    March 10, 2018

  • SurveySavvy
    Gail Sutton r.rating
    May 24, 2018

    How do I get my money from the servay

  • SurveySavvy
    cecelia r.rating
    July 17, 2018

    Can't get in

    I cannot get through to subscribe
  • SurveySavvy
    prithviraj r.rating
    March 25, 2019


    well & 5 star
  • SurveySavvy
    Bukar r.rating
    April 14, 2019

    prices of things are raising & quality reduce , demand low

  • SurveySavvy
    Malen GC r.rating
    June 5, 2019


    I am not getting any survey :(
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    naieem r.rating
    November 8, 2019
  • SurveySavvy
    Harish r.rating
    January 17, 2020

  • SurveySavvy
    Pawan kumar r.rating
    November 30, 2020


    wow the great share it my passion
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    Pwaakori iliya r.rating
    February 4, 2022


  • SurveySavvy
    Belaynihe, Wolde r.rating
    June 19, 2022

    an interesting website to make money.

    an interesting website to make money.