About GetPaidSurveys.com

GetPaidSurveys.com is the fast, easy, and smart way for you to get paid for sharing your opinion. We provide lists of online surveys offered by companies who will pay you for your feedback. Simply browse through our list of surveys and take the ones that most intrigue you. Because these lists are ranked based on reviews from fellow respondents, you can feel confident that the surveys you choose WILL pay off.

About Online Surveys

Surveys have always been a great way for companies to learn about consumers, get feedback on new products, and understand trends in their industries. Before the Internet, companies spent a lot of time and money hiring agencies to recruit respondents and administer pen-and-paper surveys. Moving these surveys online made this process more efficient for companies and arguably, more accessible for respondents.

In addition, respondents can search for opportunities online and participate from the comfort of their own homes. Because online surveys have become so popular, many companies work with affiliate partners who collect survey results and pay respondents. However, online surveys have also created pockets of scammers and fraudsters. Some “affiliate partners” have no intention of paying you at all. Instead, they try to get your information, sell you something, or both! Even worse, there are affiliates that try to get visitors to pay them for access to lists of “opportunities” that they claim to be paid market research panels.

Other sites just list as many surveys as they can, hoping respondents will click without any ratings or validation provided. As an active survey seeker, you should be aware of these risks and take advantage of resources that can help you to avoid them. That’s why we created GetPaidSurveys.com. Our site runs on user-based content. The feedback provided by our respondents bumps the best opportunities to the top of our lists and helps you find the safest and most reputable surveys. We are building a simple, HONEST site that features the best online surveys as rated by REAL respondents.

How We Choose and Rank the Surveys We List

Our survey recommendations are based strictly on honest feedback from our respondents about their experiences with our listed surveys. You can read the reviews and decide if a given survey is worth your time. The reviews ensure that the best survey opportunities bubble to the top of the rankings, helping you cut through the noise.

We only list surveys that are FREE to join and that actually pay you cash and/or gift rewards. Our list is comprised of paid survey panels that we, ourselves, have joined, as well as survey sites submitted by our readers. Each opportunity includes a detailed description of the program, coupled with feedback and ratings from our community of respondents.

Our Top Five List is a weighted average of respondent feedback, based on both the number of rankings as well as the ranking values. We do this to ensure that a site with only one 5-star rating will not rank higher than a site rated 4.5 from 100 respondents. In other words, the more reviews, the more likely you can trust the rating.

How We Fund Our Site

Our site earns advertising and affiliate revenue in order to maintain the content on GetPaidSurveys.com, offer weekly contest rewards, and pay technology and hosting costs. Our lists and rankings are based on respondent and editorial reviews. We maintain this user-based content to ensure that GetPaidSurveys.com remains a trusted, unbiased, and useful resource for our respondents.