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Here is a short guide to the point values of various survey sites that I like. While most people prefer survey sites that give you a dollar value for their surveys, such as Surveyhead, Valued Opinions, Pinecone Research, Survey Savvy, Socratic Forum, Mindfield Online, ACOP, Clear Voice, Brand Institute and others, the sad reality is that many survey sites are now moving towards a points system.

One example of this would be SurveySpot; however, SurveySpot employs a straightforward exchange rate of one point equals one penny and many others have much more inflated point values, as the table below illustrates. Datatelligence, Directive Analytics and HCD also value points at one cent each. Other point systems that are easy for me to remember include; Global Test Market, where points equal 5 cents each, and Opinion Outpost, where points equal 10 cents each.

The least valuable points of all belong to MyView ($0.000714) and Toluna, whose system values points at ($0.000333 each (about 1/30 of a cent!) which many people dislike. The most important thing to remember is that not all points are created equal. Make certain you know precisely how much a survey is worth in dollar terms before you waste an entire afternoon discussing why you love your wireless phone company so much for 1200 points on Toluna (40 cents) or 350 points on MyView (30 cents).

Buzz Sponge 4000 points = $10 Amazon gift card ($0.0025 each)
Daily Survey Panel 200 points = $1 PayPal ($0.005 each)
Datatelligence 1000 points = $10 Amazon gift card (1 cent each)
Directive Analytics 100 DirectPoints = $1 (1 cent each)
Epoll 3500 points = $5 PayPal ($0.00143 each)
Global Opinion Panel 5000 points = $5 PayPal ($0.001 each)
Global Test Market 1000 Market points = $50 check (5 cents each)
HCD 1000 points = $10 check (1 cent each) 1100 Reward points = $10 check ($0.091 each)
MyView 35000 points = $25 pre-paid VISA debit card ($0.000714 each)
Opinion Outpost 200 Opinion points = $20 check (10 cents each)
Survey Exchange 4500 points = $5 Reward Choice gift cards ($0.00111 each)
SurveySpot 1000 points = $10 PayPal (1 cent each)
Toluna 60000 points = $20 ($0.000333 each)
USA Talk Now 100 UTN points = $10 PayPal = ($0.01 each)
Viewpoint 375 points = $10 check ($0.0267 each)

Here is a listing of point values from least valuable to most valuable:

MyView ($0.000714 each)
Toluna 60000 = ($0.000333 each)
Global Opinion Panel ($0.001 each)
Survey Exchange ($0.00111 each)
Epoll ($0.00143 each)
Buzz Sponge ($0.0025 each) ($0.091 each)
USA Talk Now ($0.01 each)
Datatelligence (1 cent each)
Directive Analytics (1 cent each)
SurveySpot (1 cent each)
HCD (1 cent each)
Viewpoint ($0.0267 each)
Daily Survey Panel (5 cents each)
Global Test Market (5 cents each)
OpinionOutpost (10 cents each)

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    Anyone else use Ibotta for their electronics purchases? I used it for groceries and drug store purchases and am amazed by it so far....