Make Money Shopping with Instant Rebate Apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Shopmium

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We hope that you are making money by taking at least 10-20 surveys a week. I do about that many each week. They can be done on your own time, are sometimes interesting, and all you have to do is take 2-3 every weekday!? If you want more easy money (and who doesn’t), I’d also like to share with you another way I regularly make $20-50 per week.

Make money through shopping.

Yes, you can actually get paid money directly into your PayPal or bank account by using shopping apps like Ibotta. They are easy to use, and you’ll be wondering why everyone doesn’t do it. For May 2016, get $10 cash back immediately by using referral code fyjmta.

Here’s how it works: If you are interested in buying an item on your shopping list, you can check if it’s on Ibotta. Usually there are 1-3 tasks that you can do, each giving you progressively more money back. You scan pictures of your products and receipt, and watch the money come in.

For example, I was interested in buying some Johnny Walker Scotch, and saw that there was $5.00 cash back from a number of stores I shop at, like Walmart and Target, if I completed all of the steps. These steps don’t take any longer than clipping coupons. For instance, if you tap “Learn A Fact,” it may tell you about how many calories there are in a shot. A second step I took was to do a quick poll. If you complete all three tasks, you earn the full $5.00 back. If you only do one, you only earn the amount specified for that particular task. You should scan your product’s barcode before you open it, and upload your receipt. Boom! You get paid within 48 hours.

I have gotten $1-3 rebates and $10-25% discounts on groceries, alcohol, pharmacy items, clothing, going out to eat, and even electronics. I regularly save $20-50 a week?! Cha-ching!

Another shopping cash back app is Checkout 51, now also available in the U.S. Whenever I go shopping, I upload my receipts to both Ibotta and Checkout 51, just in case one offers immediate cash back and the other does not. I also like Shopmium , and have it linked directly to my bank account. Shopmium does not allow you to combine their rebates with coupons, but the others do. I have even gone to stores that accept double coupons, used Ibotta, and got groceries and toiletries FOR FREE. It’s silly to realize how much free money is out there, just by having some simple habits.

I now plan out my shopping lists when I am binge – watching Netflix. It makes me feel like I am doing something productive (and profitable) while enjoying myself. When I forget to do this in advance, no problem. Ibotta gives you up to 7 days after you buy something to submit a picture of your receipt to get cash back?!

Last but not least, refer your friends and make even more money. They will be glad you told them about this shopping hack.

You’re welcome!

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  • Yonnie May 17, 2016 Reply
    Anyone else use Ibotta for their electronics purchases? I used it for groceries and drug store purchases and am amazed by it so far....