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Want to get paid for your opinions? Many online survey companies offer paid surveys and questionnaires online. Many people sign up to take paid surveys online expecting to make a lot of money and are disappointed when that doesn’t happen right away. There could be several reasons for this but usually it’s not personal. The most common reason people don’t make a lot of money taking surveys is that their profile is not complete or up-to-date. GlobalTestMarket surveys rely on your profile information to match you with possible survey opportunities. GlobalTestMarket has several categories that need to be kept up to date so that you can get the most opportunities and earn lots of money taking surveys every month.

Location and Family: GlobalTestMarket and similar paid survey sites have many survey opportunities that revolve around family and certain demographics. It is important that these areas of your profile stay filled out and up-to-date – city, state, family size, household information, and income. Any time there are changes that could influence what surveys you may qualify for, make sure you update the information.

Electronics: This is an important section to fill out as many businesses and companies are interested in electronics and technology. They want to know how you make buying decisions, but also which technologies and equipment you use. Things like kitchen tools, music devices, computers, video games, appliances, televisions, video devices, and much more are all topics you could be asked about at GlobalTestMarket and other survey sites. Most paid survey sites will ask you to keep track of the appliances and technology devices that you own or use on a regular basis so they know what to send you surveys about.

Vehicles: Vehicles are another common topic that many survey companies ask about. You will be asked to share information like make, model, and whether or not you bought new or used, or if you lease your car. If you sell a vehicle or buy or lease a new one, be sure to update your information. Keeping the vehicle section of your profile up to date will help you get more surveys and increase your earning potential.

Travel: Another easy way to earn income from online survey sites is to give information about your travel habits. Do you fly often? Are you a member of travel club? Where do you frequently travel to? Do you travel for pleasure, business, or both? These section of your profile can open up a lot of survey opportunities and thus generate more money for you!

Hobbies and Interests: GlobalTestMarket also has a section for talking about your hobbies and personal activities. Many surveys are looking for people who like to cook, sew, play sports, create things, work on cars, and many other popular hobbies and fun activities. You will be asked about what you eat and drink, how you shop, your online habits, where you shop, and much more. Keeping this information up to date will mean more survey opportunities getting delivered to your inbox, which translates into more money for you!

Remember, when you’re filling out your profile, the best answer is the truthful answer. Don’t assume that they are looking only for people who travel every month or buy a new car once a year. Companies and marketers are always trying to understand potential customers, which is why they pay you for your opinions and experiences.

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    Anyone else use Ibotta for their electronics purchases? I used it for groceries and drug store purchases and am amazed by it so far....