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After receiving several negative reviews on our site concerning late payments from Surveyhead, we contacted United Sample (the owner of the Surveyhead Panel) for an explanation. We had so many positive reviews in the past for Surveyhead, that we felt that there must be an explanation for the late payments.

Here are a few words concerning late payments from Jessica Ceron, a Customer Service Specialist with United Sample:

“United Sample would like to say a few words to those who are most important-Our panel. We have made some staffing changes as well as revamping customer service so conflict resolution and payments are expedited. We would like to apologize for the delay in recent payments due to the changes and are working hard to ensure your faith in us as we catch up! United Sample’s goal is to respond faster than any market research firm in the near future and we are placing the cogs in place to achieve this! Growth always takes time and we’re more than appreciative of your valued time and patience!”

We have already worked with United Sample to settle two payment issues from our site visitors and they were prompt and sincere in their response. For those that do not know you can contact their support team at: [email protected]

It appears that they are going through a little rough patch right now on support, as their panel has grown so rapidly in the last year, but I trust that they value their members, and will work to resolve any unsettled issues.

In addition, one of the SurveyHead customer service representatives, Jessica, has volunteered to help with problems that have not been resolved by support. Please try the [email protected] email first, and if that does not resolve your issue, contact Jessica directly at [email protected]

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