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As a new feature of this blog, we'd like to take some time to answer all of your questions about anything related to paid surveys and surveytaking. If you have a burning question that you'd like an answer to, please post it here, or send an email to hannah@getpaidsurveys.com! Who knows, we might even write a whole article answering it!

Two questions to start you off:

(1) What would you call this new feature? Q&A? Answers from the Experts? I'm sure some of you creative people out there would be able to name this for us easily!

(2) What questions do you have about surveys, survey-taking, or an individual survey company?

I'm looking forward to reading your questions!

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  • Remilekun King April 05, 2013 Reply
    I am Nigerian residing in Nigeria, can't i participate in survey because most of the surveys' questionnaires asking me to fill my state?
    • Hannah April 17, 2013 Reply
      Some survey panels are only available to residents of the United States. When registering, if you are unable to select your country, that survey company will not work for you.
  • carol January 16, 2013 Reply
    Please explain how people get paid. Apparently their "earnings" are sitting in an "account" with somebody. So, do we get mailed a check? deposit to a bank account?
    How secure is this?
    • Hannah January 17, 2013 Reply
      Certainly. Each survey company works slightly differently, so this is just a general overview, not a complete list.

      Some survey companies will pay immediately with no further input needed by the survey taker. This is NOT very common, but is one of the reasons that those survey companies are more highly rated than others.

      Most survey companies require that you reach a certain threshold before they pay you. Some (again very few) will automatically pay when you reach that threshold, but MOST will require you to request your payment. Usually these have more than one type of payment available, such as PayPal or Amazon.com gift cards, so you must choose what form you want your payment in.

      Generally, electronic money transfers are done through PayPal, which is generally considered to be secure.

      Always read the terms and conditions of each survey site for details on how they operate.
  • Kate Abba March 23, 2012 Reply
    I would be interested in participating in surveys. However when I tried a couple of years ago, I'd get all the way to the end of the survey to be told I was in the wrong category for my opinion to be of worth.
    Presumably too old!
    How do you find out which surveys are interested in the opinions of middle aged females and perhaps more importantly which surveys are completely UNINTERESTED in the opinions of middle aged females?
    • Hannah March 26, 2012 Reply
      There isn't any easy way (that I know of) to find out which companies want which demographics. (I'd love to find out if there is!) But most (if not all) of the survey companies we recommend will disqualify you fairly quickly if you do not meet their criteria. They should NOT wait until the end of the survey to say that you do not qualify.

      I'd recommend signing up for our free course and our email list, as one of the days in the course focuses on reasons why you might be disqualified from a survey, and might give you some help there.
    • Lee New March 26, 2012 Reply
      Not only is it impossible to know which demographics various survey panels target, but the desired demographics change for every survey. They do not want you to know the desired demographic for a very good reason - to prevent people from changing their answers to fit into the desired demographic, thus invalidating the data.
  • LapisLee March 21, 2012 Reply
    Mark, try googling "survey police". That's a great website that registers complaints against survey panels that are less than legitimate or that have problems.
  • Mark Ritter March 20, 2012 Reply
    I find alot of sites that all they want to do is sell me something or send me to a web site for me to buy.Do you have a list of sights that do that?
    • Hannah March 21, 2012 Reply
      We only list legitimate sites that do NOT ask you to buy something and do NOT sell you anything. Unfortunately, if we tried to keep a list of the scam sites such as you mention, we'd spend all our time doing that instead of helping people find the good ones.
  • sultanmahmud March 20, 2012 Reply
    I would like to receive 7 surveys in a week. I can spend 20 hours in surveys. I would like 5 web links for surveys, please.
    • Hannah March 21, 2012 Reply
      We cannot guarantee you will receive any certain number of surveys, as we just recommend survey companies, and do not actually provide the surveys.

      However, if you would like to begin taking surveys, I recommend you sign up for our free seven day course or sign up for our email list. The course lists some of the best survey companies to sign up with, along with a lot of tips and tricks on making the most of your time and maximizing your income. I highly recommend it to anyone starting out. In addition, we have some good articles about survey-taking in our blog (http://www.getpaidsurveys.com/blog/)

      I'd also recommend that you read our FAQ if you haven't already, and then pick out some survey companies from the surveys available for your country (http://www.getpaidsurveys.com/paid-surveys/) and sign up there. You'll find all the information you need to get started there!
  • LapisLee March 05, 2012 Reply
    1. I would call it "Survey Panel Questions Answered".
    2. My question is "Do you still have that Survey Points Calculator and has it been updated?

    1. $200 tops per month unless you are a CEO of a larger company (50+), in IT or the medical profession.
    2. I get severe eye-strain after about five or six hours, but I used to do it for eight to ten hours per day staying up until 2am in the morning. That leads to severe survey burn-out after a few months.
    3. I would join the best ten mentioned on this forum like GlobalTestMarket, OpinionOutpost, MySurvey, SurveySpot, Toluna, Surveyhead, IPSOS-ISAY, Valued Opinions, OnlyCashSurveys, SurveySavvy and Socratic Forum. Alternatives that I would recommend investigating later after you have established your survey-taking routine would be GlobalOpinionPanel (Synovate), Mindfield, ViewPoint and American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP).
  • Alisa March 04, 2012 Reply
    I'm about ready to cash out with Valued Opinions and noticed one of the options is for "Visa® Promocode: $30 Online e-code" . Do you have any experience using this type of payment online? Do many sites accept this form of payment? They have an Amazon option but I'd like to have the freedom to shop other sites. Thanks for any advice on this!
    • Hannah March 08, 2012 Reply

      I've never used one of these codes. I'd suggest contacting Valued Opinions and asking what it is. If it is what I think it is (a 16 digit card code plus a expiration date and security code), it would just be all the numbers you'd expect on a physical prepaid VISA card and you could use it everywhere that takes VISA. However, I am not 100% sure that this is what they are describing, so I would check with them to be sure before cashing out.

      Please let us know what you find out!
    • Saminu March 13, 2012 Reply
      There are several survey sites that are legit, your not going to get rich doing them though. Do not give anyone your SSN, there are lots of sites out there that are legit and they do not need this info from you. Nor do you have to pay to join. I am a member of several. I have done survey savvy which has a great referral program (if you know people who will join you get money for surveys they complete also). I have also tried American Consumer Opinion. They pay by check in mail for all surveys, but I have not been able to complete many of their surveys. Pinecone is also great. You have to have an invitation to join though. They send one or two surveys a month. They are great though cause you will have a few days or a week to answer the survey if you don't check your email religiously. Then they send a check in the mail pronto. Surveyspot has tons of really short surveys most of which you only get an entry into a drawing. However they do have many paid surveys also. You can just go to their site everyday and answer surveys, you don't have to wait for them to be emailed to you. They do some previewing of tv commercials and tv shows. I have done a couple tv shows which involved watching an hour long program (45 minutes without commercials) and answering some questions about it with payment of $ 20 so that was nice. Most pay a few dollars per survey completed so it is best to use several. You also need to be a regular email checker because if you don't respond to the survey fast enough they have met their quota. Good Luck!
  • Walter Brady February 29, 2012 Reply
    How much can you make taking surveys a month? Also how much time should I spend taking surveys? Also how many surveys panels should I join?
    • Hannah February 29, 2012 Reply
      Some of those questions are already answered in our FAQ, but we'll see about making a more detailed post with more answers soon. Thanks for your input!
    • Hannah March 20, 2012 Reply
      We liked your question so much, Lee wrote a blog post about it! You can read the full article here: http://www.getpaidsurveys.com/survey-questions-answered-how-much-can-you-make-taking-surveys/ Let us know if you have any more questions!