Laura’s Top Ten Survey Panels – September 2010

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Since the end of last year, when I first began to take online surveys, I have been paid a total of  $709, with an additional $67 that has been requested and is on it’s way.  Here are my top earners, currently.  (Indirect payments indicate earnings from special invokes or community invites from that panel.)

    1. SurveySpot
      • TOTAL EARNED:  $201.50
      • Direct Paid: $38.00
      • Direct Pending: $8.50
      • Indirect Paid: $155.00
      • Joined: 11/26/09
      • Last position: 1 (change = 0)

While I make a fair amount of money directly from Survey Spot, I find that some of the best income comes from the invokes and interactive communities…it can definitely be worth it to take some of those ‘no points offered’ surveys.  Survey Spot has just recently made some changes to their payment policies – you now need to have a verified PayPal account to cash out. So if you’ve been having trouble lately, head over to your member area and read the new guidelines for payment.

    1. Toluna
      • TOTAL EARNED: $82.75
      • Direct Paid: $45.00
      • Direct Pending: $22.75
      • Indirect Paid: $15.00
      • Joined: 11/26/09
      • Last position: 2 (change = 0)

Toluna is still a steady earner for me.  I find that even though I’ve been busier than usual in ‘real life’, I still have time to rack up about 5,000 points during the week just by doing the sponsored polls.  I find there are still lots of well-paying surveys listed on the site directly, so be sure to log in when you have time, instead of just waiting for the occasional email.

    1. Lightspeed
      • TOTAL EARNED: $58.04
      • Direct Paid: $45.00
      • Direct Pending: $3.04
      • Indirect Pending: $10.00
      • Joined 11/24/09
      • Last position: 4 (change = +1)

I feel that lately Lightspeed has been offering more surveys – I’m getting more invites in my email, plus finding extra surveys waiting for me when I log in.  Lightspeed also occasionally offers some week-long interactive studies – that’s where most of my money came from within the last month, in fact!

    1. Surveyhead
      • TOTAL EARNED: $54.80
      • Direct Paid: $28.60
      • Direct Pending: $26.20
      • Joined: 1/10/10
      • Last position: 3 (change = -1)

I’ve had a bit of a slow down with Surveyhead, but I believe that’s due to my preference lately to do most of my surveys later in the day.  I’ve found with a lot of companies – and with Surveyhead especially – that I tend to have better luck qualifying for studies earlier in the day.  There have been several times when I’ve had the time to log in during the morning and been able to complete a handful of surveys back-to-back with Surveyhead, so I’d recommend logging in early and often with this company!

    1. Ipsos
      • TOTAL EARNED:  $48.95
      • Direct Paid: $20.00
      • Direct Pending:$16.95
      • Indirect Paid: $2.00
      • Indirect Pending: $10.00
      • Joined 11/24/09
      • Last position: 5 (change = 0)

Ipsos continues to be a steady earner for me.  I get fairly frequent invites, and qualify for a good portion of them.  Also, Ipsos is one of those panels that usually offer a few points for not qualifying for a study, so your time is never wasted.  I’m also a member of the Ipsos Home Testing Institute that does some extra studies both online and through your snail mail – these are much less frequent, but can individually be very lucrative.

    1. MyView
      • TOTAL EARNED: $34.14
      • Direct Paid: $30.00
      • Direct Pending: $4.14
      • Joined: 1/18/10
      • Last position: 8 (change = +2)

MyView has quickly become one of my favorite panels in the last few months, especially since they’ve added the new $15 Amazon Gift Codes to the list of prizes.  I’ve cashed out for two in the last few months, and find that this panel offers a rather large amount of surveys throughout the day directly on their website.  Also, MyView is another panel that offers a small amount of points for surveys attempted but not completed, so you’re always compensated for your time.

    1. GlobalTestMarket
      • TOTAL EARNED: $28.50
      • Direct Pending: $28.50
      • Joined: 11/25/09

Global Test Market had kind of fizzled for me for awhile, but then suddenly picked up some steam and then some in the last month or so.  I still only qualify for less than half of the surveys (and am rather frustrated by so many sweepstakes-only surveys they keep sending out), but for the paying surveys I do complete, the reward is well worth the time (though I wish they’d lower the $50 cash-out limit!)

    1. Opinion Outpost
      • TOTAL EARNED: $26.90
      • Direct Paid: $23.40
      • Direct Pending: $3.50
      • Joined: 11/25/09
      • Last position: 6 (change = -2)

I find that Opinion Outpost has been kind of hit-or-miss for me lately.  I can go for weeks without qualifying for a survey, and then suddenly complete half a dozen all at once.  The major perks for Opinion Outpost are the relatively high rewards offered per survey, the low cash-out threshold, and the fact that most points are credited immediately to your account.

    1. Springboard America
      • TOTAL EARNED: $19.50
      • Direct Pending: $19.50
      • Joined: 12/5/09
      • Last position: 11 (change = +2)

Springboard America just barely missed the list last time, but since then has jumped up quite a bit in the last few months.  Springboard America fluctuates in the amount of surveys sent out each month – sometimes it’s just one, sometimes it’s half a dozen or more.  Most of the surveys are for cash rewards, and I have about a 50/50 rate of qualifying and completing the surveys.  I find that a lot of the surveys are on social and political topics, which I find a bit more interesting that just doing consumer product reviews.  Like Global Test Market, though, I wish they’d lower their $50 cash-out threshold!

    1. Synovate
      • TOTAL EARNED: $18.60
      • Direct Paid: $15.00
      • Direct Pending: $3.16
      • Joined: 11/25/09
      • Last position: 9 (change = -1)

Synovate is a smaller, but still steady panel.  In addition to the money awarded, I’ve also been sent a few product tests in the recent months.  While it’s not a large earner on it’s own, the few surveys they do send pay well, and I find I have a high rate of completions with this company. Do you have a list of favorite survey panels? Please leave a comment below and let us know some of the survey panels that work best for you.

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