Laura’s Top 10 Surveys – One Year Anniversary!

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It's been a little over a year since I first started doing online surveys in my free time.  Over the last twelve months, I have been paid $858.00, with $25.50 requested.  Now, if you compare this list with my list from September, you'll notice that it's not as huge of a jump as my previous 3 months – the truth is, my boss resigned at my ‘real life job' (which is supposed to be a part time freelance position), so I got thrown 60+ hours a week from October until just before Thanksgiving!  So these numbers really only reflect about a month's worth of survey attempts. However, since this is my one year anniversary post, I also sat down and calculated all of my pending amounts from the smaller panels that I haven't reached the payout level yet.  In addition to the $981.03 already calculated in payments, payments on their way, and the pending amounts below, I've also earned $148.18 from those other, smaller panels.  Which brings my grand total yearly earnings to $1129.21, or approximately $94.10 a month.  Not bad for something that I just spend a few hours of free time on each week! Without further ado, here's my latest top ten list:

    1. SurveySpot
      • TOTAL EARNED: $221.50
      • Direct Paid: $38.00
      • Direct Pending: $8.50
      • Indirect Paid: $175.00
      • Joined: 11/26/09
      • Last position: 1 (change = 0)

I didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time with Survey Spot this quarter, but I still managed to rack up a fair amount of change with one of the Communispace communities I qualified for through this panel!

    1. Toluna
      • TOTAL EARNED: $95.60
      • Direct Paid: $65.00
      • Direct Pending: $15.60
      • Indirect Paid: $15.00
      • Joined: 11/26/09
      • Last position: 2 (change = 0)

As busy as I was over the last few months, those little sponsored polls on Toluna's website were more than enough to keep my point balance on the rise.  On average, I can make anywhere from 500-1000 points a day – meaning I can reach the cash out point within 2-3 months without doing a single ‘real' survey!  This is the perfect way to spend those few minutes of downtime at work without committing to a full-length study.

    1. Ipsos
      • TOTAL EARNED: $58.45
      • Direct Paid: $40.00
      • Direct Pending:$4.45
      • Indirect Paid: $14.00
      • Joined 11/24/09
      • Last position: 5 (change = +2)

Ipsos seems to have kicked up the online surveys, leading to a lot more profit this quarter.  I've also noticed a bit of an increase in mailed surveys from their sister panel, Ipsos Home Testing Institute.

    1. Surveyhead
      • TOTAL EARNED: $55.65
      • Direct Paid: $53.60
      • Direct Pending: $2.05
      • Joined: 1/10/10
      • Last position: 4 (change = 0)

Surveyhead remains constant, though I didn't get much time with this panel this month.  I did receive my latest cash-out request; still taking 8 weeks on the nose to receive payment.

    1. Lightspeed
      • TOTAL EARNED: $48.70
      • Direct Paid: $45.00
      • Direct Pending: $3.70
      • Joined 11/24/09
      • Last position: 3 (change = -2)

Lightspeed dropped two points in position this quarter after I failed to receive $10.00 worth of points for a 10 day diary program I participated in.  I've yet to get a response from customer service from either Lightspeed or Perks after multiple emails.  I'm very disappointed to have spent so much time on a huge project and not be compensated.

    1. MyView
      • TOTAL EARNED: $37.23
      • Direct Paid: $30.00
      • Direct Pending: $7.23
      • Joined: 1/18/10
      • Last position: 6 (change = 0)

MyView has also been a constant earned, but I logged in the other day to notice that their $15 Amazon gift code option has been removed.  I'm very disappointed in this change, since now we're back to waiting to hit the $25 Visa gift card cash option as the only real decent reward offered.

    1. Opinion Outpost
      • TOTAL EARNED: $33.90
      • Direct Paid: $23.40
      • Direct Pending: $10.50
      • Joined: 11/25/09
      • Last position: 8 (change = +1)

Opinion Outpost did very well for me this quarter – I earned over $7 within an hour after logging into the panel after my break!  I've noticed that Opinion Outpost is also labeling their OTX surveys as such now, so that if you wish to avoid them, you can.

    1. GlobalTestMarket
      • TOTAL EARNED: $28.50
      • Direct Pending: $28.50
      • Joined: 11/25/09
      • Last position: 7 (change = -1)

Lots of invites as usual from GTM this quarter, but I didn't have time to take advantage of most of them.

    1. Springboard America
      • TOTAL EARNED: $27.50
      • Direct Pending: $27.50
      • Joined: 12/5/09
      • Last position: 9 (change = 0)

Springboard America doesn't send out many invites, but I still find that I complete a fairly high ratio of them when available.  Still inching towards that $50 payout!

    1. Synovate
      • TOTAL EARNED: $19.96
      • Direct Paid: $15.00
      • Direct Pending: $4.96
      • Joined: 11/25/09
      • Last position: 10 (change = 0)

Synovate continues to be small but steady.  I qualify for most surveys sent, and find the time spent is always worth the incentive offered. Do you have a list of favorite survey panels? Please leave a comment below and let us know some of the survey panels that work best for you.

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