LapisLee's Top Ten Survey Panels (April 2010)

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in April 2010, so some of the information may no longer be current.

My Current Top Ten Paid Surveys List (April 2010)

    1. SurveySpot
      • Last Payment: $39.50 on March 31, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $536.00
      • Joined: 2008-01-30
Now that SurveySpot has finished revising its new website and points policy, payments arrive almost instantaneously in your PayPal account. You will receive products for testing and also lucrative Invoke Interactive surveys with this site.
    1. GlobalTestMarket
      • Last Payment: $52.50 on March 29, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $460.15
      • Joined: 2008-03-01
Although $50 is the highest cash-out threshold of any legitimate survey site, GTM is still one of the fastest places to earn that $50. They also offer lots of product tests.
    1. Opinion Outpost
      • Last Payment: $10.00 on February 26, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $391.80
      • Joined: 2008-02-04
No one ever complains about not receiving enough surveys or of not qualifying for enough surveys from Opinion Outpost. If they added PayPal this site would be perfect in every way.
    1. Surveyhead
      • Last Payment: $25.50 on February 7, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $261.80
      • Joined: 2009-02-05
As you can see, I have earned more from this site over the past year than I have earned from many sites over the past two years and I don’t even have time to do all of the $1 surveys that are offered.
    1. Toluna
      • Last Payment: $20.00 on March 19, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $247.02
      • Joined: 2008-02-11
The secret here is to log in every day and click on everything that offers between 15 and 120 points. These add up much quicker than doing the 900 point ($0.30) surveys that take 20-30 minutes and often lead to higher paying surveys.
    1. Valued Opinions
      • Last Payment: $20.00 Amazon gift card on March 22, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $241.30
      • Joined: 2008-02-11
If you are patient, then redeem your points for a pre-paid VISA debit card, which arrives by mail and can be used anywhere that a VISA debit card can be used; otherwise, Valued Opinions is the absolute best place to earn Amazon gift cards.
    1. MyView
      • Last Payment: $50.00 Virtual Prepaid Visa® Card on February 17, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $136
      • Joined: 2009-03-01
Some are not happy with the newly redesigned MyView website and points system, but I like it; although it does take quite awhile to earn enough points for the $50 pre-paid VISA card that can only be used online.
      • Last Payment: $10.00 on February 13, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $130
      • Joined: 2008-02-02
Don’t let the total amount earned fool you. If I were to count all of the free products I have tested and been paid for using from this total would be at least twice as high.
    1. Pinecone Research
      • Last Payment: $3.00 on March 8, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $129
      • Joined: 2008-04-03
Pinecone pays $3 for each and every survey and the surveys come slowly, but just like clockwork every month. They also offer product testing which would make the total even higher if I were to count these products at their retail value.
    1. HCD Research
      • Last Payment: $10.50 on March 4, 2010
      • Total Accumulated Earnings: $124.05
      • Joined: 2008-02-27
I don’t earn as much with HCD as I do with other survey panels, but their surveys are brief and by far the most interesting. I always look forward to rating the Super Bowl commercials and also to the one question surveys on American Idol for $0.50 each week while the show is airing.

Do you have a list of favorite survey panels? Please leave a comment below and let us know some of the survey panels that work best for you.

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Comments (6)

  • Ira May 09, 2010 Reply
    Looked over the site, looks nice, a few things..

    The point cashout for mysurvey are incorrect. It is now required to cash out for 1100 points. Since Lightspeed has begun their process of taking over mysurvey, they have converted their points system to as well. So you can now receive paypal from mysurvey but the cash out is higher all around. Lame.

    ACOP now offeres paypal as a cash out method. Having used it successfully, its a quicker method to money earned.

    Its odd you didnt mention the benefit of using alternate companies that have sites that immitate surveyhead (since everyone here seems to hold this company in higher regaurds). They are run as duplicates...much like how the ptc companies inboxdollars or sendearnings are...However a difference is the payment amounts that can vary for their surveys.
    An example: Notice and surveyhead have the exact same layout. Ill bet they are run be the same people too. (I have heard there are other duplicate sites to these too but havent looked as not needed). Anyhow, has a lower payout at 20 and I have opted to take some surveys from their site given that they have offered more than surveyhead for the duplicate survey. Since they copy surveyhead in layout, CS, payment, format, stands to reason to check both sites before taking any survey to see who has the higher survey amount available. Most of their surveys are the same mind you, but its worth it to check both sites to compare.
    • Joe the Admin May 09, 2010 Reply

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I was aware that LightSpeed was taking over, however I had not redeemed points recently to notice the difference. Thanks for the update, I have updated the site.

      Yes, I actually cashed out via PayPal from ACOP, but since they do not officially list that in their member FAQs as a cashout option I have been hesitant to list it on the site. I may update that as well.

      As for companies that imitate Surveyhead, or basically that outsource their database, there are several. However, I worry about the stability of these companies and the duplication of the surveys. I guess United Sample outsources their pool of surveys, as a means to get a larger pool of members taking their customers' surveys, but I think it can get confusing if you join more than one of these panels. I think its best to concentrate your efforts on one to reach the payout. Since I know that Surveyhead is the actual company, and I know they are stable, and I choose to only list their panel. Plus, I have a consulted with their support staff, and know that they do have people their to support their members.

      Ira, thanks for the great feedback!
  • LapisLee April 20, 2010 Reply
    I'm not familar with Palm Research, but SurveySavvy has earned me $119 since March 2008 and comes in 14th on my Top 25 list. I'm fairly certain that I have received product tests from GTM, but Global Oopinion Panel,, Lightspeed, Mindfield Online and Pinecone Research provide me with most of my free product tests.
  • Brian April 19, 2010 Reply
    I have been with Global Test Market for almost year now and have cashed in $50 or more 3 times now, but have NEVER received a product to test nor interviewed for one and i am married, with 1 teen and 1 preteen.
    I do pretty well with survey income. Pays my phone and internet bill every month. I won't take surveys for less than $4 an hour on average. Global Test Market,Surveyhead,Opinion Outpost, and Pinecone Research have spoiled me that way.
  • John April 14, 2010 Reply
    I noticed you did not have surveysavvy on here. I have been using them for over 2 years and love them. They have paid me more times then I can rember. Also another decent one would be Palm Research they send 2 1$ surveys a day to you of course you do not qualify for each one but it is another option. The others you have listed here are great sites and I have been using them aswell.
  • Edgar April 13, 2010 Reply
    I am a bit disappointed since not all surveys are available in my country.