Toluna: Scam or Legitimate Survey Site?

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Toluna is a popular online polling and survey site. Businesses contract with the company in order to survey certain types of users. Individuals also have option of posing their own questions in order to survey member opinions. Members of this website earn reward points that can be used to redeem various prizes, and they are also entered into a monthly drawing in which cash is awarded.

Joining Toluna

To join Toluma, you can register through their website. You will be asked to input basic information including demographics that will be used to send survey opportunities, and you must verify your email address first. There is no fee for participating in Toluna or any of its surveys or programs. You do not have to submit payment information.

Participating in Surveys

Once you have registered with Toluna and your email has been verified, you will receive invitations to complete surveys if a survey matches with your specific profile. You can also view the Toluna Survey Center in order to view all surveys that are available. The more updated your profile is, the greater the chance you will have to receive an invitation.

Earning Points

For each survey that you complete, you will earn 15-20,000 points, and the exact amount will depend upon the length of the survey. Points are valid one year from the date that they are originally earned, and they can be spent by visiting the Rewards Center on your Toluna home page. There are various rewards available, including gift cards (Express, Toys R Us, iTunes, Game Stop, etc.), a digital camera, an Amazon Kindle, and many others. Eligible members are also entered into a monthly cash drawing in which $4,500 is awarded to the winning user.

Inviting Friends

Toluna relies on users to maintain the site’s membership base, so it offers an incentive system for inviting friends. The website provides a form that allows users to use their various email addresses to invite friends directly. Each time a friend is invited and that person completes the Toulna registration process, the original user is compensated with 500 reward points.

What Others Are Saying

Some Toluna users are happy with the service and survey options that they are offered, while others are not as satisfied and claim it is a scam. One of the main reasons behind the Toluna scam concept is that people find the demographic policies to be extremely inconvenient. They key here is that Toluna only allows users to complete surveys for which they qualify, and members are often upset that the site allows them to complete a survey before telling them that they are not actually qualified for it. This results in members who spend their time completing a survey without receiving any reward. Other Toluna users claim there is a long delay in receiving rewards once points are redeemed. Still others have reported that they used their points and never actually receive a reward. The bottom line is to use caution while taking surveys through Toluna. While some users have reported no problems with the site, others have described negative experiences. Toluna also makes no payment guarantees, so consider this along with other factors before utilizing this survey site to make some extra money.

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