Who Takes Online Surveys?

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Making money online isn’t a new idea. It is one of the more interesting developments that has surfaced from the rise of the internet age. It is a great equalizer when it comes to people finding employment or “gigs.” Many types of work can be done online and many types of side jobs or ways of making cash in your spare time have arisen. One way in which people are making money is through online survey websites. There are many. But who joins these sites?

Many have full-time employment and are looking for something simple and easy to do to supplement their income. They have free time in the evenings, and are hard up to pay off bills or make enough to go out on the weekends, so they frequent the sites and are fine with making a few dollars here and there doing something that is relatively easy. They have limited time to devote to surveys, so they want to maximize what time they have. These are the people who Google around to learn, “Is Opinion Outpost Legit?” or “Is this Toluna survey site worth my time?” They want to commit to one or two sites, good sites, and spend maybe an hour or so most nights making a little bit of supplemental income. These people may test out a new survey site, but they are cautious and may not commit fully until they have some healthy transactions with the site and/or have fully researched and feel comfortable with how the survey site operates.

Another type of person would be the hard-core survey taker. These people probably belong to many sites and manage to spend hours every day racking up surveys on the different ones, trying to piece together a reasonable income. They may have other part time employment or they may be a stay-at-home parent. These types of online survey takers cannot get too choosy with which site they belong to. They need to belong to many or most of the major sites. They will begin to know the ins and outs of each one and, over time, they may slough off ones that are either scams or are too troublesome to maintain. But they need to pick up on a new survey site if they do that, making sure they have many sites in the works. That is the only way to make consistent income without having to wait for new surveys to come along.

A third type would be the novices. They are survey takers who don’t know what to expect and may or may not stick with online surveys for very long. They may actually believe that online survey taking is lucrative. They may discover, after a while, what is realistically earned from taking online surveys. Or they may just become one of the other two types. After learning how to do their research, and eventually picking up a rhythm on how to spend their time effectively, they may find survey taking to be a reasonable extra income or, in fact, they make become one of the hard-core survey takers. A lot depends on the expectations and the lifestyle of the person taking on such survey sites. A lot depends on the availability and temperament of the survey taker. If they have in mind what kind of survey taker they want to be from the get go, they do some research, and they have a little patience, they may find themselves a happy survey taker in the long run.

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