SurveySpot: Scam? Or Should You Become a Panelist?

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A variety of survey sites are available online, some of which are legitimate opportunities and some of which are scams. With some sites, determining whether or not they are a scam is not as black and white, as both positive and negative reviews have been noted. By finding out more information about SurveySpot, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this site is worth your time.

About the Company

Survey Sampling International, or SSI, launched SurveySpot in 2000 to serve as its first online research panel. SSI is a legitimate and reputable company that was founded back in 1977, and Chris Fanning serves as the current CEO (as of 2013). SSI is affiliated with market research associations across the world, including the U.S.-based CASRO.

When looking up SurveySpot with the Better Business Bureau, it can be found listed within the parent company of SSI. Although SSI does not hold BBB accreditation, it does receive an A+ rating from the organization. Around 200 complaints had been received, but all have been successfully resolved.

Becoming a Member

Joining the SurveySpot family is simple, and registration only consists of a quick online form. Once you’ve become a member, you can enter into your secured dashboard area to see surveys that are available, your reward points, and your earnings. Surveys will also be emailed to you, and these requests will explain the topics of each survey and the rewards associated with them.

For the most part, surveys on this site will generate about 50 points once you complete them. You will need at leas 1,000 points to cash out, and there are a few surveys that offer that many points, although they are rare. Points can be used in the reward center or to enter into sweepstakes, where weekly winners pocket $250 and quarterly winners can earn up to $25,000.

What Members Like About SurveySpot

Many SurveySpot members have a wealth of positive things to say about the site, as it is a known market research service provider and works with a variety of companies and businesses. As a result, there are a lot of surveys to choose from, and the large database allows members to avoid surveys for which they will not qualify. This helps to save time, and members are able to spend a greater effort in answering surveys for which they will actually receive reimbursement.

Other members state they are happy with the reward and payout systems utilized by SurveySpot. In terms of rewards, the options are extremely diverse, as the site offers a virtual store where reward points can be redeemed for products at a variety of major stores like Amazon and Foot Locker. Cash payout transactions are also handled quickly and smoothly.

A SurveySpot Scam? Why Some People Think So

While many SurveySpot panelists are happy with the service and the rewards that they earn on this site, others have been vocal in calling it a scam. Some use problems with reward points as examples, as a few members have complained about an inaccurate number of points being accumulated. Others have stated that their accounts were suspended without a valid reason.

Other problems have also been identified with SurveySpot, although they are hardly worthy of labeling the website a scam. Membership restrictions do apply regarding age and geographical location. Panelists must be at least 18 years old and need to live in the U.S., UK, or Canada. This is particularly upsetting to Survey Savvy members, as that site allows international members to join.

Whether SurveySpot is a scam is often in the eye of the member, as some members feel it is a completely reputable program. Use your own discretion when using this and any other survey site online.

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