Is SurveySpot Legit for a Stay at Home Mom?

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The internet allows stay at home mothers something that has rarely been available before. This is an opportunity to make money easily (but not always quickly) through the internet. There are many directions you could look towards for extra cash on the web. Survey taking is a popular one. That’s great, but is it legit? That depends on your definition. Although there are some twists and turns in trying to make decent and legitimate money by taking online surveys, many stay at home moms use sites such as SurveySpot. Is Survey Spot legit? Many think so.

If you are going to try the site, here are some initial tips to get you started in learning whether it is a legitimate and valuable use of your time.

• Get a dedicated survey email address. This is a good way to separate out your survey taking from the rest of your life. Choose a free email service such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, or one of many others. Most should do a reasonable job of filtering spam, which can be a problem when giving out your email address. If things with Survey Spot go well, you may sign up for additional survey sites. In that case, having a separate email address can help keep things organized within one specific dedicated email. You may even take advantage of various organizing structures each may have, such as dragging and dropping emails into folders so that you can track surveys, when they are taken, and when you should be compensated for different ones.

• Get PayPal. Survey websites need somewhere to send the money that has been earned. The most efficient way to handle this, and the best way to track it, is to have it sent to your own PayPal account. Other options may include Amazon gift cards or depositing into your checking account, but PayPal provides an extra layer of security that you will probably want.

• Do your research. Before getting too far, do some research on web forums and read reviews of Survey Spot and other sites. Be realistic in your expectations. Payment is often delayed several weeks and money earned from surveys isn’t significant unless you are taking a lot of them. Those are just a few of the drawbacks that are often posted on forums. That said, many people report they have done surveys for years and eventually find an adequate use of their time doing them. It isn’t feasible as a huge income. But if a stay at home mom is organized and realistic, it can create an extra stream of cash over time.

• Read the details. Some survey sites use various types of points, rewards, and other incentives that accumulate into actual cash. Read through what these things mean for the particular website and make sure you know just how much you are earning with each point. Also take note if the points get better the longer you frequent the site. You may be frustrated with the amount that is earned earl on, but you may have to keep in mind just getting through a certain time period, getting better at quickly taking surveys, and holding out for a time when you make more money with each survey.

• Take surveys and assess. This is the thing that will ultimately decide if survey taking is for you. Try Survey Spot, or another survey site, for a couple months and see if the time is worth the rewards. You can always unregister and give it up if it isn’t what you hoped it would be.

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