Is SurveySavvy Really Savvy or is it a SurveySavvy Scam?

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What does it truly mean to be savvy when it comes to making money online? This gets to the heart of assessing a new site like SurveySavvy and whether it is, in fact, savvy to try to make money through their website. Is it a SurveySavvy scam? Or, does the title of the site truly deliver on its promise?

A lot is written about survey sites: how you can make easy money with them and, of course, how some can certainly be a scam. The very fact that they persist means that some people must be at least mildly happy with their experience. There are millions of forums talking about the many different survey sites, so if one were truly a scam through and through, logic dictates that it probably wouldn’t last very long.

So where does SurveySavvy fall? There are several criteria that one can immediately look towards to be able to quickly move it into the “scam” pile.

First, do they charge a fee? There are plenty of survey websites that promise you will make tons of money but require a “small” monthly or one-time fee for membership to their site. Don’t do it. There are sites that don’t require fees and operate just as good, if not better. Besides, you just don’t know what your experience will be. So, don’t take the risk of paying a fee up front. Luckily, SurveySavvy is not one of these sites, so its legitimacy rating begins on a high note.

Second, do some Google searches. Look around and see what is being said about the website and whether people are having problems using it, having problems being paid, spending a lot of time and not being paid very well for that time, etc. There are a large number of grievances that people report for survey sites. There are enough of them out there, so that some of them have a bad reputation for certain things, while others are more consistent and are talked about relatively positively on web forums, blogs, and the like. If you find a large portion of people saying the site is a scam or there are major flaws in how they do their surveys, you can either label the site a scam, or at least push it to the side. Again, there are enough survey websites out there. That said, many times you will hear a grab bag of people with mixed reviews. That is common. Some experiences with survey sites can be okay if you temper your expectations and don’t expect to become a millionaire from them. As for SurveySavvy, the reviews aren’t too bad. There don’t seem to be many “horror” stories concerning the site and how it doesn’t pay, signing up for the site being a real hassle, or various other issues that people often complain about survey sites.

Lastly, there are a number of things that come up with survey sites that, while not labeling them a “scam,” may very well prevent one from using the site in the long term. This seems to be the flaw with SurveySavvy and many such sites. They shouldn’t be labeled a scam because the money is real and they aren’t doing anything maliciously. But they also may or may not be something that people find worth their time. Different people seem to have different experiences with SurveySavvy, specifically, but common gripes from other sites include:

Not being qualified for many surveys so that one spends way too long just finding surveys for which they are eligible. ? Payouts for taking surveys take a long time, even though the payout does come eventually. ? User interface with websites can be cumbersome for some survey takers.

With these issues, reading over reviews and comments in web forums can help. But with other issues, dabbling your feet in the water and trying them out is the only sure fire way to learn for yourself if the site is worth it. These last considerations will determine whether you, a survey taker, are being truly savvy when using their website.

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