Stephanie's Top Five Survey Panels (June 2012)

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June was yet another slow month for me with my regular survey panels. Summer tends to be slower than other seasons for me, though. I normally get less surveys in the summer and have less time to devote to survey-taking because of vacations and family activities, so that explains the slowness.

Global Test Market and Valued Opinions are still my top survey panels. I always get a lot of surveys from them each week and cash out with them more often than other panels. E-Poll has also been sending me a lot of surveys lately and I cashed out with them again recently. Unfortunately, I haven’t been getting invited to any online focus groups lately, despite trying really hard to find them. The extra cash from those would be really helpful right about now, but I just can’t seem to find any lately. I did cash out for about $250 from some other lesser-known panels I belong to this month, so it was not all a bust.

I also got invites for a TON of product tests this month (way more than usual), so hopefully I’ll be testing out a lot of products in July. The product tests I got for this month include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, oatmeal, cookies, disposable shavers, and toothpaste.

Rankings are based mainly on what I earned for the month from each survey company, as well as the number of survey invites.

Here are my current top earners for June:

  1. Global Test Market
      • Total Earned Since Joining: $550.00
      • Total Earned in June: $20.00
      • Last Payment Requested: $50.00 check on June 22, 2012
      • Joined: September 21, 2008

    I’m still doing really well with Global Test Market. I usually get a few survey invitations from them a day and qualify for most of them. I received enough points to cash out with them again in June and am already accumulating more points for another cash-out. I’m currently at about 500 points with them again, so it shouldn’t take too long. My only complaint with them lately is that they keep sending me the same movie/multimedia survey over and over again, even though I tried to complete it and disqualified. Other than that, I’m very pleased with them.

  2. Valued Opinions
      • Total Earned Since Joining: $570.00
      • Total Earned in June: $12.00
      • Last Payment Requested: $20.00 gift card on June 12, 2012
      • Joined: September 5, 2008

    I’m still a big fan of Valued Opinions. They have been performing consistently well for me these past few months. I also managed to cash out with them again in June since a lot of my pending survey money finally got credited to my account. I still have about $18 pending verification. I’ve been cashing out with them every month lately, so hopefully the surveys keep on coming. I’m still hoping they implement a PayPal rewards option in the future, though. Having that option is always nice if I don’t want any more credit.

    Valued Opinions June 2012 cash out

  3. E-Poll
      • Total Earned Since Joining: $280.00
      • Total Earned in June: $10.00
      • Last Payment Requested: $30.00 gift card on June 4, 2012
      • Joined: August 5, 2009

    E-Poll performed pretty well for me this month. They’ve been sending me a lot of surveys lately, although I have to admit that many of them are on the long and repetitive side. Some did involve watching TV shows that haven’t aired yet, which was fun. I did cash out with them again this month, but have to wait about six weeks for payment.

    cash out from E-Poll in June 2012

  4. MySurvey
      • Total Earned Since Joining: $645.00
      • Total Earned in June: $8.00
      • Last Payment Requested: $25.00 gift card on April 24, 2012
      • Joined: October 22, 2008

    MySurvey still sends me a lot of surveys each week, but it’s been harder to qualify for them, lately. I still haven’t gotten around to cashing out with them, but hopefully I will in July. I have noticed some of their surveys that involve viewing commercials give you the option of more points if you have a webcam plugged in (so they can track your reaction to the video). That’s pretty interesting and I’m always up for more points.

    cash out from MySurvey in April 2012

  5. Ipsos i-Say
      • Total Earned Since Joining: $240.00
      • Total Earned in June: $8.00
      • Last Payment Requested: $10.00 gift card on May 18, 2012
      • Joined: September 16, 2008

    I still get quite a few surveys from Ipsos i-Say each week. Many of them involve product tests and don’t pay very much, though. I wish I could win one of the items they have in the poll at the end of their surveys, but, alas, I never have. I would be interested in knowing if anyone out there has actually won anything from it.

    cash out from Ipsos i-Say in May 2012

Have you ever won anything from any survey company drawings? Do you have any other comments about this post? Leave your comments below!

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  • Fiona August 01, 2012 Reply
    I am looking for new ways to earn money even by working at home. I recently gave birth to my second baby and my husband believes that it is now time for me to focus on our children. However, I still want to practice marketing and at the same time take care of my children. Great post! Now, you gave me an idea on where to start with my plan of earning money through the internet.
  • LapisLee July 18, 2012 Reply
    Great review as always Steph! I had some major problems signing into a lot of my best-earning survey sites, but I should be back on track this month. I am starting to get a little bit tired of taking so many surveys only to find that the average amount of each survey for a panel, like MySurvey, is 79 cents or even a $1. It makes me feel like my time isn't valued enough. I have also been spending too much time online with my eBay business which is causing me eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome or maybe I'm just getting old. :-)
  • Hannah July 18, 2012 Reply
    I've won the Opinion Outpost "Instant Win" multiple times (for $1 or $2 each time), and I did recently win an Ipsos $250 Visa prepaid card as a result of a drawing for joining a new panel. (That shocked me, as I am pretty skeptical and generally feel that the drawings are not worth my time). However, I would still NEVER spend my points to BUY sweepstakes entries... I'd rather have the sure thing of cash or a gift certificate!