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Opinion Place is one of the lesser-known survey panels out there. Although they do not offer as many surveys as other survey panels, they do pay and are an easy way to make a few bucks a week. The main issue with them is that you can only take one survey with them every seven days. This makes them a good supplement to other survey panels when you have some downtime, but not a constant source of cash.

How Opinion Place Works

To take a survey with Opinion Place, simply sign up for an account at their website by clicking the “Get Started” button. It will take you to a page where you can sign up for a new account or log in with an existing account. If you have an existing account, you will also receive emails once in a while (I rarely get them, though) inviting you to take a survey. I find it easier just to log into the website and take a survey that way when I have the extra time.

Before taking a survey, the website will ask you what reward you would prefer for qualifying for and finishing a survey. The reward options include gift cards, PayPal credits, AAdvantage miles, or sweepstakes entries. I usually opt for PayPal because the cash amount for each survey is usually only a few dollars or less. After choosing your reward and making sure your demographic information and email address is correct, click “Take a survey now” to try to qualify for a survey.

You will then be asked a series of demographic questions to see if you qualify for any surveys Opinion Place is offering through other survey companies. These can include a variety of topics including what financial products you may own, what medications you use, or what personal care products you buy. Usually you will go through a few pages of questions before Opinion Place can match you with a survey. It can be a little time-consuming at times to get through all the qualifying questions. Sometimes it will not be able to find a survey that matches your qualifications, so you may have to try again the next day to see if anything new comes up.

Taking Surveys

If you do qualify for a survey, Opinion Place will send you to the survey page. The survey is usually hosted elsewhere through another survey company. Once you have answered all the questions in the survey, you will be taken back to Opinion Place’s website. It will ask you to click “Finish” to complete the survey and earn your reward. You will then get a survey confirmation receipt with the date, study number, and reward amount (and type) listed. You can print this page or take a screenshot of it for your records in case you don’t get paid. I have never had an issue receiving payment and usually get paid within a couple of weeks.

One warning, though: with Opinion Place, you cannot dawdle while taking a survey. If you spend too much time on one, you will not earn a reward. A screen will appear either during the survey or at the end telling you that too much time has passed and to try again in 15 minutes. Usually, you cannot get past this screen and cannot go back to the survey to earn your reward. Therefore, I highly recommend NOT letting the survey sit for too long.

Also, as mentioned before, you can only take a survey once every seven days. Therefore, after you complete one, you have to wait seven days before you can attempt to qualify for another one. This is the main downside to Opinion Place. Also, if you happen to not qualify for any surveys on any particular day, you have to wait one day until you can attempt to qualify again.


Surveys can pay anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 depending on survey length. Some surveys tend to be longer than stated and the questions can be on the repetitive side. It really depends on the topic. Some of the financial surveys can be really long and boring, so I try to avoid those, if possible. Some of their personal care product surveys are fun, though, and may even lead to a product test if you’re lucky.


Opinion Place is a good survey website if you don’t mind waiting every seven days to try to qualify and take another survey. You definitely won’t make a ton of cash with them. They are reliable and do pay, though, so I recommend them as an additional source to use with other survey panels. Just remember to bookmark their website and sign up for their emails so you don’t forget about them (which I admit can be easy to do with their once-a-week survey limit).

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Comments (4)

  • patrick wentzell July 29, 2013 Reply
    i have searched for something real that pays well this may be it hoping all this will work out and i will earn a lot
  • Stephanie May 30, 2012 Reply
    Glad you like Opinion Place and got your payment issue resolved with them, Hannah. Yeah, it's a nice panel for when you have some downtime from other survey panels and want to make a few extra bucks. The main things I don't care for with them is that sometimes the qualifying questions can take a long time and you can only take one survey with them a week. Other than that, they do pay and they're worth checking out.

    Lee: Thanks! I'm sorry to hear you don't like Opinion Place, though. I also have trouble qualifying sometimes. I know it isn't for everyone, but it's a good panel for those that need a few extra bucks while waiting for invitations from other survey panels.
  • LapisLee May 25, 2012 Reply
    Love your article, but I do not care for Opinion Place. Every single time I check the box in the screener that says "50+" I know I will be disqualified.
  • Hannah May 25, 2012 Reply
    I actually did have one instance where a survey was not credited, and only was credited because I had the information from the confirmation receipt. So, it is a good idea to keep it. I generally just copy the text and put it in a draft email, then keep the draft in the folder for Opinion Place emails. Then I can easily match the receipt with the payments and delete once I've been paid. If I start being paid for later surveys and have older receipts still hanging around, I know to contact their support and see what went wrong.

    They did a great job of crediting me for the one error, though. It turned out to be a survey glitch that a bunch of people weren't credited, and because I brought it up they were able to fix it for everyone. :)

    Overall, I like OpinionPlace, the pay for the time involved is usually fairly high ($2-$3 or more for a 20 minute survey.) And I like that I don't have to wait for a minimum cashout threshold before I can get my reward, they just send it to me as soon as the survey closes and is processed.