PineCone Research: A Hidden Gem for Survey Takers

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PineCone Research is one of the hidden gems of online surveys. In a world of survey sites that reward you with a handful of useless points, PineCone gives you three dollars cash each and every time you complete a survey. Not only that, but you are pre-qualified for every survey, so there is no risk that you’ll spend fifteen minutes slogging through questions just to find out you’ve been screened out. They’re an invitation-only site, and generally a level above the average survey site. However, users should be warned: There is a PineCone Research scam currently making the rounds via email, and it has nothing to do with the actual company. So be cautious about how you follow links with the PineCone name.

PineCone Research is owned by Nielsen, one of the oldest and largest market research companies out there. They boast excellent ratings and reviews and an extremely loyal following of users who really love working with them. They get so much positive press because they are so different from the usual survey site.

If you’re lucky enough to find an invitation to join PineCone as a panelist, you’ll enter your demographic information just as you would at any survey site. Then you wait for survey invitations to be emailed to you. The number of surveys is small compared to other sites, only three or four per month. However, as stated earlier, you will be pre-qualified for each one so you know ahead of time that you will definitely be able to complete it. Plus, the payout is so incredibly generous at $3 per survey, you can make as much cash per month doing just three surveys at PineCone as you could doing thirty surveys on some other sites. Money is paid immediately via PayPal and you can cash out any time, even after every survey if you like.

From time to time, panelists are given products to test out and then provide feedback. These product sample demos also pay well, plus you get to try out and, often, keep these new items before anyone else has had a chance to experience them yet!

It would be wrong to not cover the PineCone Research scam alert mentioned earlier in this article. Like many of the best survey sites out there, PineCone has been hit recently with a fraudulent scam where their name and logo have been stolen and emails spoofed to create fake emails advertising “mystery shopper” positions. The ads offer to send a large check to you and, once it is cashed, ask you to ‘test’ a Western Union wire transfer by sending money somewhere. Of course the check is fake, but you won’t know that until it has bounced and your own money is gone via the wire transfer. Don’t fall for this scam. PineCone Research itself will never ask you for money, nor do they offer mystery shopper positions.

The real company is the real deal and a great find to boot. Only a few people get invites and if you can snag an invitation, this research group is totally worth it. They pay amazingly well, far above the norm, for doing fewer surveys. PineCone Research is one of the best survey sites for which you can sign up.

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