Survey Panels That Offer Payments via Paypal

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One question that we get a lot is “which survey panels offer payments via PayPal?” Payments via PayPal often speed up the time for payment and make it easier for market research panels to send payments to panel members. So it is not surprising that it is becoming more popular with both survey panel members and the panels.

Editor's Note, June 2012: Survey panels have added PayPal with increasing frequency over the past two years, so that now it is more common to find panels that DO offer PayPal than those that do not. We are no longer updating this page, but are leaving it up for reference. Feel free to continue leaving comments in the section below.

Here is the list of PayPal Survey Panels that we know about, have tried, and can recommend. Each entry also lists which countries can join. Just Click on the Link if you are interested in joining.

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Comments (4)

  • MissEb February 22, 2010 Reply
    Hi. There's a survey site called that also pays via Paypal. I've been paid twice by them.
    • Jim the Admin February 22, 2010 Reply
      Looks like a good site for UK residents.
  • LapisLee January 29, 2010 Reply
    I would add YourFreeSurveys, DailySurveyPanel, Pinecone Research and Elite Opinion.
    • Jim the Admin February 08, 2010 Reply
      Thanks I have added DailySurveyPanel and Elite Opinion to the list. PineCone Research is a great survey panel, unfortunately they do not have open invitations, so we can provide a registration link to their site. We cannot recommend YourFreeSurveys, because it is more of a survey aggregation site, and has many listings that are not actual online surveys.