Is MySurvey a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

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With so many websites popping up these days claiming to provide you cash for simply answering a few questions, it is no surprise that you may be wondering which survey site is the best to join. MySurvey is one that many people are talking about. Consumers want to know if this is a legitimate opportunity where they can make actual money or if it is simply a scam. By better understanding this company and how it works, you can decide whether this site is a good option for you.

Background Information

MySurvey, or National Family Opinion, was first established in 2001, and it is owned by the company of Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS). TNS claims to be the largest custom market research provider in the world, and it states it has been collecting the opinions of U.S. consumers since 1946., along with its parent companies, claim to be responsible for the development of many services and products due to the opinions they have gathered.


Signing up for MySurvey is 100% free of charge. However, the panel is invite-only, so members are only able to join when they are invited by a recruitment partner. When joining, questions will be asked in order to determine which surveys may be relevant to you. These may include questions about your household composition, income, age, profession, and gender. This information is kept confidential.


Once you have been accepted into the MySurvey program and have finished your registration form, you will begin to receive surveys. The frequency in which you receive surveys will depend on your personal details, and consistently updating your profile will increase your chances of receiving a survey invitation. Participation is voluntary, so you can choose whether or not to complete a survey once you receive an invitation.

With your MySurvey membership, you can expect to receive surveys that cover a variety of topics. You may be questioned about new advertisements one day, and then the next day you might receive a questionnaire about new social developments. The length of time needed to complete a survey will vary but, on average, they may be completed in 15 to 20 minutes.


You will receive reward points by completing surveys offered by MySurvey. Once you have enough points you may redeem them for prizes. Some of the most popular prize options include cash through PayPal, Amazon gift certificates, and gift cards for major retailers.

MySurvey Connect

Some exclusive MySurvey members may be asked to join a subpanel within the site known as MySurvey Connect. By joining this panel, you have the chance to earn an additional 1300 points each year, but you will need to install an application onto your computer that collects info about your online activities. This panel is only available by invitation, and it is also free to join.

Bottom Line

The bottom line about the MySurvey scam debate is that it is a legitimate company, and many users have had success with it. However, other members have commented on problems they experienced with the site and its policies. Most recently, several members have complained that they will complete a majority of a survey for which they received an invitation only to be told they don’t qualify. This results in wasted time and considerable frustration on the part of the member. However, despite these hang-ups, many members find to be a great way to make some extra money from the comfort of their own homes.

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Comments (4)

  • Russell May 17, 2016 Reply
    mysurvey will not give credit for most completed surveys. They are a waste of time!
  • Miriam February 08, 2016 Reply
    I have been trying for 3 months to collect the hundred dollars I am due for my 14 thousand points. No one responds back or I get an automated message that tells me to select one of various prizes. Apparently they do not want to send me a check. Be aware.
  • Qanne April 14, 2015 Reply
    Thank you for that information very useful. I will try it & how it turns out.
    Thank you
  • michael December 24, 2014 Reply
    dont bother with mysurvey....i had been a member for years with no problems..then my wife got sick with cancer and i was offline for a while taking care of her. when she was done with treatment and i had a chance to go online i saw a slew of mail to deal with. did so then decided to check in with the survey sites i was a member of, 1 being mysurvey. i couldnt sign in i emailed them and asked why. got a reply about no longer a member due to reporting them as spam, which i hadnt done. i replied and explained i didnt,been offline taking care of sick wife, blah blah...also explained that sometimes aol will report emails as spam that isnt spam so i assumed this is what happened while i was offline. i got a form reply back saying to be reinstated i need to do 3 admit i did report them as spam and it was an accident but it was my fault. to claim i will never do it again and to admit that i wanted mail from them again..they wanted me to lie and say i reported them when i didnt. they were so non compassionate and dishonest. i see them as dishonest since they were wanting me to lie. and claim i did something i didn't do. i replied back saying again i didnt, was offline, aol blah blah blah and since they wanted me to lie that shows how dishonest of a company they are as well as lacking empathy for my situation. told them i no longer wanted to be a member of mysurvey, a company like that. then guess what i got this morning..another email from them telling me how to have my acct turned on and again wanting me to lie. seriously? are they nothing but bots? obviously no one read my email from the other day..just dont bother with them..other survey companies i am a member of when i explained my situation they offered condolences about my wife and kind words..i am still members of thank you ever again..