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Well the writing has been on wall since was acquired by LightSpeed research in early 2010, but now it is official. The Lightspeed Survey Panel will be merging with the panel, and both will be run under the label. According to their latest newsletter, beginning January 24, 2011 your LightSpeed panel membership will be transferred to the research panel. Starting January 22, 2011 both panels will be offline and will return on January 24, 2011 as a unified panel. You will then be able to login to the panel with your LightSpeed credentials.

Here are some key points from the merger:

  • All of your points earned from LightSpeed will be transferred to your membership.
  • If you already a member of LightSpeed and your accounts will be combined.
  • All survey invitations will be sent from, so be sure to add that address to your approved email contacts list.

In addition to the new logo shown here, they will add some new features including the ability to search the entire FAQ library and selecting the colors you want to see on the website. So stay tuned, and provide your feedback on the new combined panel once it comes online on January 24, 2011!

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Comments (7)

  • Ruth April 04, 2016 Reply
    I would like to receive your surveys again. I haven't gotten any for a long time.
  • Nancy Kuklinski January 28, 2012 Reply
    I have a My Survey Account-- There are no migrated points from LSR, anywhere. Who is ripping me off Lightspeed or My Survey? My own records show that I had 14,815 points still at Lightspeed. When I signed up at Lightspeed, I had a different e-mail, but I was sure that it got changed to my present one.
    • Hannah January 30, 2012 Reply
      You will need to contact MySurvey support to get this resolved. The support information for MySurvey, including the support phone number, is . We always recommend being courteous to the support staff, as they will do their best to assist you.

      Since it has been a year since the merger, you may have waited too long, as most survey companies have a policy of expiring points after a certain time of inactivity, and they may have legitimate questions about why you waited so long to inform them of the issue. But I would recommend contacting MySurvey support as soon as possible and seeing if they can help you, as you never know until you try!

      Good Luck!
  • Jennifer February 18, 2011 Reply
    I wish Lightspeed had been better with their communication on this matter. I have had CONSTANT issues since July of last year with Lightspeed, until finally the site started telling me that my email address was not registered (though when I tried to register again, I got the error that I was already a member) - and I never received emails in return.

    Now, of course, I go to MySurvey and my password is "wrong", but if I try to retrieve it, my email address is not registered. Try to register? My email address is already registered.

    Somehow I'm both!

    I hope this merger gets this sorted out. Eagerly awaiting word back from MySurvey.
  • LapisLee February 14, 2011 Reply
    I like the merged company much better because Lightspeed never was one of my favorites and I am getting more surveys than I can keep up with from the new larger site!
  • Ana Bailey February 10, 2011 Reply
    I didn't realize that the two had merged which explains why I hadn't heard from Lightspeed in such a long time. Question: are whatever credits I had with LS been sent to and combined with MySurvey? Thank you
    • Joe the Admin February 11, 2011 Reply
      Yes, if you had points accumulated with LightSpeed they should have been transferred to your MySurvey account. If you click on the rewards tab in the MySurvey Members area, you should see a transaction with the following description "Migrated points from LSR". My points were transferred on 1/22/2011, so you may want to look at around that time in your account.