Ipsos I-Say: Scam or Just Extra Features?

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There are a large number of survey-taking websites out there. Although the principle behind making money through each of them is similar, the features and intricacies of each site can vary. At the heart of it, however, is that companies need research data and businesses are willing to pay to get the information they need. So, they hire survey sites. In turn, the survey sites will pay small amounts to people who are willing to take surveys so they can get that information for the companies who hired them. The time spent taking these surveys can result in a lot of pennies adding up to a reasonable amount of money.

Each survey site offers its own policies and rewards to survey takers. Specifics and features of the various sites do matter to those taking surveys. Too few or too many features can make survey takers wonder about the legitimacy of a site. It is important to remember that the number of features offered doesn’t necessarily mean the site is a scam. In most cases, it simply means the company has found unique ways to operate their surveys and reward their survey takers. Let’s look at Ipsos I-Say as an example.

• Points. Ipsos I-Say is one of the survey sites that work using points. They have a system where you accumulate points for completing their surveys. One point equals one penny. Points earn you rewards listed on their rewards page.

• Rewards. What are the rewards that the points get you? Basically, cash. This can be in the form of money deposited in your PayPal account (which takes a few weeks to be dispersed), prepaid credit cards, or Amazon gift cards. One of the main caveats (other sites works similarly) is that you need to earn so many points in order to “cash out” your rewards. This is usually in increment of $5.00 to $10.00.

• Booby Prizes. The issue with many survey sites, Ipsos I-Say included, is that no one person qualifies for every survey. Users have been disappointed to discover that there are many surveys for which they do not qualify. The good news is that, with Ipsos I-Say, you will earn at least five points, a “Booby prize” if you will, on each survey for which you don’t qualify. It’s never ideal to get the opportunity to take a survey only to find out that you don’t qualify, leaving you to wait for the next one. At least, with this feature, you get a little bit out of it even if you don’t qualify. Not all sites offer this, which is too bad.

• Loyalty Program. The rewards go up as you stick around and take more surveys. This is done, of course, to encourage people to stick around, since the amounts of the rewards may be small at the beginning. The idea is that if you stick around long enough, the money earned can be at least somewhat more significant.

So is this “Ipsos I-Say scam” an actual scam or not? If you believe all survey sites are scams, then, yes. It might be considered a scam. However, if you don’t believe that all survey sites are scams, and you truly look at the different features and specifics of the sites, you may find that Ipsos I-Say adds up to something that is definitely worth your time. You won’t get rich, but you may have a little extra spending money for those little things you want every month.

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  • Yonnie May 17, 2016 Reply
    Anyone else use Ibotta for their electronics purchases? I used it for groceries and drug store purchases and am amazed by it so far....