Week 2 $50 Holiday Cash Contest – What’s Your Christmas Wish?

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At one time or another we all have had something to wish for. It could be something for yourself, a loved one, or something for the general good of all. Now is your chance to make a wish that could pay off. Simply supply your answer to this week's question and 3 lucky winners will receive a little extra Christmas cash. I wish you all a joyous holiday season and hope all your wishes come true.

So here is my Cash Contest Question:

"If you had only one wish that would actually come true on Christmas Day, what would that be and why would this be your wish?"

Our week 2 contest is now closed. Here are the winners from Week 2:

1st PLACE PRIZE $25 winner: Jocelyn Chan

2nd PLACE PRIZE $15 winner: Larry N.

3rd PLACE PRIZE $10 winner: Andy

We would like to congratulate the winners from round two, and say thanks to all that participated in our Holiday Contest for week 2. We also wish to invite everyone to participate in our week 3 $50 Holiday Contest Question. Lee wants to know: "What are your plans for New Years Eve?

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  • Allison Myatt December 11, 2010 Reply
    My wish for this Christmas would be for the continued happiness and longevity of my parents. Every year they work tirelessly throughout the year to provide everything that me and my sister could possibly need or want, and expecting nothing in return. They are so modest and loving and there's nothing I would want more than to see another year celebrating with my amazing family.
  • vijay jain December 11, 2010 Reply
    My Christmas Wish is i won whole world and my world rulse is no war ,no cry ,no hungry any poor man,all world papulation is fully happy in my world this is my only dreem and wish
  • Andy December 11, 2010 Reply
    My wish is travel the world all my life. Life is an adventure and we only live once. So I'd like to travel to broaden my mind, for adventure and for opportunity and to discover the unknown. "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." quoted St. Augustine.
  • Catherine December 10, 2010 Reply
    If I had one wish that could actually come true on Christmas Day, It would be for my son to come home for Christmas. He is suppose to get Liberty on that day and I would love to have him home.
  • Eulisa Morgan December 10, 2010 Reply
    My daughter is graduating from highschool with honors, she has been very a studious and indepent young lady. My daughter has been helpful to others throught out the years and does charitable work in our community. My Christmas wish is to buy My daugher her favorite car and send her off to college in style.
  • Leila A>Jazul December 10, 2010 Reply
    if i maybe granted my wish before christmas and , it is to have my family gather together this Christmas healthy,happy so with the rest of all families and have our noche buena recipe to dine together, with the Christmas wish shopping list items I listed in either any online site including Getpaidsurveys worth $50 or$1,000.

    Last week, I joined the Amazon Wish List thru Paybox.me and KAboodle as member but eligibles are US residents only.I am a filipino,so even this $50 and weekly cash contest by Getpaidsurveys will delight my kids this Christmas.My husband has been hospitalized/operated for sinus infection and all his savings and bonus are gone for the operation.so with his brother who has hypertension attack.

    It has been bad omen that every coming christmas one of family members die, or has been sick that our savings are spent for hospitalization instead for food and merrymaking.May God grant us the peace He wish us all now and also may i won cash for the kids little noche buena.
  • vivienne December 10, 2010 Reply
    My greatest Christmas wish would be to see my destitute brother earn a sufficient income tocover his monthly expenses. His business failed due to lack of business, not for lack of trying
    .We are not in a financial position to support him, nor the room to accomodate him.
    I am trying to find him a home e.g. Tafta that would accept males under 60 with no income. He could perhaps get a small salary working in their charity shops.He does not have internet access so I am doing this research myself. We are very close and it is heartbreaking for me to see him in this position and in the depression that has resulted.
    I pray for a solution.
  • Julia Fowler December 09, 2010 Reply
    I am wishing for a new job because I need the income.
  • Bob December 09, 2010 Reply
    I wish that my aunt and uncle who just had their son pass away have a good christmas and that they will be able to enjoy the holiday season.
  • Doctor Sakala December 09, 2010 Reply
    I wish all people on earth the merriest Christmas ever and may we all be blessed with God’s wisdom in every dominium of your life!
  • jocelyn chan December 09, 2010 Reply
    if i could only have one wish for Christmas, and that i know it would really come true on that day, i would wish for a bountiful feast for everyone in the world. NO rich or poor feast for that day, everyone can eat anything they want, as much as they want, even only for that day. As a kid, I was taught that Christmas was a time for sharing and giving, I have never had a Christmas without a feast or celebration of some sort, as I became aware of my surroundings, I realized that not everyone eats or celebrates the same way we, as my family do during the holidays. I don't have much money, and I have debts too. But to wish for myself would be very selfish, and that's not me. So, for my wish, I would wish for food for everyone on that day.:)
  • pat b December 08, 2010 Reply
    I would wish for peace on earth and all the soldiers to be home with their loved ones for this holiday. I wish this because I have a loved one who has seen how hard it is to be a soldier far from home and family on Christmas. He was stationed far away from his five month old twins for their first Christmas, first words, steps and other firsts. It is hard no matter how old your children are. It would be wonderful to have all the troops home and wars to cease. I know each soldier wants to be with loved ones and is missed by someone. I pray for their safe return. Even though I know my loved one is home this year, anyone of those far away could be him and someone is waiting for their safe return home. For me peace and the safe return of each one of the soldiers would be the best Christmas present of all. We owe a lot to all of them. May they have a blessed holiday.
  • sandra tolley December 08, 2010 Reply
    I would wish for my family to be able to be in the same state to celebrate Christmas all together. I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers and we are all in diffrent states. It would be nice to have all the sister, brothers, sister in law, brother in laws and neices all in one place for the holiday.. Family is what christmas is all about anyway right?
  • Diane Ludgin December 08, 2010 Reply
    My wish for this year is the same as last year. I wish my 31 year old daughter would get clean from her drug addiction. By clean I mean stay in recovery mode. My heart aches for her every day. Her twin 13 year old sons cry for her. We want and need her to be clean and in our lives. This wish comes with a heavy heart and deep sadness.
  • Carol December 07, 2010 Reply
    I would wish for my kids and family to be happy and would like to get more christmas gifts for my two kids times been hard for us lately and not much money to get everything i believe my kids as wonderful and great as they are deserve.
  • Tina Guler December 06, 2010 Reply
    That would be an easy question for me; I'd wish to spend Christmas with my whole family and my boyfriend and for us all to be happy. Unfortunately, my family is caught in a bad situation right now which has been very stressful for all of us, including me, even though I live 3000 miles away. I have 5 sisters and 4 brothers, 1 of whom I've never met. We've never had a chance to be all together and it would mean the world to me if someday we could.
  • Shern mcfarlane December 06, 2010 Reply
    All my family would come together and be a family.because my some of my family members don't speak together and its my birthday so i would like my family to be together.
  • rosa December 06, 2010 Reply
    i want to win to buy some of the presents to my family, my family every year they get presents for my son and my girl, i dont work and i need the money, thats my wish
  • Sonia December 06, 2010 Reply
    The most important thing in our household is family. This will be our eighth Christmas without my dad. I just wish I could have one more family Christmas with my dad. and get a hug,kiss and maybe a last dance. Well one can only dream. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  • Regina December 06, 2010 Reply
    I had one Christmas wish I wish I could have my parents house remodeled. My parents have had their house for 33 years now but the house is older than that and things need to be rebuilt and redone and I they do not have the money and I do what I can to help them. My husband and I go and pay for and do some things, what we can, but there is a lot more repairs. So my wish would be for someone to come and remodel their home because they deserve it.
  • Lilliana Clark December 06, 2010 Reply
    Have my sister just one day with me on earth..She left too soon.
    Even though now she is an angel that watch over us.
  • Dana Crabill December 06, 2010 Reply
    I wish we could find some relief for my wife's pain.
  • Jong December 05, 2010 Reply
    I wish my mom, who's 69 years old, would be all better again, like how she was before her dialysis sessions started. I'm not sure how, but it appears it hastened the spread of the cataract on her left eye. Actually, I wish I had more than enough money so she can get all the medical care she needs for the dialysis and the eye surgery.
  • Chandra Setiawan December 05, 2010 Reply
    i wish for everyone wishes will come true on christmas day, and just for that one day the entire world will be peaceful and everyone will be happy and enjoy their gift... =p
  • Kim Etheridge December 05, 2010 Reply
    My Christmas wish would be to have a house of my own. It wouldn't have to be a mansion, but just a house would do nicely. I wish this, because I'm totally blind, and if I lived alone, I could watch TV late at night.
  • Carmen G. Hoepelman December 05, 2010 Reply
    If I had 1 Christmas wish it would be to erase all the unhappiness of the world (economic failures, ongoing war, disease, hatred, racism, envy, and malicious acts). This world would shine so bright if this wish would come true.
  • Larry N. December 05, 2010 Reply
    My wish would be for a world without pain, suffering, or misery. It could manifest in the form of removing all tumors, cancers, and diseases and ailments such as, but not limited to, AIDS, HIV, malaria, colds, fevers, aches, diabetes. It may show up as food and supplies to the starving, malnourished children living below the poverty line. Why I chose to have this particular wish to happen on Christmas Day is because of the fact that a lot of people cannot enjoy the festivities like middle-class echelons can. To some of the less fortunate, Christmas is another day on the calendar where they continue to lie on a hospital bed, cardboard box, or the unforgiving, cold ground. Though it's an extremely broad wish, it's one that would revolutionize this planet we live on.
  • layla113 December 05, 2010 Reply
    i am wishing that all the charitable organizations which gather toys, blankets, warm clothes, food, or supplies and treats for our overseas troops have a banner year.

    i hope that the downturn in our economy does not hamper charitable giving to these good causes.

    wouldn't it be wonderful if next year there were not even a need for these kinds of help to be given, as no one is in need of such things?
  • Andrea Kecskesi December 05, 2010 Reply
    Hi!my very big Christmas wish i would like to see my dad becouse i didn"t see him one year.Im leaving in Wales and his leaving Hungary.very miss him.Merry Chrismas for you!
  • Nenette Mougeot December 05, 2010 Reply
    Reconciliation with my son. Because I love him very much!
  • Samuil Packer December 05, 2010 Reply
    I wish what next year the people finely win war of terror
  • Janice Paul December 05, 2010 Reply
    My one wish is to have three more wishes that 1st wish would be after I was granted three more wishes would be!

    1. To wish that the death of my sister never happened that she was with me still.
    2. The ability to heal the sick find cure for diseases like Cancer, HIV and other diseases.
    3. The ability to gain on going wealth to help those in need financially!