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January was an extremely low-paying month for me, but I think that is mostly my own fault. I had gotten a bit burnt out with taking all the surveys and started to ignore the invitation emails when they came in, so when I did catch up, most had already reached their quota. I also did not take surveys every weekday, but only took surveys a few days a week. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but apparently it did! I will have to buckle back down and work harder on them this month. Over the last two months, my slacking off dropped my earnings from $236.99 (November) to $184.20 (December) to only $69.54 in January. The moral of the story is that if I want to continue to earn anything by taking surveys, I have to spend time at it!

Here is the list of my top five paying survey panels (January 2012):

  1. Opinion Outpost
  • Total Earned in January: $12.00
  • Total Earned since Joining: $331.60
  • Date Joined: December 13, 2010

Opinion Outpost was even more disappointing this month. Part of that is due to the fact that I did not check for new surveys often, and part of that from the fact that when I DID check, I disqualified for a much higher rate than was usual. Their Amazon.com reward option was up for a short time in the middle of the month, but promptly went down again.

Here is a screenshot of my recent Opinion Outpost redemption:
  1. Valued Opinions
  • Total Earned in January: $7.00
  • Total Earned since Joining: $15.50
  • Date Joined: September 21, 2011

I learned something very important about Valued Opinions this month... they do not always send out invitations via email. I logged in yesterday to check my balance, and found FOUR surveys waiting for me. I qualified for some of them, but that was the first time that I had found surveys without getting an email first. It makes me wonder how many others I missed out on by not logging in regularly. The nice thing about Valued Opinions is that every survey seems to have a good reward amount for the time spent. Surveys regularly are for $2 or more, much better than the pennies other companies pay. I still haven't reached my first $20 payout, but I plan to log in more often and see if I can keep the income coming!

  1. GlobalTestMarket
  • Total Earned in January: $6.50
  • Total Earned since Joining: $48.25
  • Date Joined: November 3, 2011

I thought I would be able to cash out in January, but that didn't happen. Instead, I found myself at 965 points, THIRTY-FIVE short of being able to cash out! Thankfully, I got a 30 point survey and an extra 20 points from a friend referral on February 1st, and that brought my total up to cashout level! I requested my first check and it should be arriving soon. Here is a screenshot of the email confirming my cashout request:

  1. MySurvey
  • Total Earned in January: $6.27
  • Total Earned since Joining: $22.68
  • Date Joined: October 17, 2011

I received a few surveys this month, and was able to cash out, and am about a quarter of the way to cashing out again. MySurvey is definitely not one of my favorite sites, though, as I find that the surveys I qualify for tend to have low rewards for the time spent.

Here is a screenshot of my January 2012 MySurvey redemption:

  1. SurveyHead
  • Total Earned in January: $5.25
  • Total Earned since Joining: $81.15
  • Date Joined: November 2, 2011

I spent much less time at SurveyHead than I should this month. Every time that I did log in, there were tons of surveys waiting for me, but most were longer (40 minutes or more) and I didn't feel I had the time to do them. If I had, this would have been a much better paying month! Regardless, enough of my older pending surveys became available that I was able to request another cashout.

Here is a screenshot of my recent SurveyHead PayPal redemption:

Do you have a list of favorite survey panels?

Please leave a comment below and let us know some of the survey panels that work best for you.

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  • Lee New February 20, 2012 Reply

    Another great list, as usual. I also noticed a huge lull in surveys for January 2012, but I needed a break after working so hard for the last three months earning money for Christmas presents. I was actually able to buy my girlfriend a ASUS 17" 4gb RAM 500gb HD laptop for $298 at New Egg with my survey earnings from the previous two months.

    I have never noticed surveys on the Valued Opinion site unless I was redirected there after completing a survey with them and already had the invitation in my Inbox, unnoticed, so I think that was probably a glitch. The survey site that you absolutely HAVE to log in to take surveys is OpinionOutpost, which has been surprisingly good for me lately. I have cashed out for $50 three times since the merger with SurveySpot on October 21, 2011.

    Global Test Market is another steady earner for me that allows me to cash out for $50 about every other month. I guess I will be using that money to help pay for the 40" Toshiba flat screen HDTV that I bought myself for Christmas for $399 at Best Buy on Cyber Monday!

    You're right, MySurvey doesn't pay very well, but they have a lot of great product tests which really make it worthwhile for me. We tested shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent and frozen microwave dinners last month.

    Surveyhead, along with it's clone OnlyCashSurveys, both do very well for me. I wish I could say the same for their other clone: SurveySpree.