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Some people take online surveys just because they enjoy doing them. However most of us are participating in the surveys because we like getting paid for our time! Let’s talk about a few of the ways you can maximize your survey income from popular sites such as GlobalTestMarket or whichever site is your favorite.

Set up a free, separate email account just for survey emails. This will help keep you organized. It will prevent survey invitations from becoming lost in spam, and it makes it so easy to follow a set of invitation links when they are all in one place. Beyond that, in the unfortunate event you stumble upon a survey scam site, the separate email address is one extra layer of protection between the scammers and your personal information.

Set up a PayPal account to receive cash payments. Several sites now pay via PayPal, and it makes receiving cash payments instantaneous. You will no longer have to wait week to get a check in the mail… and no longer have to pay bank fees.

Sign up for several survey sites. GlobalTestMarket is a great choice. We have lists of hundreds of other popular, tested survey sites here that pay and won’t scam you. Choose a couple at first, and once you are in the swing of things add a few more. Don’t go so crazy that you become overwhelmed and aren’t able to complete surveys, you’ll earn yourself a reputation as a poor respondent that way. You want enough, though, that eventually you’re able to pick and choose from the highest paying surveys every day.

Use autofill software, such as Roboform. When you’re filling out a lot of surveys, this will save your sanity. It fills in those questions such as name, age, and address that you encounter over and over again for you.

Make certain you have a complete profile at every survey site. This is how you get matched with surveys. If your information is incomplete, you will either not be invited to surveys or will face dreaded screen-outs, where you spend precious time answering questions just to hear, “This is not the right survey for you.” Put in the time to fill your profile as thoroughly as possible.

Check your survey email every day. It helps to set aside an hour or two every day where you simply fill out surveys. Ignoring survey invitations will tarnish your reputation as a respondent with the company. Plus, good quality surveys with high payouts fill up quickly and you want to make sure you catch them and get in.

Sign up for focus groups and product tests. These are not as easy to get into as survey panels, but they often pay much better and have free products you get to try and keep, as well.

Refer friends and family. Most survey sites offer you points or cash for referring people to their site. GlobalTestMarket, for example, offers 20 MarketPoints for every referral. If you don’t want to hard sell your family, consider using your social media presence to earn money this way.

These are just a few ideas for ways to increase your online earning potential when using survey sites. If you stay organized and follow these tips, you’ll spend less time filling out surveys and earn more money for doing the ones you do! Stick to reliable companies, steer clear of scams, and have a great time with your extra income.

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    Anyone else use Ibotta for their electronics purchases? I used it for groceries and drug store purchases and am amazed by it so far....