What Does the Future Hold for SurveySpot.com?

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SurveysSpot.com is a survey site owned by Survey Sampling International, the same parent company that owns the popular Opinion Outpost survey site. In 2011, Survey Sampling acquired a company called Opinionology and this merger created SSI, which is how the two sites are related.

Unfortunately, it seems that even though SurveySpot is the older and more established site, SSI has been putting more effort and care into Opinion Outpost and SurveySpot shows some signs of neglect. There have been a number of complaints recently about poor survey quality, low payouts, or even missing payouts. If you search, you’ll find numerous websites calling SurveySpot a scam. However there are some signs of hope, as SurveySpot has recently beefed up their social media presence and completely overhauled their website to not only give it a new look, but make it accessible on mobile phones. Is it possible SSI is rebuilding this brand?

Technically, SurveySpot was never a scam, as it was an actual survey site doing legitimate market research. Even if the surveys paid mostly in sweepstakes entries instead of cash, they still paid as advertised; and the users who earned enough money to cash out report that they did in fact eventually get their money. In an internet world that became glutted with online surveys, however, SurveySpot just couldn’t compete. Other survey sites offered more surveys, shorter surveys, more money, better prizes, and cash for surveys when SurveySpot was mostly offering sweepstakes. Before they partnered with PayPal, even redeeming your cash took a long time. It was a legitimate business, but it wasn’t operating very efficiently for customers.

However it looks as though that may be changing. Recently more and more users are commenting that the payouts are better, they come faster, and the surveys are better quality. The balance seems to have shifted and more users are qualifying for more surveys, there’s not as much screen-out as there used to be. Paypal makes cashing out faster. Is SSI betting on SurveySpot again? The revamped website is a huge tipoff, and there’s a lot of positive buzz on SurveySpot’s Facebook and Twitter pages. SSI knows how to run a great survey site, they have managed to turn Opinion Outpost into one of the most popular and well-loved survey sites online with excellent customer loyalty.

About a year ago, SSI found a new CEO in Chris Fanning, a man with considerable experience in the computer science and technology fields. Interviews with Fanning indicate his goals for SSI as a company were to increase mobile applications as he foresaw the increased use of tablets and social media by consumers. It’s entirely possible that Fanning is restructuring SurveySpot to take advantage of new opportunities in a quickly changing marketplace, which will be to both the benefit of the site and the users.

If you look around the internet, you will find very mixed reviews about SurveySpot, including several that claim outright that SurveySpot is a scam. It’s not. It does seem to have had its share of struggles in past years, but looking at it today it seems more than ready for a comeback. Everything about SurveySpot looks new and shiny these days, and customer care seems to be a major focus. Given how reliable the parent company is, I would be willing to put money on the success of this survey site. I think they’ll take it and make it into one of the top survey sites out there, one that users really enjoy working with. SurveySpot is definitely one to watch over the next few months.

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