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I hope this posting finds all of you doing well.  Today I’m going to provide my thoughts and personal experiences as they relate to the positive offerings of survey panel membership.

Folks join survey panels for various reasons.  They may join in order to fill an otherwise uneventful hour or two in their daily routine.  They may join in order to render input in shaping the products of tomorrow or to make a contribution to their favorite charity.   But for the most part the primary reason for getting involved is to earn a little extra cash.  If you’re a long-time survey taker you already know that there is money to be made.  If you’re a newcomer, or just now thinking of getting involved, I’m certain you’d like to know just what kind of money you could really earn.

You must first understand that survey taking will in no way make you wealthy regardless of what you may have read on the Internet.  No way!  And secondly, there is no reason why you should pay anyone for “hooking you up” with top paying survey panels.  Claims that you can consistently earn hundreds of dollars for 20 minutes of your time are simply not true!  So where do you turn to find the true facts?  The answer is no further away than where you are at this very moment.  My fellow bloggers, Lee, Stephanie and Laura have invested a great deal of time detailing their Top Ten Survey Panels along with dollars actually earned from each.  Therefore my advise to anyone thinking about getting involved would be to take a few minutes and read what these highly qualified folks have to say:

LapisLee’s Top Ten Survey Panels – $3,493.00 Current Total Earnings.

Stephanie’s Top Ten Survey Panels – $2,595.00 Current Total Earnings.

Laura’s Top Ten Survey Panels – $573.00 Current Total Earnings.

I wish to thank Lee, Stephanie and Laura for sharing this most valuable information as well as to tip my hat and say “job well done”!

NOTE:  I feel it understandable but still wish to point out the earnings listed above are relative to the amount of time each individual has been involved in survey taking.  The longer one is involved, the more surveys completed, hence the more she or he would have earned.

So now that you have a feel for the numbers involved, is survey taking for you?  Well, I guess it could be based solely on the fact that you’re on this site at this very moment.  But to be absolutely certain let me ask you a question requiring a simple “yes” or “no” answer to find out:

If you were walking down a quiet street and noticed a 5-dollar bill in your path, would you pick it up and keep it?

I have no way of knowing your answer and am merely guessing that you would more that likely look around and then pick that rascal up and stuff it into your pocket…and I would do the very same thing.  That’s exactly the way I’ve always looked at survey taking.  It’s money I would never have if I didn’t pick it up.  Am I getting rich…NO!  Am I’m earning money…YES!  So if you answered the question with a “yes” I’m positive survey taking is perfect for you.

There’s another part of survey taking that’s just as good as earning some extra cash.  And that’s the in home product tests that are offered by just about all survey panels.  I have literally tested everything “from Soup to nuts” with the vast majority being sprinkled with a little cash.  I’ve tested soup, juice, coffee makers, coffee, tea, shampoo, soap, body washes, underarm, toothpaste, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dishwashing tablets, headache remedies, heartburn remedies, upset stomach remedies, cat food, dog food, toilet tissue, spot remover, lubricating sprays, batteries, frozen foods, and just this week…snack nuts.  And that my friends is just a partial listing.

So just how do I get involved?  What do these products cost? Do I get to keep the product(s)?  I don’t own a dog so how do I test dog food?  How do these in home product tests work?  And just what do you mean by “sprinkled with a little cash”?

Boy, you’ve got a lot of good questions and I’ll take a shot at giving you the answer to each and every single one.  Here goes:

How do I get involved? It’s quite simple.  All you need do to get started is register at the survey panels of your choice.  I would strongly suggest your selections be based on the Top Ten panel reviews provided by Lee, Stephanie and/or Laura.  Doing so will get you started on the right footing.

What do these products cost? Not a penny!  The manufacturer, through your survey panel provides these test products.  Each product is delivered directly to your home with all postage charges paid in full.

Do I get to keep the product(s)? Absolutely!  No matter what the value of the product it’s your to keep unless your are told up front that it must be returned in the postage paid packaging.  NOTE:  I have tested products with values over $100.00 and never once have been asked to return any.  Your chances of being asked to return any product are slim to none.

I don’t own a dog so how do I test dog food? Just eat it, it’s full of vitamins!  JUST KIDDING, but I certainly understand where you’re coming from.  It would be ridiculous to ask a 99-year-old to test a skateboard and even more so if the attempt was actually made.  So how does the survey panel know to send test items that are relevant to you?  The answer is quite simple.  When you join a panel you will be asked to fill out various individual “profiles”.  These profiles ask things like your gender, age, are you employed, what are your likes, dislikes, etc.  Most panels have several profiles available for your completion and some will even compensate you for your time.  These profiles provide the survey panel with information sufficient to determine what you like, therefore enabling them to send you relevant surveys and products for testing.

Though it’s not required completing any profile beyond your registration information, I would advise that you complete ‘em all.  The more profiles you complete the more survey opportunities and product tests you will qualify for.  And please rest assured your information is safe and will not be shared or sold to any third party………EVER!!!

How do these in home product tests work? After joining a survey panel, and completing your profiles, you will receive an email invitation to a given survey.  Open it, login and begin the qualifying questions in order for the survey panel to determine if the survey will be relevant to you.  If you qualify you will then provide your answer to each survey question.  Provided the survey is one offering an in home product test you will be asked if you would like to participate in the product test as you are nearing completion of the survey.  If you would like to participate simply supply the appropriate response.  You also may be asked to verify or provide your name and address for shipping purposes as well as being advised there will be a follow up survey sent to you after you have tested the product.

After receipt of the test product simply follow the directions for usage as well as the accompanying information detailing the test particulars.  Proceed with the testing for the specified period and keep your eyes opened for the follow-up survey, which you will receive via email after the testing period is over.  Access and complete the follow up survey and that’s all there is to it.

What do you mean by “Sprinkled with a Little Cash”? In the vast majority of cases you will be compensated for completing the original survey.  Further, and more than 50% of the time, you will also be paid to complete the follow-up survey.  So the bottom line is you get paid for completing the survey(s) and you get to keep the product.  And if you take a minute to think about it you’ll also save a little cash on your shopping bill, as the product you are testing is more than likely replacing a similar product you would have purchased anyway.  And it really doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

As previously stated, I have tested more products than you can shake a stick at, and each one has been top of the line insomuch as quality is concerned.  I also get a lot of personal satisfaction in knowing my opinion is shaping the products of the future and that I am among the very first to test drive something brand new.

If you would like to learn a little more about the way survey panels operate please take a moment to visit my October posting entitled:

What you should understand about survey panels

As always, I hope this posting will lend to a better understanding of yet another advantage of survey panel membership.  And if you are thinking about becoming part of our wonderful survey community don’t hesitate because you must jump in before you can cash in.  Good Luck and best wishes.

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