4. Fit Surveys in Your Daily Routine

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Fit Surveys in Your Daily Routine

Like anything else in life, when there is easy money to be had, there is a rush of people to claim it. Once you start taking surveys online, you will soon realize that some surveys reach their quotas sooner than others. As you probably have guessed, the higher paying surveys are usually the first to fill up.

Check your email often

While we know it is not possible to stay glued to your email, you should keep an eye out for the higher paying surveys that hit your email inbox. If you can take those higher paying surveys as soon as possible, you are more likely to qualify for them and earn bigger rewards. If you can’t take the high paying surveys when you first see the email arrive, then try to take them first during your normal schedule.

If you want to get higher rewards, you need to regularly take surveys, daily if possible. If you wait until the end of the week, you will end up with an email account full of survey invitations, but be frustrated because almost all of those surveys have filled up.

Set a Daily Routine

You’ll want to set a routine that allows you to take the highest paying surveys first, then move on to the lower paying ones as time allows. Don’t feel that you have to take EVERY survey you are invited to. As we will discuss tomorrow, some just are not worth your time and energy.

The great thing about online surveys is that you can take them at any time of the day, which makes them easy to fit into your schedule. If you are a parent, you might find it best to take surveys while your kids are sleeping. If you are a college student, the middle of the day between classes may work best for you. Everyone’s schedule is different, so you’ll want to think about when you have time to take surveys.

You may be able to set aside a few hours in a chunk to work on surveys, or you may need to take them here and there throughout the day. Instead of sitting down to play solitaire when bored, you may find yourself checking to see if you have a survey available.

Set reasonable limits

You will also want to think about how much time you want to spend on surveys. You don’t want your attention to surveys to take over your life, but you also don’t want to forget them completely, so set reasonable limits, both a minimum and a maximum amount of time to spend daily.

While considering limits, also remember not to take surveys for too long at a time. If you’ve been at the computer for several hours, taking surveys becomes tedious. You may find it tempting to start speeding through without really examining the questions, or just find it difficult to pay attention. This leads to disqualifications, as we discussed yesterday. If you get to that point, stand up, stretch, and take a break!

A good survey taking routine will balance these aspects of time and effort. Your routine should allow you to fit surveys into your schedule without them taking over your life, and let you take surveys effectively to maximize earnings. Each person’s schedule and routine will be completely different, depending on their circumstances. Ultimately, you are the only person who can determine the best schedule for yourself.

Today’s Recommended Survey Panel: SurveyHead

The SurveyHead panel offers frequent surveys, with the ability to redeem rewards for cash (via PayPal) or gift cards. They also offer a $5.00 bonus just for joining their panel.

SurveyHead is open to international residents aged 18 or older, and (like every other panel we recommend) is free to join, maintains high privacy standards, and will never spam your email address

Get Started with Surveyhead
  1. Join & Log InIf you are not already a member of Surveyhead, you can join by going to the Surveyhead Registration Page and filling out the registration form. When registering, remember to use your dedicated email address for surveys, as mentioned in our bonus tip on Day 1.Once you are a member, go to the main SurveyHead page and log in. Be sure to bookmark the login page or add it to your favorites so that you can easily access it in the future.When you log in, you’ll see the “Dashboard” page. This page gives you a summary of your reward balance (including pending rewards), a daily quick poll, the list of currently available surveys, any profiles to be completed or updated, and offers you the ability to qualify for more surveys (if applicable).

    SurveyHead Dashboard

  2. Add SurveyHead to your whitelistSurveyHead doesn’t send out many email messages, but there will be a few, like the one you had to click to activate your account. To be sure you don’t miss out on these emails, add the email address “[email protected]” to your whitelist in your email.
  3. Complete ProfilesAs we discussed on Day 1, profile surveys are important! SurveyHead has available profiles shown in a section on the Dashboard. There are currently twenty different profiles, and most will give you a reward varying from $0.10 to $0.25, though a few profiles only reward you with sweepstakes entries. These profiles will determine what surveys you are offered, so be sure to fill them out as soon as possible.SurveyHead Email Invitation
  4. Check for SurveysYou will occasionally get survey invitations through your email account (as above), but the vast majority of your SurveyHead surveys will appear on your dashboard with no email notification. You must log in to see your surveys. This is extremely important! You will want to log in to SurveyHead as part of your normal routine and check for available surveys daily if possible.SurveyHead Available Surveys
  5. Qualify for Additional SurveysAt times, a button will appear at the top of your dashboard, notifying you that you might be able to qualify for additional surveys.Surveyhead New SurveyClick on the “Qualify for a new survey” button, answer any additional questions and then SurveyHead will determine whether any of the additional surveys it has are a good fit for you. If so, you will have the option to either “Start Survey”, or “Skip this survey and try another.”

    Surveyhead Start Survey

    Tip: If you do skip the survey, it will be available for you to take later (assuming it has not filled up). So, if a survey has a low reward for the time spent, you can just skip it and try to qualify for a higher value survey first. Don’t waste your time for a low-paying survey!

    Surveyhead Take a Survey

  6. Take SurveysWhen you start a survey, you will be clearly shown the survey number, survey length and reward amount. You simply click on the “Start Survey” button to begin. Like most of the other panels, SurveyHead will often redirect you to a different survey panel to take the survey, then you will be returned to SurveyHead for the reward, and a banner along the top of the Dashboard page will tell you the status of the survey you just exited.Surveyhead Congratulations
  7. Check Survey HistoryIf you click on the “Rewards” button at the top of the SurveyHead page, you’ll be taken to the “My Statement” page, which contains a summary of your activity, as well as a detailed list of each survey you’ve taken.Surveyhead Account StatementThe “Account Snapshot” at the top gives you your totals at a glance. If you want to know more about one of the items, you can hover your mouse pointer over the “[?]” symbol and a bubble will pop up, explaining what that category means.

    Below the Account Snapshot is a list of every survey you have taken with SurveyHead, the survey number (“Transaction #”), the date the survey was taken, and the reward amount and survey status. Possible statuses are “Pending,” “Earned,” and “Invalid.”

    Note: The “Pending” and “Invalid” statuses may be confusing. The SurveyHead blog has a nice article explaining what happens during the pending process, and what might cause a survey to be marked “Invalid”.

  8. Redeem RewardsThe SurveyHead system for redeeming rewards can be a little confusing. In order to redeem, you must have at least $10.00 in your “Total Available”. However, if you want to redeem for cash via PayPal or Amazon.com gift cards, you must have at least $25 available.Viewing Rewards CatalogThe “Rewards Catalog” and corresponding “Donations Catalog” are listings of ALL the available rewards, so you can see rewards that you can work towards. If you click on “Review My Reward Catalog,” you will be shown a list of available rewards for the $10.00 redemption level. You can choose another reward level by clicking the dropdown box. Some reward levels have more than one page of rewards. For instance, PayPal is currently on the last page in the $25 rewards level.

    Redeeming Rewards

      Being able to see all these potential rewards in the catalog is nice. However, you CANNOT redeem rewards through the rewards catalog.

    If you want to redeem rewards, you have to open the “My Statement” page (by clicking “Rewards” at the top of the SurveyHead page). If you have earned enough rewards to be able to redeem them, a large “Redemption” button will appear between the “Account Snapshot” summary and your list of completed surveys.Surveyhead RedemptionClick on this button in order to choose a reward. This loads a page that looks and functions just like the reward catalog, except that you will ONLY be able to view rewards that you have enough money to redeem, and each item will have a “SELECT THIS REWARD” option next to it. Select the reward you want and finish the redemption process.

  9. Redeem Often and Be PatientSurveyHead is very slow at confirming pending surveys and redeeming your rewards, but they are definitely one of the top paying legitimate survey sites out there.The single most important tip for members of SurveyHead is to be patient. It often can take 4-6 weeks for completed surveys to be moved from “Pending” to “Earned” and another 4-6 weeks before your reward is processed. Since the process takes so long, you will want to redeem your reward as soon as you have $25 earned. The nice thing about SurveyHead is that they have many surveys, so that by the time you receive your first payment, you may already have another two or three payments pending!


Now that you’ve learned more about Surveyhead, be sure to participate!

Hopefully you enjoyed today’s lesson. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our next lesson on special survey opportunities. If you’d rather read ahead, you can look at it now by clicking here.

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