Week 1 $50 Holiday Cash Contest – Surveys and Holiday Gift-Giving

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I always look forward to this time of year and the time I spend with my family and friends. I enjoy eating Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with them, catching up on old times, and watching holiday movies together all huddled up in our blankets. The holiday season can be a very stressful time, however, when it comes to spending money on gifts for everyone. It can be difficult to find something everyone likes and still be within your budget, especially in this economy.

I am currently unemployed and a full-time college student, so it can be very hard to afford the gifts I want for my friends and family during the holiday season. Since I started taking surveys a couple years ago, though, gift-giving has become a lot easier for me. With all the cash and gift cards I receive from taking surveys, it’s quite easy for me to save up enough to buy the gifts I know my family and friends want for the holidays. This year, I plan on using the money I earn from surveys to buy a new toaster oven for my boyfriend, a Blu-ray player for my mom, and some video games for several of my friends. I also plan to give out several gift cards I’ve earned to other family members and friends.

So here is my Cash Contest Question:

How do you plan to spend the extra money you make taking surveys this holiday season? What gifts do you plan to buy for your loved ones?

Our week 1 contest is now closed. Here are the winners from Week 1:

1st PLACE PRIZE $25 winner: Pat Bentzel

2nd PLACE PRIZE $15 winner: Guadalupe Galindo

3rd PLACE PRIZE $10 winner: Tina Guler

We would like to congratulate the winners from round one, and say thanks to all that participated in our Holiday Contest for week 1. We also wish to invite everyone to participate in our week 2 $50 Holiday Contest Question. Jim wants to know: "What is your Christmas Wish?"

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  • Andy December 04, 2010 Reply
    I would like to buy iPad at Amazon in the coming holidays. For this year I have earned almost $1200 extra money through taking surveys. iPad is very popular and innovate,I'd like to own one to share my experience with my friends.
    The gifts I plan to buy are rose flowers and Godiva chocolate. Both of them show love to my wife. She starts a new chapter in my life. I love you,darling!
  • RISHABH DUBEY December 04, 2010 Reply
    "if i get money this time i would like to spend all these just for doing some charitable work for animals like open shelter and provide food and medicines.
    I will do this merely for my loving wife who has passed away and this work was her loving dream".
  • Beth December 03, 2010 Reply
    I'm a newbie with these " survey " thing, and like any newbie I have high hopes on making extra funds to enjoy. Last July I have registered to many survey sites hoping to gather some amount for the holidays, but to my dismay I only received a couple of serious invitations. The first one just slipped my chance for I had only 24 hours to reply and I was out of town (sigh!). The next one sent me two succeeding invites and that lifted my spirit ! I can feel I'm with a more serious one and gave me the positive feeling that there are more to follow.
    The economic downturn however brought about so many promotional sales every month, by different department stores that gave me a chance to shop all-year-round.It was a great opportunity to be able to choose gifts best suited for friends and family members sans the rush this holiday season. I'm almost done with my gift list and that gives me more chance of spending the extra cash I can get from the surveys for myself. It may be early next year when I get my checks...but definitely it can help me purchase a Samsung Galaxy S or an I-Phone so I won't miss any rush survey on-line. With more surveys coming , then the future holidays will be brighter than ever.
  • jaro valent December 02, 2010 Reply
    My wayward step-son is coming home for Christmas this year and my wife and I want him to seek a life that is family-oriented, as he lives on his own and on wellfare.He has mentioned in passing that he needs an apartment of his own and a good-sized convection/toasted oven.We bought him one when it was on sale for $59.00 and will give it to him at Christmas,but since I am semi-retired, some extra money would come in handy as we are also buying gifts for his sister as well. She is living on her own and working very hard to establish herself in a job with a future and we see her as a model for her brother.
  • karthik December 02, 2010 Reply
    with this money i am going enjoy with my family in grand manner and with friends
  • Ayanna Garnett December 01, 2010 Reply
    I'm a 15-year-old sophmore in High School. My Parents struggle everyday just to keep their 3 children content. I try to find jobs for myself to have extra cash and take a load off my parents. I know my mom would rather be able to give me money than have me get a job. With the extra cash I would like to get everyone in my family and extra gift. We already do our traditional Secret Santa. But for some reason I want to make this Christmas a little more special.
  • Tina Guler November 30, 2010 Reply
    I totally agree with Stephanie, being a member of survey sites can really pay off this time of year, when it seems we need it most. It has definitely helped to afford better/multiple gifts for my loved ones…it’s really amazing how having a lil extra dough can go a long way with gift giving. With my bf’s birthday in Dec, 2 siblings in Jan and 1 sister in feb money can get tight. But I’ll tell you what, this is where it comes in so handy to have things like Amazon gift cards that so many survey sites reward with. You can find ANYTHING for ANYONE there and the prices are most usually rock bottom! Hard to find CD's and a new Canon camera are in store for my bf. Dvd's, books and Calendars for my siblings. Maybe I'll even have enough to treat myself to something after the Holidays!
  • Lynda Pallone November 29, 2010 Reply
    I have already been stashing things away for my three grandchildren. The little ones are easy to buy for but as they get older the generation gap sure gets wide! I think I am supposed to use this money for those gagets that they stick in their ears and walk around talking to themselves - I think they said a blue tooth in the ear. Also those hand held things where the pictures spin around and they can watch movies or read or what have you. I've given up figuring out what a tooth, pod, or pad means. Is it Ipad or Myspot. I guess I better just buy those cards and let them figure it out for themselves.
  • Kelley Courtney November 29, 2010 Reply
    My younger brother...to him id like to send him on a REAL vacation,for which he's never taken and deserves more than anyone ever.He's the rock of my family and is and has always been there for all of us in every way.He has the kindest heart imagineable so,thats what i would do with any extra money that came my way.Thank You
  • rosa November 29, 2010 Reply
    i want to buy a game for my son, and my litte girl, because they want a lot a presents, but we dont have to much money
  • Guadalupe Galindo November 29, 2010 Reply
    I recently lost my job, so I really wasn't looking forward to this holiday season.. I sign up to take surveys and it has changed my mind. I have 8 adorable nephews and nieces and plan to spend the money I make in taking surveys on them. 3 of my nieces love dora and are just starting pre-school or kindergarten. I would buy them something fun and educational. My boys are into marbles, a new set would be perfect for them. the newborn should get more clothes, he is growing up so fast and my last two oldest nieces want mp3 players, which I hope to get them. With the money I make from taking surveys, this holiday season is looking good already.
  • Regina November 29, 2010 Reply
    With the extra money I have earned taking surveys I have earned enough to buy some pretty good gifts. I went to black Friday sales and bought my daughter a Nintendo DS lite. I am also able to buy my husband some of those LED headlights for his car he has been wanting. I also received a gift card that I plan on giving to my parents to eat out on. That is something they don't get to do very often these days.
  • Leslie Hollie November 29, 2010 Reply
    I am unemployed. I have been awaiting since 2006, for my disablity to be approved. Some of the money I have made has already been used to make donations to charities. I plan to use the other part to buy gift certificates for those people who have helped me in purchase medication and have helped me in my time of need throughout the year.
  • pat bentzel November 29, 2010 Reply
    The best way to spend the money is to contibute to a good cause, I like helping soldiers injured in the line of duty. or away serving their country during the holidays. The gifts I plan to buy are ones of cookies, candies and goodies for my loved ones in a nursing home. The best gift is free. Time with them. I plan to visit them and bake some of their favorite cookies to take to them and take them out for a meal. I will take some old photos and show them to them trying to get them to relive those times. Christmas morning I will visit with my grandchildren and watch as they open their gifts. It is the best gift I can be given to watch thier expressions as they unwrap gifts. I prefer gifts of time spent together with loved ones. We try to plan a trip taking the grandchildren to events they will enjoy. The very best gift is to tell each one I Love You and give them a big hug and kiss.
  • jimbo November 29, 2010 Reply
    My question is two fold. When r we going to put CHRIST back in CHRISTmas? And when r we going to get over Christmas being all about buying each other gifts...that few seem to care about.
  • Brenda Prince November 29, 2010 Reply
    I am new to taking surveys for cash, therefore I have not won enough cash to buy any gifts. I am however on a fixed income and don't have a lot of money to spend., but every year everyone gets something they like. I do this by bargain shopping. I watch for the sales and competitively shop all the time. It's very easy to learn how to shop this way. You make everyone happy, so therefore you're happy, and your cash flow or rather I should say wallet is happy and you are not broke which leaves room for an unexpected gift if necessary.
  • Anita November 28, 2010 Reply
    I will buy 4 uses good tires for my 1998 Camry it has 223,151 miles still Running good
  • ross g November 28, 2010 Reply
    I don't plan to spend any money that I don't have but of course I would love to! I would probably start with my baby car that curently squeeks. I would like to get new monitor and spend some money for gifts.
  • Ginny November 28, 2010 Reply
    As a down payment on a rental, thanks!
  • Derek Iannelli-Smith November 28, 2010 Reply
    How do you plan to spend the extra money you make taking surveys this holiday season?
    My car was recently side swiped by a tractor trailer truck so I hope to work on growing a down payment for a new used vehicle.

    What gifts do you plan to buy for your loved ones? I would like to give my awesome wife anything she desires. My wife normally cares for everyone else more than herself and having a way to force her to say 'thank you' for all her selfless caring would be great!
  • Bonita Thomas November 28, 2010 Reply
    I just recently started entering surveys in order to supplement my disability income. Right now I haven't accumulated enough points, rewards, or won any contests for prizes, so I am very new to this new experience of taking surveys. However, if I won any of the cash prizes, I would be able to buy my best friend, who is like the sister I never had, the gifts she wanted, which is to eat at a very good Mexican Restaurant. Christmas is also her birthday, so I would like to buy her a nice decorated birthday cake which she did for my birthday in September. My parents are deceased, so I usually send the poor children in India, Mozambique, etc. money through a Christmas Gift Catalog through my church. I have always loved helping other less fortunate people whether here in the U.S or elsewhere in the world, and even though I'm on a strict budget due to my disability, I sometimes give my time to volunteer at a crisis agency handling calls to help other people. Thank you very much for taking your time out to read my comments.
  • Ronda Barnett November 28, 2010 Reply
    I just lost my job recently and became unemployed right at this holiday season time of the year. So, I will be using the money I earn from surveys to buy food and help to pay the bills until I get another job.
  • Sue Henn November 28, 2010 Reply
    I plan to buy gifts with the survey money I make. I am going to buy gift certificates, lotions, clothing, digital camera, gloves, robe, slippers and pajamas for some of my gifts. I also intend to buy sweaters as well.
  • Larry N. November 28, 2010 Reply
    I don't make much from online surveys as I used to due to less surveys being distributed, or who knows the reason. Corporate greed? At best, I would say I have earned a tad under eighty dollars this year. And most of that is in the form of Paypal money, thankfully. However, in terms of purchasing gifts, Paypal money is simply superb.

    Wholesale, mass produce Hong Kong based websites are perfect for extremely low cost, cool gifts. Free shipping, and it takes Paypal money; no need for credit card shenanigans. For instance, you can get a pack of one hundred dice (dies, plural?) for less than two dollars. Not to mention laser pointers, LED lights (the light sabre model is a VERY good choice as a gift), universal remotes, all under a few dollars each. Last year I got one of those plant-in-a-bottle keychains. My friend has it now, and it's the size of a waterbottle. Pretty amazing, a dollar fifty and it actually... grew! I know they're pretty frugal gifts, but when money's tight and you don't have a job, the best things don't always have to be so expensive. Examples of sites like these include DealExtreme, and FocalPrice. These two are pretty reputable, but there are a hundred more like them elsewhere; some of them are scams however!

    Be warned, you have to buy gifts VERY early as shipping is at the very least, three weeks, sometimes six weeks. You have to take that into account!
  • Nenette Mougeot November 28, 2010 Reply
    I will buy things to pamper them. Lots of aromatherapy.
  • Heide morealnd November 28, 2010 Reply
    I enjoy takeing surveys and saveing up to buy christmas gifts for my family. But it never fails something always goes wrong . This christmas which is easier for evryone one and u don't have to return them and stand is line is GIFT CARDS .
  • Tatyana November 28, 2010 Reply
    Yes I take part in polls in this season. If I win money I will present native small, pretty, ????????????? a kitten or a puppy! But it will be a surprise! All of us dreamed for a long time of it!!!!