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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in March 2010. Survey panels do change over time, so you may find that some of this information is no longer accurate. However, the general principles remain the same and we hope you will find it useful.

Surveyhead has rapidly moved into fourth place as one of my best earning survey sites over the past year. I earned $261.80 and received $211.30 since February 5, 2009 and here are a few tips for achieving results comparable to mine.

  • Tip #1 – Complete Your Profiles

Most people have no problem filling out their profiles on Surveyhead because you receive $0.20 for each of the nine profiles you complete, in addition to the $5 that everyone earns upon registering. They also remind you to update your profiles after each survey, so at least several times per year you should mentally remind yourself to check and see if any of your personal information has changed and update the appropriate profile; although, I have found that I have received plenty of surveys from Surveyhead relative to any other panel that I am a member of and usually Surveyhead pays slightly more.

  • Tip #2 – Check For Surveys on the Website

You will occasionally get survey invitations through your email account, but I have added Surveyhead to my Browser Menu bar (Internet Explorer 7) so that I can check it early and often. There are only a few sites that this is absolutely essential and this is probably the best one of those few.

  • Tip #3 – Check Your Rewards on the Website

Located under the ‘My Rewards’ tab is a well-organized ‘Account Snapshot’ of all of the surveys you have taken along with the status explanations, as below:

Cash out Threshold: This is the minimum amount you need to earn before you can cash out.
Needed to Cash out: This is how much more you need to earn before you can cash out.
Sweepstakes Entries: This is the number of times you have been entered into our cash sweepstakes.

Earned:This is the money that you have successfully earned from taking online surveys.
Pending: Before funds can be released to you, we must validate the survey data.
Invalid: We have determined that you should not receive credit for this survey due to invalid responses. Please review the Surveyhead terms and conditions.
Confirmed: We have confirmed your request to receive/donate funds. It may take up to 4 weeks until your request is fulfilled.
Requested: We have received your request to redeem/donate your reward. It may take up to 4 weeks until we can verify that this request is valid.

It is completely normal for surveys to remain in ‘Pending’ status for over a month and, sometimes for longer than six months. It is also normal to have several surveys that are marked ‘Invalid’. I earn so much money so fast with Surveyhead that I have not even bothered to email them concerning the four surveys worth a total of $3.25 that are still pending from last year. I also am not too concerned about the survey marked ‘Invalid’ from December 7, 2009.

  • Tip # 4 – Be Patient!

The single most important tip that I can give anyone that is a member of Surveyhead is to be patient! Not only does it routinely take from one to two months for completed surveys to be moved from ‘Pending’ to ‘Confirmed’, but once you request your payment, which becomes available after you have $25 in confirmed earnings, it takes exactly eight weeks before your cash-out request is moved from ‘Requested’ status to ‘Confirmed’ status, at which point you will receive an email stating that “Your recent PayPal cash out request has been approved from Surveyhead. You will receive your PayPal payment to the email address provided within 2-3 days.” I have never known Surveyhead to not pay me and it is for this reason that you must be very patient with them. When your cash out does arrive via PayPal, you will often find that you have not only requested another cash out, but that you are well on your way to a third $25 cash out!

Surveyhead is one of the very best survey panels for me and has been for the past year. Many good things have come to me from answering their surveys honestly and accurately. Yes, they are very slow at confirming pending surveys and redeeming your cash out requests, but they are definitely one of the top earning legitimate survey sites out there. If you follow these simple tips, I think you will find they will also become one of your top earning survey panels.

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  • Jessie May 15, 2012 Reply
    Is there any requirement to be qualified? because when I received 1 survey and when i took and when I finished it they will said that i am not qualified so I didn't received any cash... and I don't know why... Oh, I already finished my profile info... please help me...
    • Hannah May 15, 2012 Reply
      I'd suggest that you read our Seven Day Survey Course, it will help you out with that a lot. Day 3 explains disqualifications much better than I can here. There are many reasons why you can disqualify, and this article covers most of them:

      I hope that helps!
  • Ays February 14, 2012 Reply
    Hello everyone. Can anybody help me please? I have e-mailed for help at Survey Help Center but have not received a response. I had no problems cashing out by paypal before but this time, I have logged on several times to survey head but I am unable to cash out my rewards. They are not pending and i have cashed out before. I've looked on the website everywhere but my redemption button is missing for some reason. Please help. Thanks
    • Hannah February 15, 2012 Reply
      First, go to your "Rewards" page (the one that lists all of your survey history). Then be sure that the "Total Available" listing shows that you have at least $25 available. That is the current minimum for a PayPal redemption.

      If you do have over $25 available, then look down on the same page, there is a line of text that says "At Surveyhead, we value your opinions and feedback! To thank you for your participation, our members may select from a wide variety of rewards and donations. Please click on the arrow to view more reward options. Review our exciting Reward Catalog today!"

      IMMEDIATELY BELOW the above line of text, you will either see the "Redemption" button OR a line of text that says "You have not yet earned enough to redeem a reward."

      If you see the redemption button, you should be able to redeem from there. If you still have no success, try emailing Jessica ( for further assistance. She has been able to help many of our readers.
      • Bret February 29, 2012 Reply
        Ah-hah...I am having the same problem currently on my account. I have never had this problem before and have cashed out for over $600. I currently have over $45 in earned rewards, but the redemption button is mysteriously missing. Also, I have not received any surveys in the past several weeks. I am going to email Jessica and hope that she is able to resolve this. I like Surveyhead and would like to get back to completing surveys and redeeming my rewards as soon as possible!
  • steven gaston January 16, 2012 Reply
    • Hannah January 18, 2012 Reply
      Steven- if you are having difficulty, you should contact the support for your survey panel. If you are a member of SurveyHead, you can only cash out to PayPal at the $25 and $50 levels. (You MUST have at least $25 available, not pending, in your account to be able to redeem for PayPal rewards). The other confusing thing about SurveyHead is that there are two places on the Rewards page to look at rewards- one is the "reward catalog" which does NOT allow you to redeem rewards, just look at them, and the other is the "Redemption" button, which is what you should click when you are ready to redeem. Then you have to choose the $25 level and then browse through several pages to find the PayPal redemption option. We will have full details on how to do this once our 7 day online course is back up and running, you will probably want to sign up for that!
    • Jessica January 18, 2012 Reply
      Hannah's response is correct. If you continue to have problems cashing out please contact me directly at and ill take a closer look at your account.

      Thank you,
      Surveyhead Rep
  • Joe the Admin July 05, 2011 Reply

    See Lee's number four tip above: Be Patient. Yes I know that it can be frustrating to wait for your completes surveys to move from pending to paid, but the reason it takes time is they validate to results of each survey before they change the status from pending to earned. This ensures the quality of the feedback they give to their clients.

    This verification process can take as long as four weeks or so. However, if you feel like there has been an issue, just contact Jessica at Surveyhead:


    • Jessica Ceron July 06, 2011 Reply
      Hi Barbara,

      Joe is correct. Pending surveys can be pending for up to 6 weeks. If you have anything longer than that send us or me an email and I would be glad to see what the issue is.

      Thank you,
      SurveyHead Rep.
  • Barbara Champagne June 17, 2011 Reply
    I was wondering what rate Surveyhead uses for conversion from Canadian to US funds as I have had over $25.00 sitting there for quite awhile and they say I still need .41 cents to cashout. Even thought Canadian money is worth more than American?
    • Jessica Ceron June 20, 2011 Reply
      Hi Barbara,

      Since we are a US based company we keep track of your earning in USD. Once you reach a balance of $25 USD you will be able to cash out. The conversion rates are used after you cash out and we use the current rate. The process is pretty confusing. If you have any more questions please let me know by emailing me at
  • Lee New May 17, 2011 Reply
    Surveyhead requires a Paypal account, but many sites like Global Test Market, Survey Spot, Opinion Outpost and Valued Opinions do not.
  • Grey May 17, 2011 Reply
    the prolem is i don't have a paypal account. i'am a student and is new to this paid surveys. i constantly use the internet so i wanted to make money out of browsing. and paid surveys is the way to earn money at home..

    Do i need to register aPayPal account before i can cash-out?

    ilook forward to your responces.. thank you.
    • Jessica Ceron May 17, 2011 Reply
      Hi Grey,

      If you are in the US we offer other rewards that you can pick from. We have Amazon, iTunes, Nike and several others. For cash Paypal is the only option we offer at the moment. If you are in another country Paypal is always available but other rewards vary. You can always email me at for more questions.

      Thank you
  • Sandra Clifford October 28, 2010 Reply
    I have been tring to get this issue resolved. Irecieved a 25.00 virtiualVisa through I can not get it to work. Surveyhead coustmer service is not responding Please help.
    • Jessica Ceron December 10, 2010 Reply
      Dear Sandra,

      It has been a few months since your post. I want to follow up to see if this issue was ever resolved. If it hasn't please contact me at and I will get this solved for you as soon as possible.

      Thank you
      Jessica Ceron
      Customer Service Specialist.
  • Lee New July 26, 2010 Reply
    The Surveyhead site has worked every day for the past two months for me. My last Confirmation was paid out on June 16, 2010.

    Cash Out Request --N/A-- 06/04/10 $25.50 Confirmed

    My last request was:

    Cash Out Request --N/A-- 06/28/10 $26.00 Requested

    My current standings are:

    Account Snapshot

    Total Earned [?] $364.05
    Total Available [?] $15.00
    Total Pending[?] $33.25
    Cash out Threshold [?] $25.00
    Needed to Cash out [?] $10.00
    Total cash out amount $349.05

    It takes two to four weeks after requesting payout for Confirmation and then 3-4 days after that to receive the funds via PayPal.
  • Jean July 26, 2010 Reply
    Can someone please advise me if Surveyhead is still a legitimate survey panel. I reached my $25.00 threshold and cashed out for a Visa Virtual Account. When I attempted to use this account with a online store, the merchant advised me that the card was coming up invalid. I contacted myezspend who is (was) responsible for my Visa Virtual Acccount. Myezspend advised me to contact MediBank who advised me that a 3rd party company responsible for this Visa Virtual Account went bankrupt and my account now has a zero balance and they cannot pay out (of course) on a zero balance. Now I have had not used any money from this account and I have a print out showing I have (had) $25.00 as of 06/16/2010.
    I have sent 2 emails to Surveyhead support help center and have yet to receive a response. I had requested payment of $30.00 to a paypal account and I have yet to receive any credit from Surveyhead to that account.

    I have also so noticed that the Surveyhead website has been down frequently for upgrades frequently since 06/01/2010 which led me to ask the aforementioned question " Is Survey head still a valid survey panel?"

    I would greatley appreciate any assistance you can give me.
    • Joe the Admin July 26, 2010 Reply
      Even though Surveyhead has had its share of growing pains, I can assure you that it is a legitimate survey panel. It can take up to four to six weeks to receive your cash payment so it may be several more weeks before you get the $30 via PayPal. As for the Visa Virtual Account issue, I am not sure what to tell you, but I will reach out to Surveyhead to see if there is a possible solution.
  • Tweedy June 19, 2010 Reply
    Hey, I have been with them a while and will reach my 25.00 target soon, but do they have a fixed amount you can cash out? Or can you enter the amount yourself (like in ciao surveys)? I hope you understand what I am trying to say, like if I get 25.00, but the options are fixed to get like 5.00, or 10.00 or 20.00 dollars, that sort of thing.
    Thank you!
    • Joe the Admin June 19, 2010 Reply
      You can cash out any amount you want as long as it is above the threshold of $25.00.