My Review of AIP Online Surveys

AIP Online Surveys is a pretty standard survey panel company that offers surveys and sweepstakes.  I'm not a huge fan of it but I haven't really given it the time.

Survey Invites: Moderate
Regions: North America, Europe, Asia
Minimum Age: 16+ Teen
Rewards: Points redeemable for Cash via PayPal
Redemption Balance: 500 Epoints
Processing Time: PayPal Payments usually take 4-6 weeks

Average 6/10
Quality 6/10
Frequency 5/10
Payment 7/10
Support 5/10

Insider Tips for Success

They are relatively new, so less "crowded"
The surveys they offer are quick
They pay for all surveys
Join the Survey Panel and complete the demographic background information
After joining you can take surveys found in the member's area and via email
Then just take the surveys that are sent and collect points
Get the best survey opportunities sent right to your email.

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  • "Here's a brief "unfinished history" of my AIP membership. I joined AIP last ..."
    Aldrin Garcia | 5 Star Rating
  • "I like this site very much because it helps me a lot to study surveys and ..."
    Emmanuelito Y. Garcia | 5 Star Rating
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User Reviews (10)

  • AIP Online Surveys
    Aldrin Garcia r.rating
    September 27, 2011

    Here's a brief "unfinished history" of my AIP membership. I joined AIP last July 2011, just few months ago. Good thing there is no payment for joining unlike the other survey sites. I received two surveys for July month where I earned five (5) points each. Then, I became inactive. (There are no surveys.) This September 21, one new survey arrived. I earned another five (5) points. I found time to check my profile and clicked and registered to the Detailed Info Update. After that, my total accumulated points increased to 90. One day (night) after, I received another survey. After answering for about 40 minutes, my points increased to 640! The next day, I had another survey where I earned no point. After five days, which is last night, I answered a survey where I earned 350 points. Currently, I have a total of 990 points! ***Redemption Terms, AIP Philippines : 2500 points minimum required. ***Payment Terms (stated above) : 500 point minimum required for payment: 500 Epoints = $5 ***Philippine Peso-Dollar Exchange (Estimate) Php45 = $1 Therefore, regardless of Redemption Terms, I already have: 990 Epoints == $10 == Php 450 Suggestions: 1. Follow AIP Member Agreement. 2. Read and Answer surveys with accuracy and consistency. 3. Update your Detailed Info. 4. Be patient. Notes: 1. I will review again after my first redemption! 2. I am not related to Reviewer Emmanuelito Y. Garcia. It just so happened we are both Filipinos. :-) God bless!
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Emmanuelito Y. Garcia r.rating
    September 24, 2011

    I like this site very much because it helps me a lot to study surveys and analyze if it' is helpful to me. Well, as new member I don't need to parade my comments about this site. In the meantime I honestly find it nice and interesting. God bless to all!
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Matt r.rating
    September 23, 2011

    I have been a member of AIP for 1 year and I have found that it has some very nice features such as; a clean, easy to read members page and the survey lengths tend to be rather short. However, the surveys are so infrequent and the reward for each survey tend to be so low due to the short lengths that it makes it difficult to earn payouts compared to some other sites. I have learned that AIP does not always send e-mail invitations for surveys so when you log in to your account page, you are likely to see multiple open surveys waiting for you. They reward in e-points and you need a minimum of 500 to cash out. Most surveys reward between 2-4 e-points and you usually will have the opportunity to do 5-10 surveys a months. So as you might imagine, this is not a barn burner. If more survey invitations were sent by e-mail, AIP may prove to be a better investment of your time.
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Winston r.rating
    April 14, 2011

    Takes SUUUUPPPPEEEER LONG TO CASH OUT More Like A YEAR. And Sitting There Answering the Survey for A YEAR?? ANd Just $5 in reward. VERY CHEAP. Not Worth It. THIS IS A CHEAP SITE. :) I Don't Know About You, But Consider this, BabySitting(If US Citizen) or Other Jobs(Outside US) can make $5 per hour or two then compare to this online survey that can make you $5 for a YEAR.... Wow !very cheap labor..
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Andy r.rating
    December 02, 2010

    I joined the panel a few months ago and expected to earn some money from them. The result was very disappointing.The point system is nonsense and I have no idea how long I will receive my first payment($5=500 points and most survey worth 2-5 points,more even one survey per week). Stupid huh? It's true. Don't waste your time on the panel. We are not cheap labors. I quit now.
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Ria r.rating
    November 21, 2010

    Yeah too slow and just a couple of survey in a row but that's the bottom line of online paid surveys... It takes time and effort and testing your patience. You cant expect to draw a lot of surveys to your email it will always depend on the company and business enterprises process. Don't expect a lot of money and fast earning scheme just take your time every surveys for fun and answer freely with your will with it. This is just for extra time and income, or some kind of investment of your time too!
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Dominic r.rating
    August 01, 2010

    Takes to long to cash-out. I been with them for 6 months and have only 125 points. Not worth it.
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Laura H r.rating
    May 29, 2010

    As everyone's mentioned above, this is a sloooooow earner, but I'm sticking with it. I receive between two and four surveys a month, all of which offer around two points a piece. With 500 points needed to cash's going to take awhile. However, I almost always qualify for surveys (I can only recall one survey recently where I was only given one point instead of two), and the surveys tend to be around seven questions or so in length. While it may indeed take a few years to cash out, since the surveys are so quick and never a time-waster, I don't mind adding this company to my list of "small but steady" earners.
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Eric r.rating
    April 18, 2010

    I am in the same boat as Tina. I joined the site about a month or 2 ago. I logged in a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe that I had only earned about 20 cents. I originally assumed that 1 point equaled 10 cents. It seems kind of ridiculous to be paid 2 or 3 cents for 5 minutes of time.
  • AIP Online Surveys
    Tina Guler r.rating
    March 15, 2010

    I joined AIP Online about a month ago and although it's ONLY been a month, I can already tell it's going to take quite awhile before I'll be able to cash out on this site. When you first join AIP, you are entered into a "new member" sweepstakes for cash prizes up to $750. There are also 4 profiler categories (Traveling, Entertainment, Financial Services and Health Care) which you are credited a minimal amount of points for (4 points each if I remember right.) and encouraged to complete in order to receive surveys more frequently. However, after joining and completing all 4 profilers, I have only received 4 surveys (about 1 per week) since joining and have a whopping total of 22 points. Considering it takes 500 points to cash out for $5, I'm doubting whether I should stay a member or not. The only thing good I have to say about AIP is that all their surveys are very short and simple. 5 minutes asking simple questions about your day to day habits for 2 points each. So it's up to you whether you don't mind doing them for as long as it might take to reach 500.