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E-Poll is an often overlooked survey panel, but I’ve done pretty well with them during my several years of survey-taking. Although they rarely make my top five survey panels list and don’t pay much per survey, I do get several surveys from them a month that I qualify for. Their surveys can be pretty fun to take sometimes (especially the ones involving reviewing TV shows), too. They also offer PayPal and gift cards as some of their rewards, which I really like.


Most of the E-Poll survey topics have to do with entertainment and advertising. Some of the surveys will ask you if you watch particular TV shows (particularly cable shows), so if you’re a big TV-watcher, you will probably do well with E-Poll. I watch a lot of reality TV and talk shows, so I’ve gotten a lot of surveys related to those topics. The most fun surveys will ask you to watch a TV show and then voice your opinion about it after it’s over. Although these surveys are long (ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour), they are entertaining and you get to see some TV shows before they actually air on TV. Other times, they will ask you to watch a TV show at home on your television when it airs. After you watch it, they send you a survey the next day or so for you to take and review the show. Sometimes they will also send you a DVD of a TV show or movie to watch at home, but that’s only happened to me once or twice.

Other surveys can be on the tedious side, however. These involve being asked if you’re familiar with a particular celebrity, character, or TV show. If you say you’re familiar with them, you will usually then be asked a long series of boring, repetitive questions about how you feel about the particular topic. The questions that ask you to assign certain personality characteristics to each person or TV show are the dullest, in my experience. These particular surveys can be pretty long depending on how familiar you are with the topics being discussed and sometimes I just skip them entirely because they don’t reward you very much for taking them.


Survey invitations are sent to your email address when there is one available to take. They list how much the survey is worth and occasionally list the topic. The frequency of survey invitations really depends on the person and their demographics. For myself, I receive at least a couple surveys a week from them. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. Surveys that have you watch a TV show and review it are rarer and I usually get those every couple of months or so. Surveys fill up quickly, so it’s best to take them as soon as possible. Most surveys range from 10-15 minutes to an hour or more if there’s a video to watch.


The website itself is straightforward and easy to navigate. There is a simple profile section that you can update whenever you like. The questions are short and include your gender, marital status, ethnicity, education, income, and employment status. You can view your survey and reward history by clicking on the “activity summary page” link on the main page or the “Order History” link on the “E-Poll Rewards” page.


E-Poll uses a points system to reward survey-takers. Most surveys are worth 500-1000 points. Some pay less and some only reward you with sweepstakes entries. Points are added to your account immediately after completing a survey, which is a plus. You can view the number of points you currently have by logging into the E-Poll website and clicking “E-Poll Rewards” at the top of your account.

Rewards include gift cards and PayPal. Gift card options include, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and restaurants. A $5.00 gift card (or PayPal deposit) is worth 3500 points (the lowest amount you can cash out for), while a $30.00 gift card (or PayPal deposit) is worth 17250 points (the highest amount you can cash out for). Unfortunately, it takes 6-8 weeks for rewards to be processed and sent. This is one of the drawbacks of their reward system. In my experience, it does take a few weeks to receive your reward. Other than it taking a while to receive a reward, I haven’t had any issues cashing out for gift codes or PayPal deposits.


Technical problems are rare in my experience. I usually use Firefox to take their surveys and watch any videos I need to watch. I haven’t had any issues so far with that. A fast internet speed is pretty much required to watch any of the longer videos. If you experience any problems, you can email their support department and they will usually respond within a couple of days or less, in my experience. There is also a Help Center with various FAQs sorted by category if you need an answer to a general question.


All in all, I recommend giving E-Poll a try, especially if you watch a lot of TV shows and movies. Having cable will also help a lot since many of the TV shows asked about only air on cable. Although they don’t pay as much per survey as other survey panels, most of their surveys are generally fun to take, especially the ones involving reviewing new TV shows or advertisements.

For current members of E-Poll, how is your experience with them? Any comments and tips are most welcome.

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  • LapisLee May 11, 2012 Reply
    E-Poll is a great legitimate survey panel with long, but easy, surveys that pay an average amount. I no longer have time for them, but if you like really easy, somewhat tedious, longer surveys for a few bucks on television and movie trivia, then this panel is for you.