Great Ways to Make Money With Surveys Online - by keeping your personal info up to date

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Getting paid for taking surveys online involves signing up with online survey companies and getting surveys sent to your inbox each day. Over time, your earning accumulate and you can cash out for money or prizes. One of the biggest complaints people have about online surveys is that they feel like they are not getting enough surveys or that they are getting invited to surveys that they end up not qualifying for. There could be several reasons for this, but the most likely is that they do not have their profile filled out completely or they are not updating it often enough to keep it current. Survey panels use your profile information to determine which surveys to send to you. The quality and quantity of your survey invites are directly related to your online profile. Most online survey profiles have several categories that need to be kept up to date:

Location and Family: Some surveys look for people who live in a certain area. Along these same lines, some surveys look for participants within certain age groups, ethnicities, or socio-economic demographics. Make sure you fill out these areas of your profile update them with any changes. Also make sure to note changes in family size with kids moving out, babies being born, family members moving in, or marriages or divorces taking place.

Electronics: Many surveys have to do with electronics you buy or have in the house. Make note of the things you buy as many surveys ask about your purchases within the past 3-12 months. Things like computers, TV sets, video games, appliances, kitchen equipment, music and video devices, and other electronic devices can be recorded in many profiles. You need to update these areas with the new things you buy. Keeping these devices updated means you can get more surveys about the things you buy.

Vehicles: You will often be asked about the vehicles you drive and whether you own or rent them, what make and model they are, their age, and similar questions. If you sell one of your vehicles, be sure to take it off your profile and if you buy a new vehicle be sure you add it to the list!

Travel: If you travel a lot for business or pleasure make sure you fill out this section of the profile completely and keep it updated. When you record your travel habits, frequent travel or flyer club information and such, it can open up new surveys. There is also the chance of getting the option to redeem survey points for travel-related rewards.

Hobbies and Personal: Most survey panels have a section of your profile where you can record the hobbies and activities you enjoy. If you like to cook, hike, exercise, play sports, or do craft projects you may find surveys tailored to those activities. You will also have a chance to answer questions about the food you eat, what you drink, how you shop, how often you are online, what your spending habits are and other questions. Keeping this information up to date will mean getting more relevant survey opportunities delivered to your inbox.

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