Is Opinion Outpost legit?

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Opinion Outpost conducts surveys for businesses, public institutions, government organizations, and other similar bodies. These groups are primarily interested in the attitudes and views of people who use their services and products. The more these organizations know about the opinions of citizens and customers, the easier it will be for them to improve what they offer.

About the Company

Opinion Outpost is operated by one of the top research firms in international marketing, Survey Sampling International, LLC. This organization also operates the SurveySpot online panel, and the parent company is known for being both reputable and completely legitimate.

The Better Business Bureau also provides the company with the highest possible rating (A+), although the site does have several closed complaints against it. Most of the complaints against the company were related to efficiency in sending payment to members and the treatment of panelists. Most of the payment issues were from 2007 when the company used checks, and these and the other complaints were resolved, dealt with appropriately, and closed.

Signing Up

Signing up for Opinion Outpost is free and simple, and after you complete your account and confirm your email address, you can start completing company profiles so that you can receive appropriate surveys. By providing complete and correct information, you will make it easier for the site to find surveys that fit your demographics. It is also important to note that Opinion Outpost only accepts two people from each household to register for the website, and each panelist will need to have a separate email address.

Getting Paid

Once members have completed their profile, online surveys will be sent out via email. The more surveys a member takes, the greater their earning potential will be. Each survey that members participate in will provide a reward, and rewards include sweepstakes entries, charity contributions, and cash redemption. Funds can be paid out in as little as five dollars.

Survey Frequency

Surveys are sent out on a regular basis, but Opinion Outpost makes no guarantees on when members will receive invitations. Surveys are based around an individual client’s specific research goals, and depending on a user’s profile, these may or may not be relevant to their demographics. Depending on a member’s profile, survey requests may be sent more or less often, so it is important that members keep their profile updated. It is also important for users to make sure that their firewall isn’t preventing the delivery of survey invitations.

What Others Are Saying

Many consumers that are looking for sites to take paid surveys have the same question: Is Opinion Outpost legit? Reviews for Opinion Outpost are varied, although most are overwhelmingly positive. Many users are pleased with the website and express no issues with receiving their funds, but others commented that their money as delayed by the site due to “data concerns”, which is a term the site uses if they suspect that users answered questions either at random or by simply speeding through them. Unfortunately, legitimate members had their payments flagged on account of these concerns, and this has been discouraging to honest website members.

Opinion Outpost is one of the most popular paid survey sites available. Although this is a legitimate site, you should always use caution when giving out personal or financial information online.

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