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Editor’s Note, July 2012: This article was originally published in February 2010. Due to the constant changes in survey panel site ownership and policies, some features mentioned here may no longer be available.

Global Test Market is my second best earning website over the last two years. I earned and received $408.15 since March 1, 2008 and here are several tips that I have for achieving results comparable to mine.

  • Tip #1 – Complete Your Profiles

The first tip is exactly the same as for SurveySpot (and every other survey panel!) Go to and click on the ‘Surveys’ tab. Here you will see 10 Profile Surveys, including Basic, Household, Employment, Travel, Vehicle, Medical, Technology, Financial, Purchases and Interests that take about five minutes each to complete. Global Test Market will send you an email reminder at the beginning of each year, so it is not necessary to update them any more frequently unless you make changes, like moving, purchasing a new vehicle, a new health condition is diagnosed, etc. that might affect the surveys that you qualify for.

  • Tip #2 – Respond to Survey Invitations as Soon as Possible

The second tip is also similar to SurveySpot: click on the paid survey email invitations the very first thing each morning. Some of these will be for sweepstakes, so I save those for last. At the end of the day, if you have time, go to and click on the ‘Surveys’ tab. Below the Profile Surveys you will see a section devoted to surveys that you have not yet completed. I will complete these even if they are for a sweepstakes entry because occasionally they lead to a higher-paying Invoke Interactive or product test. The only way to know is by doing them!

  • Tip #3 – Check Your Rewards on GTM’s Website

It’s been my experience that you do not have to keep track of the surveys completed for Global Test Market because they credit you immediately on their website. Click on the tab ‘Rewards’ and under ‘Rewards Account Balance’ you will see ‘View Recent Market Points Activity’. There you will find all of your rewards neatly organized by transaction date, time, type (survey or redemption) and amount of points. You can also review your sweepstakes entries by clicking on ‘View Recent Sweepstakes Entries’. Note: the points balance on email survey invitations will not always reflect the most up-to-date total, so do not worry about this.

  • Tip #4 – Check the GTM Blog Before Ordering Checks

Editor's Note: The blog referenced here no longer exists. There may be other methods of checking this information as social media evolves, but we are unable to update this post every time that the GlobalTestMarket site changes.

Once you have reached 1000 points ($50) you may request a check, but make sure you check the Global Test Market blog located at to determine the exact dates that checks are delivered. Most people don’t even know this blog exists but it’s updated every single month and occasionally has important announcements and survey tips!

  • Tip # 5 – Add Survey Email Addresses to Your Allowed List

One tip that I forgot to mention in the first article is to add the email addresses of every survey panel, such as and, to your email white (or allow) list to make certain that you receive surveys from SurveySpot and GTM. This goes for every survey panel, especially if you were receiving email invitations and they suddenly stopped. Always check your spam filter to make sure they are being allowed!

Global Test Market is one of the very best survey panels for me and has been for over two years, which is why I sometimes take surveys just for a sweepstakes entry because I know they are completely legitimate and many good things have come to me from answering their surveys honestly and accurately. If you follow these simple tips, I think you will find they will also become one of your top earning survey panels.

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