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We are trying to spread the word about GetPaidSurveys, and have created two new commercials. Your feedback will help us decide which one to promote. Basically, just let us know which one you like the best and why. We are giving away 1 $50 prize first prize, and three Five $10 runner up prizes for the individuals that leave the most helpful feedback.

Contest Rules:

  1. Keep your comments PG please. See our complete comment policy for more details.
  2. Each participant may only leave one entry.
  3. All winners will be notified via email, so be sure to leave your correct email address in the comment form below.
  4. All comments must be submitted by May 4, 2011 (5 PM EST) to be considered.

Payments will be issued via PayPal or Amazon Gift Certificate on the May 4, 2011. All the comment entries and the winners that are selected will be posted here on May 4, 2011 at the conclusion of the contest.

So without further ado, here are the videos. Thanks in advance for your help.

Contest is now closed. Here are the winners:

GRAND PRIZE $50 winner: Kylie

$10 winner: Lee new

$10 winner: Stephanie L

$10 winner: Larry N.

$10 winner: Tina Guler

$10 winner: Ayanna Garnett

Thanks to everyone that left feedback on our contest. We had lots of great and helpful comments, and this was a very,very hard decision, so much so in fact, that we increased the $10 rewards from three to five. Congratulations to the winners.

After reading all of the feedback, and counting the votes it looks like Video 1 came out slightly ahead, but it was close and it looks like we are going to be using both commercials to promote are site. From the feedback given , it is apparent that they both have different appeal to different target audiences.

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Comments (49)

  • Tina Guler May 04, 2011 Reply
    Although I do see how both videos are very informative, I have to say that my favorite is the commercial featuring "Bob". It really reminds me of my boyfriend who takes online surveys...and also shares his opinions with everyone he knows. It really made me laugh. It very clearly points out that doing something as simple as sharing your opinions can really pay off if you know where to do it. The animation is very eye-catching and the "storyline" kept my attention. A very memorable video that I would gladly share with friends.
    • Joe the Admin May 04, 2011 Reply
      Great Feedback Tina. You are a $10 winner!
    • Madonna November 04, 2014 Reply
      Fantastic site. Lots of helpful info here. I'm sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious.
      And of course, thanks on your effort!
  • Ayanna Garnett May 04, 2011 Reply
    I think the videos are good. I think the first video appeals to adults while the second appeals to teens or young adults which is good because it covers all of your audience. Both videos are short, give you good information and most importantly holds your attention, but if you have to pick one I would say go with video two because I believe teens would probably have more time to take surveys then adults. Plus, word about a survey sites that pays will get around faster with teens.
    • Joe the Admin May 04, 2011 Reply
      Great Feedback Ayanna. You are a $10 winner!
  • Jean May 03, 2011 Reply
    The first video was more professional giving detailed information about Get Paid Surveys
    to those whom are interested.
  • Vikitra Ikshana May 03, 2011 Reply
    Video 1 commercial is the best

    I choose video 1 because it looks more professional
    The introduction already tells you about the website itself, just before you visit the website. The web design look very professional and trusted (that why i choose this), people can have a look and get the whole idea
    The scene of people involved represent what going on outside about people who need extra money, even when the already have a permanent job. So it can reach everybody, not only jobless, retired, house wives, or teenagers

    Video 2
    Video 2, all about making money by paid survey. Everybody can do the same, but not everybody have trusted and professional website.
    In this area, people trust what they seen not only dream about getting more money, they want to know if the sources is can be trusted
  • marie May 03, 2011 Reply
    I like both videos.It will definately catch someones attention because they sound legitimate (which they are! xD ).
  • Larry N. May 02, 2011 Reply
    Honestly, both videos appeal to different types of viewers. However, I would pick Video #2 over Video #1 for a variety of reasons.

    Let's start with Video #1.

    First off, the voice sounds very generic; it's not vibrant or snazzy, but it's perfectly understandable, somewhat like a robot. However, its monotone pace is akin to several late night commercials peddling various wares. With that in mind, several people will automatically make the auditory connection between this voice, and the voice of several products that make dubious claims. Even if they don't make the connection mentally, their subconscious will pick up on this, making it a negative influence. As for the video itself, it's also very bland; this is a very generic video type that can be found in the millions, which makes the site seem less than it's able to distinguish itself from others. What this video is saying to me is that Get Paid Surveys will be gone in a matter of months if it doesn't pick up traffic. Not to say that it hasn't, as I have personally seen Get Paid Surveys remodel itself, restructure itself, and adapt to various changes, but new viewers do not know this. Nonetheless, this video typically attracts the older generation, not requiring fancy graphics, or a complicated message. This type of video also attracts people with weaker English vocabulary, as it's these brand of videos that they perceive are more believable. It's clear, concise, straightforward, and most importantly, gets the message across.

    Now, video #2.

    First off, it's about five seconds shorter than Video #1, which is obviously good for marketing purposes. The attention span of a viewer is precious, and the longer it drags out, the worse it may be. The voiceover, in short, fits perfectly with the animation type. It's not boring or dull, and it's not entirely monotone too. You can feel a bit of emotion, feeling, realism in the voice, and it makes it far better than video #1's voice. The sounds used throughout the video are quite pleasant. They do not distract the viewer, and they are not used needlessly. My only concern is "Bob" and his squeaking voice. Unless there are mice or rats somewhere, keep the squeaking voices to an absolute minimum. Sharp noises tend to annoy people. Visually and content-wise, it's far more creative than the Average-joe commerical creation. It's not entirely unique and witty, but that's okay. Most commercials aren't. The flashing of images in-tune with the voice fits perfectly, and the use of "two-cents" was well-done. However, the depiction of Bob and other people are people without legs. Why is that? It feels a bit... strange. Like looking at a ghost, or a wobbly-bobbly head creation. The use of thumbs passively shows that Get Paid Surveys is neutral with their opinions, on say Film, Music, Cars, and Bicycles (Pause at 2 seconds of Video #2). The thumbs appear similar, which would either require the viewer to pause the video to see "Bob's" opinion, or watch carefully. Checkmarks and red X's would make it far more obvious for viewers to associate Bob's opinions with things. This type of video would appeal to the younger English speaking community, who can understand the plot better, and with such phrases as "Two Cents". However, many will find it more enjoyable to watch than Video #1.

    Overall, both good videos, but Video #2 would be more appropriate based on the target audience.
    • Joe the Admin May 04, 2011 Reply
      Great Feedback Larry. You are a $10 winner!
  • daisy May 02, 2011 Reply
    That its great the idea to video for the survey tank you, but its more good see the product or all.
  • Cecelia McClain May 02, 2011 Reply
    I love both of these videos they tell you exactly what you have to do to join . This is one of my favorites
  • Joann May 02, 2011 Reply
    Okay... I have been *lurking* for a while now..... and I think that this website is excellent. I appreciate all of the the information and reviews. I check you out numerous times each week.

    Now I'm going to give my vote to Video # 1. It is the Most Professional out of the two vids presented. It appeals to an audience who is Serious about Legit Online Paid Surveys and Honest Reviews.

    The second video grabs and keeps my attention, is fun to watch, creative, and informative..... and I really like it and can relate to it. However, once a person signs up for these panels and find out that the Actual work isn't always easy, simple, and fun (as the cute little animated people show in the 2nd video), they may think back and feel that this was somewhat misleading. Consumer Market Research and Online Survey taking is very serious business.... and should be presented as such in my opinion. A survey taker will come across occasional fun enjoyable surveys, projects, and product tests here and there...... which is wonderful and nice to look forward to! I really enjoy them... and If there was no fun at all in doing this, I would probably not be participating.

    So in conclusion... each video is very well made and appealing... and would Definitely encourage viewers to check out your GetPaidSurveys website.
  • Stephanie L. May 02, 2011 Reply
    I like both videos as they are very informative and well put-together, but I prefer the second video because it’s more visually interesting and fun. I like the fun cartoon style, the colors, the character of Bob and how he loves to share opinions (much to the chagrin of his friends), the female voiceover (who sounds very passionate about, and the upbeat music. It also has a bit of humor in it, which lightens the mood and makes it less generic compared to the other video. It’s all very fun and clever, and makes me more interested in finding out about and sharing my opinions by doing surveys for cash. It pulls me in and makes me happy and excited about the website. I like the emphasis on as a trusted website that only lists the legitimate survey panel websites that pay.

    My only criticism of the second video is that I don’t really like how the text and logo floats around in the video in some places. It moves around a bit too much for my taste and I would slow it down a bit so it’s not so wobbly and yet is still emphasized with the moving of the text. I would perhaps put a slight back-glow around it to emphasize it more against the blue background. Otherwise, I really like the design of the video. It’s just the right length, tells me enough information to visit the website to find out more, and is well-organized in its content.

    The other video, in comparison, is too dry and generic in my opinion. It’s very professional and informative, but doesn’t catch my attention as much as the second one. It could be for any other online business out there. The photos are just too generic for me and don’t catch my interest. The second one was more creative, clever, optimistic, and fun, thus the second video is my pick for the winner.
    • Joe the Admin May 04, 2011 Reply
      Great Feedback Stephanie. You are a $10 winner!
  • Megan May 02, 2011 Reply
    loved it! very creative and not boring!
  • manuela rodriguez May 02, 2011 Reply
    video 2 was just amazing. it was very imaginative.
  • kelly wingerter May 02, 2011 Reply
    i liked the 1st one,it really explains how to do the surveys.the 2nd one didn't do that.
  • Denise Claassen May 02, 2011 Reply
    I prefer video no. 1 as it portrays a much more credible company. The graphics were very well done, the spokesmans voice and speed make the text easy to understand. I felt a sense of trust after watching video no. which I did not feel after watching video no. 2.
  • MICHAEL MELINCOFF May 02, 2011 Reply
  • Fortunato Maculangan May 01, 2011 Reply
    The video only reinforces the legitimacy of the site, the site is the honest to goodness way of getting the opinion of the consumer that will help both side.

    There are no apprehension from me to refer my friend and family member to join this survey. I am sure they will also see the truthfulness of the site as what happened to me.

    Thank you very much for dispelling the saying that survey that pay is an urban legend.
  • NURUL SHAFIYNAZ BT. SHAFIE May 01, 2011 Reply
    hye there,,
    for me the video 1 is more direct info about Paid Survey,
    video 2 is more to the story+info about the Paid Survey, which is its in real situation of people.The info more details and easy to understand very well..literally its more interesting but need to add some real figure/image of website of the Paid Survey.It is for attract people..for me i prefer video 2
  • Kylie April 30, 2011 Reply
    Both commercials have pros and cons. .. Personally I like both of them, I think the first commercial targets Adults because of it's serious and factual tone. The second commercial is more teen friendly because of the use of animated people. Depending on which targeted audience you are looking for would influence my opinion. The commercials both contained good information, the first one more so. The second one I got distracted by the unique animations which made me have to re-watch it in order to determine the information. I like the intro to the first commercial; it instantly got my attention by providing true factual information as well as showing a common view of most US people. In the second commercial the use of animations like the word Free, the website and the piles of coins attracted me and really stood out. The First one, showed the website a lot which made me remember it.. Honestly I think they are both very good commercials, the target audience is different in both of them which therefore makes it a very hard decision. Overall, I think the first commercial gives a more serious tone, and attracts adults (Which I think is one of the audiences your website targets) which is the commercial I vote for..
    • Joe the Admin May 04, 2011 Reply
      Excellent Feedback Kylie. You are the grand prize $50 winner!
  • Lee New April 30, 2011 Reply
    I prefer Video #1 because it is serious, professional and credible. It tells you exactly what to expect in plain language and let's you know that distinguishes between real legitimate survey panels and those websites that attempt to sell you something or collect your personal information for resale. This video lets you know about free legitimate survey panels that are rated by other consumers just like you on, so you will have the low-down on every worthwhile survey panel out there. It's not as humorous as Video #2, but includes much more valuable information that would grab the attention of serious individuals desiring to earn money from paid online survey panels.
    • Joe the Admin May 04, 2011 Reply
      Great Feedback. You are a $10 winner!
  • Anatoly Novikov April 30, 2011 Reply
    I liked the video 1, but in my opinion, the roller 2 considers the impact of a large audience.
  • TINA LIZA TAURO April 30, 2011 Reply
    I give my thumbs up to VIDEO ONE the video is creative keeping the modern theme of a global fast moving society and with changing times, changing demands, people are looking to the Internet as a new money making tool. So GET PAID SURVEYS is their solution to that open door.
  • Keanaliz Lozada April 29, 2011 Reply
    I Honestly really liked video #2 because video #1 is just too serious. It seems like its more for adults and doesnt show that taking surveys are fun, unlike video#2. So I think video #2 is a keeper.
  • Riana April 29, 2011 Reply
    The first video wins definately! I have played it for my friends and family as well, and they agree! Great job!
  • Gabriela April 29, 2011 Reply
    Video 1 is the better commercial. This one talks about how the site offers free and trustful sites, so people can feel safe when using it. It tells you users can leave reviews about the different survey sites and other users can check them first before joining one. It also distinguishes it from other sites because it sais "we review online survey panels." This shows how the site pretty much does the research for you when looking for good survey sites. The other video did not give as much details about the site and how it works.
  • John April 29, 2011 Reply
    Video two is not that great. The flaw is, Bob is very annoying. He believes that other people want to hear his opinions about the problems of the world, but sadly, reality does not agree with him. Also, his distinct lack of legs gives him the appearance of either a ghost or an egg. A ghost would imply these people are dead, so they do not need to waste their time hearing about the woes of ol' Bob. If they are eggs, then I seriously question their ability to remain standing. The background is confusing; is it the sky, or is it an aqua-blue tiled bathroom floor? The thumbs up and thumbs down association makes it difficult to determine if Bob is ever neutral. Bob could use a mood stabilizer, in my personal belief.
  • Rebecca Newton April 29, 2011 Reply
    i think both of these were great ads. It is great that you find the companies that is legit and you do not have to pay to join these sites. Someone i know joined one of the paid sites and she said it is not any good. You should look around for the panels to join that are free. There are a lot of them out there that pay for your time so you can make a little extra money.
  • pat b April 29, 2011 Reply
  • rawnak April 29, 2011 Reply
    this site is just a great site to earn a few extra bucks in your internet account. if you are one of those who is going to take the step of getting paid online by completing surveys, i recommend that this site is the most remarkable one for you to get started wit. as it gives you the information about the most recent online paid survey on the internet. i wish you will enjoy and come across many new experiences through this site on future. so keep going and enjoy.......
  • Cyd April 28, 2011 Reply
    I liked the second commercial. It pointed out that surveys were a way to earn some extra money and at the same time allow you to give your opinion, plus it lets people know that Get Paid Surveys makes finding legitimate survey panels easy. It also had some humor when it mentions people would appreciate it as a forum for someone with strong opinions.
  • Selena Wenger April 28, 2011 Reply
    I feel that this video is a little to boring. Teens would LOVE to do this kind of stuff, but if i saw that on T.V I would probably change the channel. So I think that you should, tell more about how teens can do it, and get money for it.
  • Katie April 28, 2011 Reply
    Definately, definately, definately (did you ge that?? haha) #2. The first was too wordy and I got bored ( I watched 21 seconds before I turned it off so I didn't fall asleep)... The second one was perfect! It had a cute story and kept my attention the full 42 seconds! Yay! I loved it!
  • DEBORAH MALITO April 28, 2011 Reply
    A way to introduce what market research companies do with consumers opinions and yet get paid for their thoughts and ideas.
    What better way to know about something as this and easy to get involved.
  • Allie Bishop April 28, 2011 Reply
    I really liked the second one more than the first. Cartoon commercials, especially funny ones, are more popular than ones who just have someone talking with pictures showing up. I really liked how you used the 'two cents' the whole way through the video, that made it flow really well. And if I saw that one on the TV, I would defiantly be more interested to come and see what it was all about, more than if the first one was used,
  • Theresa Vasilik April 28, 2011 Reply
    i like both videos. they show how easy it is to do surveys without the worry about if its a scam. video 2 could be a little more exciting though. its still an awsome way to showcase get paid surveys. this will bring in a lot of consumers who can really use the extra cash to help pay off bills.

    you did an awsome job!!! :)
  • kelly wingerter April 28, 2011 Reply
    i really like thye 1st one but not the 2nd 1
  • allie April 28, 2011 Reply
    i think that they are great!!! they are straight to the point and the secound one was cute at the same time. i think that those would be a great oprtunity for you guys to be found buy other people if i saw that comercial then i would defanatly go on because people love things that are . . . FREE!!!! i think you guys did a great job.
  • Vincenza April 28, 2011 Reply
    I liked video 1 better. I think it gave you much more information than video 2. Video 2 was hard to take serious, it wasn't done as well as video 1 was.
  • Loretta Brady April 28, 2011 Reply
    I liked both videos alot. I think the first one contained more information and was more clear about what Get Paid Surveys is about. However, the second one was much more attention getting. It was cute and catchy and I think more people would stop, watch and learn more when it came on. I suppose it would depend on when and where you run them which one would be best.
  • Justin Anderson April 27, 2011 Reply
    Feedback Comment for Best GetPaidSurveys Commercial
    I strongly prefer Commercial Video #1

    Because Video 1 in my opinion looks legitimate, well made and trustworthy. Video 1 keeps me interested because of how clear and informative the commercial is.

    Well this is my vote.
  • Lindsey M Lee April 27, 2011 Reply
    I like the second video because it is something I am able to relate too. The first video is boring and doesn't have anything colorful or attracts my attention. Being an active teenager I need something that I am immediately interested with not something boring. We teenages get boring all day at school we need something creative to get our minds off all the stress. Teenagers grew up with cartoons so when we see something related to our younger life we pay attention. It makes us think that we aren't getting older and that we are still in the good old days watching Sunday morning cartoons.
  • ross April 27, 2011 Reply
    I think video one works better than the second. It is more attention grabbing and more professional.
  • Jody D April 27, 2011 Reply
    I really like Video #2 I think it will capture more attention from a number of different groups of people than Video #1 will.
    Video#2 is funny and keeps my total attention
    Video#1 Starts out like business Commercial and lost my attention right away!

    Pick Video #2 For a sure win!