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The Internet has opened up many great opportunities to make money in your spare time. You may not get rich, but it is possible to make extra money without special training and on your own schedule. Many companies are willing to pay for consumer feedback and information, which is where survey sites like Ipsos i-Say, come into play.

When you take online surveys you are helping businesses and big companies conduct research. Your answers and feedback help those companies determine what products and service to offer, how to improve the marketing or messaging, and what people are looking for from them and their workers. To compensate people for taking the time to share their input, survey sites offer a variety of rewards from cash to gift cards to merchandise, and more! The Internet – and popular sites like Ipsos i-Say – has made it much easier to connect companies with consumers.

Many people have misconceptions about online survey sites. Some people think they can stay home all day, take surveys all day long, and make money that way. They think that taking online surveys can replace a normal job. Whenever I hear a friend or family member express an interest in taking paid surveys online, I make sure they understand the realities of taking surveys for cash. By working for online survey sites like Ipsos i-Say you can build up the vacation fund, earn some rainy day spending cash, make a larger payment on that credit card, or buy something special for the kids or family. But paid survey sites are not going to provide a steady flow of income and no one should expect paid online surveys to replace an income. Taking surveys online is meant to be a source of supplemental income.

I try to dedicate a little bit of time to taking surveys almost every day. My goal is to set aside a certain amount of money each month towards a weekend getaway for the family. I love giving my family one trip a year that is provided just by me. If I earn money above my target amount, sometimes I buy something small for the family to enjoy. Gift cards to a favorite restaurant or ice cream shop – which are common rewards on the survey sites – are a good way to achieve this.

As long as you keep your priorities in line and your expectations in check, Ipsos i-Say and other paid survey sites can help you make a meaningful contribution to your family. I enjoy taking online surveys because it gives me a way to earn money in my free time without any requirements or constraints or need for special skills. I answer questions about the things I do, the things I buy, and the things I like. And I get paid for it – you cannot beat that!

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