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PineCone Research is considered by many survey takers to be the best survey company in the industry. They provide fewer surveys per month than other companies, but the higher quality makes up for that difference. PineCone Research sends out a few short "household surveys" each month, and uses the responses from those to assign paid surveys, so there are never any disqualifications. No wasted time or frustration!

Membership to PineCone Research is free, but open only at limited times, and occasionally by invitation. Some surveys will also lead to product tests.

Another incentive is the pay. PineCone Research surveys pay $3 per survey. Surveys generally take 20-30 minutes, and rewards are generally processed the day after the survey is completed.  Up to the spring of 2013, PineCone automatically sent the reward (in either check, PayPal, or prepaid credit card form) automatically to the survey-taker. However, this has changed to a point-based system. Each survey now awards 300 points, which can then be immediately redeemed (if desired) for the $3 in cash. Other rewards are also available, if so desired.

Survey Invites: High
Regions: North America (United States, Canada), Europe (United Kingdom)
Minimum Age: 18+ Adult
Rewards: Cash, Gift Cards
Redemption Balance: One survey!
Processing Time: Next day

Average 9/10
Quality 10/10
Frequency 8/10
Payment 9/10
Support 9/10

Insider Tips for Success

Every survey pays 300 points ($3), and usually takes less than half an hour to complete.
You are only sent surveys you qualify for. No disqualifications!
You get the credit for completing your survey the next day! No extended waiting or thresholds to meet!
PineCone Research registration is open only at certain times or by invitation. If you get a chance, register immediately!
Complete the occasional short unpaid "household surveys" to qualify for the paid 300 point ($3) surveys!
You can still opt to get your $3 payment in cash (via check, PayPal or prepaid credit card).
Get the best survey opportunities sent right to your email.

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  • "This is kind of a newcomer on the block. While the site looks a bit dated, the ..."
    Adam Wainright | 4 Star Rating
    sandhya gandhari | 5 Star Rating
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User Reviews (5)

  • PineCone Research
    Adam Wainright r.rating
    August 31, 2013

    New, worth a look

    This is kind of a newcomer on the block. While the site looks a bit dated, the quality of the surveys was good and they paid. Still not my #1, but close. Try it out and post what you find out about it.
  • PineCone Research
    sandhya gandhari r.rating
    August 04, 2013


  • PineCone Research
    Cheryl Mclevain r.rating
    July 29, 2013

    I don't like how they changed it to you having to get to 300 points to get some money. But otherwise it isn't bad at al.
  • PineCone Research
    Hannah r.rating
    May 28, 2013

    I think PineCone Research is the best survey panel out there. If you have limited time, and can only join one panel, I would recommend this panel over all others. I have NEVER disqualified from a survey. They send out short "household surveys" which ask a few questions, and based on those, you pre-qualify for the paid surveys. Each paid survey pays $3, and they usually credit you for the survey on the day after you complete it. I've occasionally been paid the same day for a survey I completed in the morning, or occasionally it was two days for a survey completed late at night, but usually the next day. They just changed their payment system. It used to be automatic payments, so you would get either a live check or money in your PayPal account the next day. However, they now pay in points, (300 points per survey = $3). There is still no minimum threshold for redeeming, so you can immediately go in to cash out your points for the $3, but you then have to wait another day or two. So, the new system means you have to request your rewards and wait two days instead of one for payment. Definitely a negative in my mind, but the rest of the system makes up for it. When I first started out, I would only get one or two surveys a month, but now I usually get 3-5 surveys per month, occasionally more. Sometimes I get product tests, which usually mean one survey to qualify, then the product to test, and then another survey to tell about the product afterwards. So, I'll get $6 in surveys plus the value of the product, which is nice. My best month with PineCone Research, I got several surveys and a product test, for a total of $21. While that might not sound like a lot of money, the time spent is minimal. Most surveys that PineCone sends take only 20-25 minutes, so the $3 payment is a good amount for the time spent. The household surveys (qualifiers) are unpaid, but usually take less than 5 minutes, and you generally only get one or two of those per month. You also do not have to spend any time logging in to your account or waiting, as PineCone notifies you of new surveys via email, and you can access the surveys from that email. So for the normal $12-15 a month I earn, I only spend about an hour and a half of my time. This is a much better return than most other survey companies. Definitely my favorite survey panel to work with!
  • PineCone Research
    Gregory Schwartz r.rating
    September 22, 2012

    I have been a member of PineCone Research for a couple of years now. They are Excellent! They pay you $3 for every survey you complete. The surveys are very interesting and are usually about brand new new tjeu aren\'t even on the market yet! They give you a debit card so you don\'t have to cash the checks at the bank...they money is in your account within three days after completeing the survey!! Sometimes they send you samples to help you complete the survey. A few months ago they sent me two generous portions of the new Hershey\'s JUMBO Ice Cream Kisses! That was a SWEET survey indeed!!! So, check out PineCone Research. They look for new members once in a while and they are worth the extra effort to join! Good Luck!!! - gregg in Sarasota, FL